Fullerton Planning Commission Out-Stupids Itself

Maybe they won’t notice the corruption…

The two default positions of government are corruption and stupidity but this coming week the Fullerton Planning Commission is about to engage in the latter to try and hide the former.

This week’s Planning Commission meeting, as chaired by Elizabeth Hansburg, will be spent pretending to not know what “is” is in order to try and obfuscate the fact that City Hall is acting like corrupt jackasses picking winners and losers.

Ok, so in this case the “is” in question is the phrase “property owner” but the sentiment of obfuscation by semantically playing games is the same.

Here’s the verbatim “background and analysis” from next week’s meeting:

“The City’s land use applications require completion by or authorization from the corresponding property owner”. The Fullerton Municipal Code (FMC) defines “fee owner”. Throughout the FMC, various forms of “owner” are identified as the party to file a land use application. While these terms are commonly understood to all identify the legal owner of a real property, these amendments will clarify what constitutes a property owner.”

This is just blustering bullshit because PC and City Hall got caught with their pants down while trying to violate the law in favor of a preferred business.

Never once in the history of Fullerton has the phrase “property owner” been in contention until City Hall tried to pass off a fabricated Conditional Use Permit in violation of the City’s municipal code. You can read about that particular scam [HERE] & [HERE]. Pretending to not know what words mean after the fact is what liars do to avoid accountability.

If the Planning Commission really didn’t know what “Property Owner” meant it would call into question years of decisions spanning PC and City Council. It would call into question tons of zoning, permitting and a lot of the work being done in the planning department.

None of that is being brought up in this agenda item because Planning Commission isn’t worried about any of that – precisely because they know they’re full of shit and this is a distraction.

But how do I know this isn’t honest stupidity as opposed to corrupt pretend stupidity to cover-up an attempted fraud? Because CA law supersedes the Municipal Code and CA law already clarifies who a “property owner” is and that’s the person who holds the title and pays the property taxes.

I’ll point your attention to the California Department of Real Estate’s website which gives you a nice little history [HERE] of why property has an owner in CA. But let’s just jump to page 55 to get to the meat (bold emphasis added):

OWNERSHIP OF REAL PROPERTY All property has an owner, the government – federal, state, or local— or some private party or entity (typically referred to as persons). Very broadly, an estate in real property may be owned in the following ways: 1. Sole or several ownership; 2. Joint, common, or community ownership; a. Tenancy in common; b. Joint tenancy; c. Community property; or, d. Partnership interests. 3. Ownership by other lawfully created entities. SOLE OR SEVERAL OWNERSHIP Sole or several ownership is defined to mean ownership by one person. Being the sole owner, one person enjoys the benefits of the property and is subject to the accompanying burdens, such as the payment of taxes. Subject to applicable federal and state law, a sole owner is free to dispose of property at will. Typically, only the sole owner’s signature is required on the instrument of transfer/deed of conveyance. See Civil Code Section 681.

When The Other Dick Jones™️ sided with Florentine’s asinine “legal opinion” that Florentine was entitled to bypass the law, all he did was perpetuate a fraud on behalf of City Hall.

It was never in question that Joe Florentine wasn’t the required owner needed for his Conditional Use Permit and the City knew it from day one. Why they chose to pick sides is anybody’s guess but that’s government here in Fullerton.

However – if that isn’t clear enough for the nitwits on Planning Commission let’s look at the requirements for noticing zoning and land use decisions in the Fullerton Municipal Code:

Ah. So we have to refer back to State law again. Here’s the highlighted CA Gov Code:

So the Fullerton Municipal Code says that before a public hearing, of which Chair Hansburg has participated in who knows how many in her years on Planning Commission, the city must notify people based on a State Law that defines a property owner by looking at the “equalized assessment roll” or in laymen’s terms – tax rolls.

It’s never been a question of who owns what property in Fullerton or what the Conditional Use Permit meant by “Property Owner”.

This is bullshitery and bluster to bury bureaucratic bungling. If you don’t believe me – just look at the City of Fullerton’s own Development Portal:

You can’t make up this level of disingenuous asshattery.

This is Fullerton efficiency for you. Staff’s time and several meetings will be wasted to get to the bottom of the meaning of a phrase in common usage – meanwhile nobody is being held to account for how we got to this level of stupid in the first place. If this is what we can expect from the current planning commission we’re in for a long, rough ride on the Idiot Express.

13 Replies to “Fullerton Planning Commission Out-Stupids Itself”

  1. What. The Fuck. They’re trying to make it look like their corruption was just an honest mistake that really, really needs to be spelled out to avoid future “mistakes.”

    Typical cover-your-ass bullshit from Jones & Meyer, and of course Domer, whose hanging on by the skin of his loose teeth.

    This really ought be the final coffin nail for Domer and Jones. But it won’t be.

    1. The Dick Jones law firm needs to recuse themselves from all of this, since they got us in this mess in the first place

  2. I had the displeasure of seeing Elizabeth Hansburg in action on the T&CC. She is everything that is wrong with local government; self serving, egomaniacal moron. I can only assume she was appointed by Sparkyfitz, Gin Flurry, Zahra, or Silva.

  3. Lizzy Hansburg is another lobbyist. Fucking Fullerton and the assload of corrupt lobbyist. Easy to connect the dots from lobbyist for the housing industrial complex to idiot Ahmad appointee to planning. How much longer is Fullerton tolerating this criminal on council? When will the corruption end?

  4. On the surface, the Florentine protrusion doesn’t seem to be a big deal until you open its door and see the characters inside of Florentine’s. The stories of abuse of Fullerton’s residents and business owners are told here, again and again.

  5. will tell anyone who cares to know who the property owner is.

    Hansburger has an agenda. She works directly for “affordable” housing developers. That in itself is a conflict of interest.

    The item on the agenda to discuss Grant Deeds is ridiculous. The item should be where Hansburgs conflict begins, and ends.

    Not Flo’Joes fraudulent application and pretending a discussion on the meaning of the word “property owner”!

    Time for J& M to go “bye bye”, and take banjo boy with him.

    1. True dat! She is a member of YIMBY and co-founder of other radical housing transformation groups.


      She fits in just great with the council plan to make Fullerton the regional homeless capital of OC. New building coming up near St Judes, expanded RV parking for all of north OC too. Gonna be great! One more project and we will solve this problem. And lots of money for homeless developers.

  6. Everybody knows that the property owner is the person/entity that is on the deed. Not very complicated. The “Fee Owner” is owns the land.
    And I believe in the Florentine case, the document was photoshopped and altered. A real property owner does not need to forge documents…

  7. At the recent remote PC hearing, that bitchho Hansberg was wearing a mask while sitting in front of her laptop in her living room . What a joke. Her and Zahra are obviously in FFFF’s crosshairs. Time to whack em.

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