Fullerton Settles Lawsuit with us “Hackers”

All of the hyperbole and blustering bullshit aside, here’s the real story on how this case started and why it took as long as it did to make it to settlement.

Despite Jesus Silva, Ahmad Zahra & Kim Barlow’s rhetoric the truth is laid bare in video form.

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  1. Ahmad Zahra and Jesus Silva, please watch and learn. I and dozens of other people told you this is exactly what happened. You are culpable for this.

    Get a new city attorney. You have a moral and fiduciary duty to the public to make this happen. You sued innocent people and blew nearly a million dollars of public money over a CLEAR conflict of interest to protect your attorney.

    This isn’t even the first time this has happened. Get it done.

  2. Thanks for posting video. Great content.

    Why is it so hard for FULLERTON to do the right thing? I think they are allergic to honesty, transparency and morality. Other than Whitaker, Who is NOT corrupt that works in the city of Fullerton?

    going back 40+ years….including Florentine sidewalk theft, kelly Thomas, Joe Felz PD coverup, NUMEROUS city planning “greasy palm” projects, etc…the list is too long.

    Silvas(2), Jones,Jones law firm, flory, Fitzgerald, Bankhead, numerous police chiefs and EVERY city manager, etc etc… are just a few of the most memorable bad eggs for me.

    If somebody offered the city of Fullerton $50 million to clean up their cronyism, they couldn’t do it. Is systemic.

    Talk about a swamp that needs draining.

    Give em hell JF.

  3. The fact they haven’t already fired their attorney as they did the City Manager is reprehensible and inexcusable. Time to flush the excrement!

      1. The problem is there are a dozen previous times where one could have made the same argument. In fact many people did. If it didn’t happen then, why would it now?

  4. Joshua,
    Excellent work on this explanation. It is a rapidly changing world we live in and if we don’t have folks like you advocating for common sense and principal based government it will soon have no chance to exist.
    “Constant pressure, relentlessly applied, facilitates change”
    Thanks FFF.

  5. Zahra is a serial liar so don’t count on him telling the truth. He is a government apologist and he will never hold anybody responsible.

  6. Josh is right that this kind of waste will repeat time and again until Fullerton restructures the City Attorney’s office by separating litigation from “legal advise”.

  7. I told them in December 2020 that the Vity need a mayor clean up. Bye City manager, Lucinda, Matt, Attorney, Zahra and Siva to begin with.
    Clean up the CASA!

    1. On the Lucinda conundrum did the city end ecomments because she took such childish glee reading all the Zahra bot comments trashing Bruce, Fred and Nick

  8. Thanks for a great explanation of what went down, Josh! Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that there was significant news coverage of your case, most citizens of Fullerton will probably never see your excellent video explanation of the case. And, as others have said, the incompetence and corruption goes way beyond the IT department. It sounds like there is some hope for the future with the new members of the city council and, hopefully, Zahra and Silva will get voted off in 2022. Maybe then, some major housecleaning will take place and the City of Fullerton will no longer be in the news for its corruption and incompetence.

  9. Glad they settled. That link was set up for public access from the very beginning. It was to make it easy for transfer of files between vendors and city employees and never for confidential info.

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