Fullerton Dems to Light $68k on Fire

This Tuesday, at the request of the Fire Heroes Union, the Fullerton City Council will vote (likely 3-2) to light $68,000 dollars on fire to get a bid from the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA).

What’s $68k between friends?

This is a scam and just a waste of your tax dollars.

Don’t believe the fiscal lies being told here, none of the disingenuous liars who will vote for this care about your tax dollars and they’re certainly not going to get rid of Fullerton’s Fire Department to jump to OCFA.

The entire point of this bullshit bid is leverage to justify a raise for the Fire Department. Nothing more, nothing less.

I’ll prove it by using Council’s own agenda from the exact same meeting this coming Tuesday:

When you join OCFA you typically lease all of your equipment to them at no cost and all of your fire facilities for $1/year (as Garden Grove did a few years ago).

To take this bid seriously, you would have to believe that council is SERIOUSLY considering a bid to change to OCFA and is simultaneously spending $1,546,683.30 to buy Fullerton Fire a new ladder truck that they’ll just gift to OCFA to use as they see fit.

If we went to OCFA, it is them and not us who would decide where trucks (apparatus) would be stationed in order to best serve the cities under their jurisdiction. Thus it makes zero sense for Fullerton to buy a new truck when it might not even stay in Fullerton.

These conflicting agenda items would make no logical sense if this bullshit OCFA bid was serious. But it’s not serious.

This is just the council Dems lighting your tax dollars on fire, well, because screw you, they need to help a union argue for more of your money later during negotiations. Silva, Jung and Zahra refuse to take their role as representatives of the residents seriously any time a union rears it’s ugly head and this is just another gross example.

If the Fire Heroes Union wants this bid so bad they can pay for it their damn selves considering they have no issues spending their own money to try and raise your taxes (Measure S campaigning) or to pick your City Council (campaign contributions).

Your roads suck, your services are getting more expensive and you’re constantly being asked to do more with less by City Hall and City Council. Hell, the City asked you to donate Christmas decorations this last season because they’re so broke.

Hitching to Needles…

But not broke enough to avoid spending $65k of your money to help a union at the negotiating table.

If this bid was serious then the council would be getting bids from LA Fire and Placentia as well as OCFA. That’s how you find out the best services with the most benefits fort he residents at the best price – by shopping around. So of course they don’t want to do any of that.

Later this year when the City is selling everything not nailed down, and a few things that are, remember this moment when these disingenuous liars spent your money on political theater to help out the unions who will always put their interests above your safety.

14 Replies to “Fullerton Dems to Light $68k on Fire”

  1. It’s a good thing Fullerton has fantastic roads, otherwise that $68k might go to something useful.

  2. You are correct, Josh. This is nothing more than a ploy by the fire heroes to agitate for pay and benefit raises. Placentia is saving more than $2 million a year since they left OCFA. The new City Council majority needs to reject this expenditure outright.

    Not only that, the City needs to implement the Placentia model and contract out paramedic services to the private sector. That will generate a multi-million cost savings to the City each year.

  3. This is just a Big Stall by the Clowncil who refuses to stand up to the union and the union that wants to wait for the “study” and then apply the screws next year.

    This little dance is so stupid and crooked that one wonders which numbskulls thought it okay to go along. This has already been decided behind closed doors.

  4. Fullerton and other cities did the same wasteful thing when they tried to dupe residents into voting to increase their sales or use tax. Fullertonians didn’t fall for it while the majority of voters in other cities (e.g. La Palma, Stanton, Los Alamitos, etc.) were too stupid to see through the shenanigans and incompetence of City Council, staff and the public employee unions that control them.

    1. You can outsource 911 paramedic services to the private sector and save millions every year. You could reduce the number of fire department personnel by 40% just by doing that.

      1. Absolutely. Outsource paramedic services to Lynch and you end up with much better service, faster response times at a fraction of the cost. Placentia has reduced response times by more than 3 minutes and cut the amount of mutual aid Fullerton had to provide OCFA in Placentia previously by over 80%.

  5. Hey, Fullerton city employees reading this, whatever proposal Ocfa submits should be for firefighting services only. You should ask for bids from private 911 ALS companies like lynch for paramedic services. And then take that massive annual cost savings and fix my goddamn street.

      1. Ask placentia – they’re being served by private medics as we speak and are receiving better service, faster response times at a fraction of the cost.

        Go back to napping on the La-Z-Boy, Hero.

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