Fullerton is Pan-Handling for Decorations

Hey man, can you spare a wreath?

Welcome to Fullerton. Instead of working for solid solutions to tough financial problems the city is pan-handling for Holiday Decorations to make sure YOU see/feel the pain for their malfeasance now that their Hail Mary Pass of Measure S got blocked and blocked hard.

I’d feel remiss if I didn’t point out that the city is asking YOU to donate to the government so they can decorate in the most politically neutered and poll-tested way possible. We all know they won’t be putting up any religious icons for fear of offending people around religious holidays.

Holiday Pan-Handling
Of course they want YOU to be more giving…

Good luck friends, here’s hoping our new council isn’t as ridiculously and cartoonishly incompetent as councils past that led us to this point. Well, except Zahra and Silva. There’s no saving those two corrupt clowns.

Because nothing says “holidays in the time of Covid” like your city government begging you for decorations to keep the empty locked down streets… festive.

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  1. Aside from main idea, wasn’t Sharon Quirk-Silva, when serving on Fullerton’s city council, attempted to have the city of Fullerton (taxpayers) pay millions of dollars to move a McDonald’s fast food six feet farther from Fullerton High School so to improve the nutrition of high school students?

    Maybe those city of Fullerton employees with their spiked salaries and pensions will graciously supply Fullerton’s city hall with Christmas balls? To make Fullerton’s city hall a jolly place for the holidays, its civic leaders may turn the dinosaur/library next door to city hall into a much needed homeless shelter. This act would exemplify the “reason for the season” charity and love for all.

    1. That is so tacky!
      Even unincorporated cities put up decorations without asking their citizens for handouts. We pay more than enough in taxes for decorations, ridiculous!

  2. This really begs the question, what happened to LAST year’s decorations? Does the city throw away all their decorations in January every year? There’s going to be some wear/breakage every year, I get that. But sometimes you need to make some hard choices. Like using what you have or do without instead of pretending things are great. It’s going to be fun to see the total amount given.

  3. Let the Heroes put up last years bulbs. Problem solved.

    Or better yet ask Joe Florentine to poison all the trees so there’s no need for decorations. Problem solved.

  4. No doubt the brain child of whatever idiot is our current Assistant to The (soon to be just Assistant) City Manager.

  5. Make City Staff and all the Heroes buy decorations. They all make way too much for what they contribute. Consider it a tax — you know — like the tax they just tried to hoist on us with Measure S so they could get even fatter than they already are and that’s pretty fat.

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