He’s Baaaaack! Matthew J. Cunningham Scores Some OCTA Gravy

With a little digging I have discovered that our old small government pal Matthew J. Cunningham, who raked in hundreds of thousands of bucks doing $200 an hour make-work for Rob Reiner’s tax-and-redistribute Children and Families Commission has found a new gig. Or, as is more likely the case, has had a gig given to […]

The Two Faces of Matthew J. Cunningham

Yesterday our favorite repuglican hypocrite, Matthew J. Cunningham, put up a post whining about the hypocrisy of Loretta Sanchez who apparently had a fundraiser at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion and who subsequently applauded Craigslist for “censoring” adult services. Here’s the quote from Loretta that offends the sensibilities of the tender Cunningham the most: By shutting […]

Matthew Cunningham, Big Government Leech, Lauds “Rising Star” of GOP

I couldn’t help but notice that Red County’s resident hypocrite, Matthew J. Cunningham, who makes his living off of Rob Reiner’s massive income redistribution scheme called Prop 10 did a post today on Florida Senate candidate Marco Rubio who delivered the big speech at last night’s GOP Flag Day party. Sweet Lord. Did Rubio praise […]

John and Ken, Meet Matthew Cunningham

Last Friday afternoon KFI’s John and Ken got hold of our post on the subject, and shared with their listeners the amusing notion that Matthew J. Cunningham of Red County fame actually got paid $200 an hour to listen to their show one day last year. Here’s what they had to say. More publicity for […]

Cunningham Talks and Talks and Talks. Anybody Listening?

Over at the RedCounty blog, Matthew J. Cunningham’s posts are becoming increasingly dronish and petulant – just like always seems to happen when an election nears. His latest post about the OCGOP Central Committee endorsement of Shawn Nelson is a case in point. Apparently he wasn’t at this big event (could it be because he’s […]

The Sad Reality of Matthew Cunningham, Where Felonies Are Whitewashed

I knew it wouldn’t be long before Matthew J. Cunningham started glossing over the fact that his boy Harry Sidhu committed perjury twice when he falsified voter registration documents. After all, his boss John Lewis is now one of the piglets sucking the mama sow dry. It didn’t take very long. He’s up to his […]

Why It Sucks To Be Matthew J. Cunningham

I can only wonder what’s it’s like to have virtually no moral bearing – to be at the whim of whichever authority figure is pushing you at a given moment. Like a leaf blown in the wind. Today a supporter of Hugh Nguyen’s campaign to unseat the deplorably incompetent Democrat County Clerk Tom Daly passed […]

FFFF Salutes Pioneer Carpetbagg’ Stalker – Matthew J. Cunningham

Check out the indignant posts here and here, by outraged carpetbagg’ stalker Matthew J. Cunningham as he endeavors to bag  and tag Villa Park’s Tom Umberg during the 1st Supe District Special Election in 2007. Jeez, Cunningham didn’t even live in the 1st District but boy was he bent all out of shape! Wow! What […]

The Truth About Matthew Cunningham

A Friend pointed out something that bears mentioning for those of us that have some sense of ethics but may be naïve when it comes to blogs and how some operate. Did you know that Matthew Cunningham has another website besides the oh-so Mauve County?  It’s Pacific-Strategies where he brags about “employing innovative social media […]

Cunningham Just Can’t Get Enough of FFFF!

Our old pal Matthew J. Cunningham, the editor of the Mauve County blog and noted Tom Daly fan just can’t get enough of our humble blog. Our mole, deep inside the guts of the John Lewis political machine has informed us that Cunningham has been posting comments at FFFF under a whole slew of fake […]