Fullerton Fire Would Rather Watch Placentia Burn

Well folks, once again the Fullerton Fire Heroes are putting their union above your safety & spreading propaganda to do it.

Check out this “Community Update”.

Fire Hero Lies Placentia

Placentia changed their fire service to save money because the constant mercenary screaming from the Unions have bankrupted their town, much like our own. So Placentia opted to outsource medical calls to an ambulance company. Seems logical, but logic and these unions are mortal enemies.

Ultimately this “Hero” Union is mad because under the Placentia model they no longer get to play Uber for Paramedics who respond to the vast majority of calls.

85% of ALL fire calls in Fullerton are medical. There are AT MOST 2 paramedics in a unit of 4 heroes. That means that 85% of calls, 50% of our responding fire department is playing Uber & standing around. They stand around more at the hospital as they wait for the patient to be admitted or discharged. There obviously has to be a change to how this is done and calls are handled. This is just a vast waste of time & resources.

But nooooo. The Fullerton Fire Department wants to scare you with “unproven fire department” when FFD likely trained alongside some of those very same Placentia Fire members they’re worried are “unproven”. Placentia has to follow all of the same State Mandated Fire Safety protocols. They also hired a well credentialed & proven Chief to lead their new department.

Keep in mind that Fullerton Fire has no problem having a mutual aid agreement with OC Fire – the very entity that managed to let their own Fire Station burn down in the rain.

So much for “proven”.

Fullerton Fire would rather let Placentia residents risk life & property than have a mutual aid agreement with them and they’d rather let your house burn & your life be lost than let Placentia come here to offer assistance if they’re closer to your emergency.

Fullerton Fire, who will show up en mass to tomorrow & park all of their trucks in front of City Hall to bully their point of view, cares more about their wallets than your safety and this “community update” is proof.

All because the Placentia model scares their union. They’re scared that Fullerton residents might get tired of broken roads and a crumbling city propping up those Giant Bro Trucks in the parking lot & the Sweet, Sweet Benefits they enjoy.


Tell City Hall to support Placentia and that our neighbor on the other side of CSUF can count on our help if needed. It’s time to put a stop to these Union lies & this blatant disregard for doing what’s right.

If the City votes against helping Placentia, we need to make sure to vote against this Council.

54 Replies to “Fullerton Fire Would Rather Watch Placentia Burn”

  1. Keep in mind that the union’s resistance to automatic aid is rooted in their desire not to see private paramedics operating on their turf. Under an automatic aid scenario, if one of Placentia’s medic units is the closest available unit to a medical call in Fullerton then those private medics would automatically be sent to answer that call and render aid. Placentia’s service provider will have two paramedic units on duty in the City 24-hours a day running less than 9 calls per shift. The fire union does not want Fullerton residents to see this highly efficient and effective EMS model operating in their town for fear those same residents will start asking tough questions, such as: Why do you continue sending a million dollar crew riding on a million dollar apparatus to help grandma back into bed?

    Placentia is also offering its new fire department employees a 401k style retirement benefit instead of a pension. I have to think the fear mongering on display by the fire union has more to do with a paralyzing fear that more cities will start asking tough questions and follow suit.

  2. Under a mutual aid scenario Fullerton would pick up the phone and call Placentia and ask for assistance. And because they don’t want private paramedics working in their town they’ll never pick up the phone and call. Instead, they’ll dispatch their own engine or truck from a different station from farther away thus increasing response times for Fullerton residents.

  3. If Fitzgerald votes against this and caves into the FFD unions scare tactics – she’s toast!

    1. Of course that’s what she’s going to do. She needs their dough to keep her greasy bottom on that cushy council chair.

      1. Interesting take. From what I saw she was not taking Fire‘s BS and wanted to vote for it right then and there. In fact she was quite perturbed about the delay. Given that, I’m not sure how your “she needs their dough” logic works here. Can you elaborate?

  4. Don’t forget Jenny from the block has three other council members whose votes she controls. Therefore she can vote yes and look good for this next election. Votes can be cosmetic, not always from convictions. Fire is not her favorite union anyway.

  5. Bad idea it took a long time for Fullerton to get where they’re at now we got a share and nobody cares as to the benefit of somebody who thinks it’s a good idea please tell me is not gonna happen I’m disabled and living in Fullerton on my life if I have to walk in my walker all the way up there to yell at those people the time to knock off let us keep our men in our fire department if it wasn’t for them responding as quick as they do half of us wouldn’t be alive today.

  6. Why roll the dice with a new and unproven department. I say public safety is more important than saving a few dollars. Wouldn’t you guys want the best trained professionals responding to your home if your 80yr old grandpa fell ill? No different than paying a bit extra for the better break pads on your car.

    1. You need someone drawing down a $250k per year total compensation package with nothing more than a GED to help grandpa get back on the toilet? Every time I drive through a pothole I think of the fire union. That “extra bit” you blithely speak of is bankrupting our city. Go peddle your hero worship bullshit someplace else, Georgie. We’re all stocked up on red ink over here.

      1. Ok “Anonymous”,

        Why is it when a Progressive like myself makes a stand for universal rights such as universal healthcare, free college tuition, well funded schools, and public safety; we’re painted as naïve selfish millennials by you boomers.

        I for one support the current service arrangement of the FFD since it guarantees quality service for the Entire Community.

        1. What it guarantees is bankruptcy for the City. You millennials apparently never learned basic arithmetic in school.

        2. There will be quality service no matter what. They want you to think service will suffer so that they can keep their overtime. Not so.

      2. Anonymous…so angry. What has gone so wrong in your life to make you have such an angry disposition? So condescending as well. An ineffective communication technique dilutes whatever point you may be trying to make.

        1. Perhaps Anonymous is fed up with the constant theft of public coffers by the fire “heroes” and their continual corruption of our elected officials. The union goons make me angry too.

          1. Got it. The union makes you angry. All unions, or just the fire union? Or, just the fullerton fire union in particular?

    2. Listen Georgie, these union goons are bleeding the city coffers empty. If we don’t nip this in the butt now, the city will eventually go bankrupt. They along with the entire corrupt city council sit high up top their ivory tower while the cities infrastructure goes to crap.

    1. Did you see the president of the fire union good squad, Dan Lancaster get up and make a complete buffoon out of himself with his comments? This “hero” and “public servant” went up to the podium and began to vomit bile all over himself to the point the meeting had to recess. Captain Lancaster is the head fire union goon GED mouth breather who cost Fullerton taxpayers $283k last year but yet he has the nerve to berate his bosses over the thought that private paramedics might end up working in his town and making him look bad at a fraction of the cost.

      Watch the video for yourself if you don’t believe me. And then sit back in awe at the over-inflated sense of entitlement and pure arrogance. Make sure to thank our “hero” Captain Lancaster for his service the next time you drive through a pothole whilst he’s sitting on his powerboat at the river.

  7. Down on the GED? Or, possibly, just a lower educational level than you “Anonymous”? A lot of people have a done a lot more, competently, with a whole lot less. Maybe, you’re chapped because you bought into the whole higher education/higher debt program and flipping burgers isn’t cutting it for you. Or, you’re not exactly where you saw your self in life. Or, you’re just a miserable person. A lot of variables. The wonders of the internet. Lift the veil back and let us know your “pedigree”.

    1. Only in the fire service can a GED earn a total compensation package that exceeds that of an emergency room physician. Eventually the parasite kills its host.

      1. That is what the fre market says is the cost of retention of skilled GED holders in order to not lose them to other agencies.
        If you try to tell me once they get hired they don’t leave then you’re a fool.

        1. So let them leave. Fullerton received 1500 applications for 5 entry-level firefighter positions a year ago.

  8. How can a fire department be unproven? They have to go to an academy, right?

    I doubt Placentia does it any differently.

    1. The fire “heroes” would have you believe what they do is so incredibly complicated. It’s not. If it were, it would require more than a GED to do it. I sincerely hope Fullerton is considering a similar model as Placentia’s, especially if they plan to put a tax initiative on the ballot this November. The entire fire department needs to be completely restructured and the EMS component outsourced. That way they can cut all the excess fat from the fire budget. Those fire whiner union goons who don’t like it can always go work someplace else. They can easily be replaced.

    2. While I think there’s an inequity in exchange for service City to City as far as EMS goes I believe without a doubt that the full time crew that has been hired are more than qualified and in fact have more experience than the OCFA firefighters they are replacing. Placentia is making out like bandits as far as experience goes on the fire trucks. Unfortunately it’s a big drop in experiencing competency as far as winch and what’s goes verses in OCFA medic unit

      1. How so? The two Lynch units are staffed with two licensed and accredited paramedics and all Lynch medics assigned to placentia have Extensive 911 experience in other California counties that have private medics running 911.

  9. Just a bunch of whining interwoven with a weak attempts to make a point on this page. To the guys hanging their hats on the “GED” thing, get a life. You’re painting with narrow strokes. Do some real research. You don’t have to though, the anonyminty of this page allows you to wallow in your own ignorance and self pity. End of the day, you don’t like it, move. Because, if the extent of your weak, uninformed efforts is limited to what’s on display here, quit wasting your time.

    1. “Because, if the extent of your weak, uninformed efforts is limited to what’s on display here…”

      Kinda like your weak, uninformed efforts to differentiate between a phrase and a clause?

  10. So the fire union goons took to social media over the weekend in a last-ditch effort to hang on to the old ways of doing business and they actually admitted that there is a serious imbalance in the amount of aid Fullerton provides the OCFA – an eye popping figure actually. But, the union goons justify this massive imbalance because OCFA has so many toys they can bring on occasion over to Fullerton. So while critical city services are being cut, Fullerton taxpayers are helping to subsidize an agency that already inhales nearly half a billion dollars each year in taxpayer funds. Does this sound reasonable to anyone? Or is the fire union hoping to keep the aid imbalance in place to help justify their budget by artificially inflating their call volume? Placentia’s new service model is designed to reduce assistance into Placentia by separating fire from EMS – which comprises 80% of their call volume. If Fullerton Fire has to respond less into Placentia, then their call volume will drop – and by a lot I might add thus negating their argument that they’re stretched thin and need more bodies and more money.

    1. Placentia sure is lucky. They get to be a lab experiment with a crew of two medics, neither of which has little if no first responder experience or in a best case scenario they have some in their past for which they are out of practice.

      1. Horseshit. Private single role medics work in every County in California except for LA and Orange Counties- where the malignant union goons have been allowed to fester the most. Placentia is only getting experienced 911 medics who are currently practicing in surrounding counties. Go back to watching porn on your phone from the comfort of the La-Z-Boy we’re paying you to lounge in.

  11. Sure is a lot whining.

    From what I can tell. Fullerton units will be going to Placentia more often than Placentia units coming into Fullerton.

    What do we tell the Fullerton residents paying for a better level of service that they will have to wait because the closest unit is serving Placentia?

    I know if I was impacted, I would be PISSED!!

    That is not being heartless. That is being pragmatic.

    1. Actually, Fullerton units will be going into Placentia a lot
      Less because Placentia is going to have more EMS coverage than they do now and they won’t be sending a million dollar crew riding on a million dollar rig to deal with auntie’s stubbed toe. I know if I were a fullerton resident I would be pissed my streets are completely cratered because we spend all our money on gold plated pensions for our “heroes.” For they are heroes and deserve.

      1. You said;

        “Actually, Fullerton units will be going into Placentia a lot.”

        What do you tell the Fullerton resident near those stations why other units are late because they were in a different city?

        The cost of that unit versus the severity of the call is not the issue.

        1. Try again, GED it says a lot less. What do you tell the Fullerton resident who’s response time was purposely delayed by the fire union because they don’t want private paramedics operating on their turf? The severity of the call has nothing to do with it. The Fullerton fire union would rather delay care than allow private medics to work their turf.

          1. When would that happen? That makes no sense since the Fullerton units are going to be used in Placentia more often than the other way around.

            Placentia needs Fullerton. Fullerton does not need Placentia.

  12. When you say half the crew just stands around at an EMS call screams ‘clueless’. The other two are EMT’s and are just as involved in patient care as the medics.
    Truck 6 and Engine 3 are dispatched on some calls without a paramedic unit and handle it all themselves usually with one medic on board and limited amount of equipment.
    You are obviously biased and just created the best half-truth argument possible to fit your agenda.
    If you get your way you will be sending a 4-person Fullerton Engine and receive a private two person Lynch ambulance with little or no first responder experience in return Sounds like a fair exchange to me.

  13. 50 speakers last night, 40 were Fullerton firefighters….I guess the fire stations were empty last night. Those Lay-Z-Boys must have been awfully lonely.

  14. Anybody that has any experience with EMS is well aware that the fire department paramedics in OC and ESPECIALLY LA are nothing but a bunch of incompetent clowns. Right now the OCFA is being sued because they shipped a patient BLS that was having an obvious hemorrhagic stroke (the patient later died). I worked in EMS for several years as an EMT and got a front row view to watch these buffoons screw up in the field and put patients’ lives at risk due to their laziness or inability to perform an assessment properly. Something that those without experience in this field need to realize: most firefighters do not become firefighters to play paramedic. They tend to care little about what is essentially their major role and this shows.

    And a note about Lynch Ambulance. I never worked there but had friends and colleagues that did (EMTs get passed around companies like currency). My understanding is that the vast majority of their paramedics had experience as 911 response paramedics for AMR Riverside or AMR San Bernardino, which have medical authority in their respective counties. Lynch tends to pay better than AMR. The figures that Lynch gave Placentia was that 70% of their paramedics had 911 experience. I personally would trust them before I trust any fire department paramedic.

    1. They could care less about EMS. They don’t go to medic school because they want to, they go because it helps them land a job on the big red truck. They spend 90% of their time training for firefighting which is less than 5% of the actual workload.

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