The Sad Reality of Matthew Cunningham, Where Felonies Are Whitewashed

Perjury is such a fuzzy concept...

I knew it wouldn’t be long before Matthew J. Cunningham started glossing over the fact that his boy Harry Sidhu committed perjury twice when he falsified voter registration documents. After all, his boss John Lewis is now one of the piglets sucking the mama sow dry.

The one on the left...

It didn’t take very long.

He’s up to his old tricks again: diversion, obfuscation, and trying to change the subject. First he says Tony Bushala is Shawn Nelson’s neighbor. Irrelevant to anything, and of course not even true. But let’s not let facts get in the way of defending the indefensible. His point, perfectly predictable coming from this self-appointed paragon of morality, is that the whole thing is only political, as if Sidhu’s signature on an official document means, you know, nothing.

The registration was so brief that it doesn't count. Sidhu gets a re-do.

Apparently, the concept of perjury is a really flexible concept for Cunningham who seems willing to concede that his boy never lived at the beautiful Calabria Apartments. It was only a “brief registration,” you see. Brief registration? Damn, it was only 30 days! But what’s that got to do with anything? The registration was never aligned with any residency. It was a fraud. An outright lie. But are we to accept that the concept of the truth only kicks in when it’s convenient for Sidhu?

Well, good luck selling that bullshit to anybody smarter than Brett Barbre.

My word is my bond. Trust me.

A second post addresses the breathtaking revelation that Bushala’s investigation into the Sidhu scam was conducted by Sheriff candidate Bill Hunt. Wow, now there’s a great discovery, Columbus. Bushala put the guy’s letterhead in his post!  Another example of Cunningham dodge ball, having zero to do with the fact that his boy Sidhu falsified public documents. Of course Cunningham proceeds to insinuate that something fishy is going on because one of our bloggers  at FFFF has been posting positive stuff for Hunt’s Sheriff campaign.

Um, Chip, I think I have something I need to tell you...

Say what? Influence peddling, and profiting from same, is Cunningham’s line of work, not ours. Nothing to disclose here. I’m not even voting for Hunt.

Pathetic. Sorrowful. Deceitful. Hypocritical. Did I say shameful. No. That would imply a sense of shame.

It looks as if Mr. Cunningham has really decided to plumb the depths of irrelevance and hypocrisy. Let’s wait and count the hours until Cunningham spits out one of his patented “the guy’s not to be trusted” posts against someone who is running against a John Lewis candidate.

Well its a free country. And pretty soon for him, it’s going to be a really lonely one.

15 Replies to “The Sad Reality of Matthew Cunningham, Where Felonies Are Whitewashed”

  1. Escaping the black hole of logic on the Red County blog was this brainstorm from Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham: “If, by chance, Harry Sidhu is elected and Bill Hunt is elected OC Sheriff, that would make for some interesting inter-agency dynamics. Taking on this case certainly doesn’t say a lot for Hunt’s judgment.”

    Well that begs the issue Mr. Jerbal. Why would it be a problem for an investigator to ask witnesses the truth and for them to tell it? Sidhu knows he never even attempted to reside at the fleabag Calabria Apartments. Are you implying that Sidhu would hold a grudge against Hunt because his employee asked a citizen what he/she saw?

    I realize in the Jerbal world innocent citizens telling the truth to an investigator is a threat to those making a living hiding the truth or “wordsmithing” around it but to us regular people that is not sinister or antagonistic in any way.

    Does Sidhu deny the version offered by any of the witnesses? Does Sidhu assert the investigator made this up? Just what in the hell are you saying Jerbal?

    If we read between the lines of what Jerbal is saying it is decoded as follows: Hunt better understand that the truth is irrelevant. If Hunt helped expose Sidhu for being a perjuror by asking honest people what they saw, Sidhu is going to screw Hunt the second he gets a chance.

  2. Hollis, thanks for bringing up the point about Hunt. This is just another classic Jerbabble switcheroo tactic. He questions Hunt’s judgment (wrongly) as if that were even relevant but doesn’t question the judgment of the liar, fraud and perjurer, Sidhu.

    Lord, what a turd.

    Cunningham is trapped in a liquid vortex of his own making. Soon he’ll be at the Sanitation District plant in Fountain Valley. After that it’ll be the open sea.

  3. Folks, only two questions are relevant with this topic and Jerbal wont address either one.

    First, did Sidhu ever reside at the Calabria Apartment?

    Second, if not, is there any penalty?

  4. Not a blurb from the Jerb about what Harry did and if it could be a felony. Hunt’s judgement? Are you freaking kidding me? Perjury according to Red County is no big deal. I guess it is a common occurrance huh Jerb? What’s an ethical investigator to do? Don’t investigate because you may find what you are looking for? Red County has fallen to new lows. Perjury good. Speeding tickets bad.

  5. Sounds like this guy has a real twisted sense of right and wrong. Everyone is talking about possible felony charges and this Cunningham character is trying to divert attention to a private investigator who was just doing his job.

    Looking at the report, he did a damn fine job, too.

  6. That guy is so dumb he still doesn’t get it: YOU GUYS LIKE BEING CALLED FRINGE!

    Cunningham must have missed the annual Fringie Awards, although something tells me the shameless hustling for the perjurer Sidhu may get him nominated for a Special Fringie himself in 2010!

  7. The public will cease to vote for anyone associated with these hacks. They are products of the radical republican party, irrelevant.

      1. Not quite, Greg. Some of them are indeed RINOs. The common denominator is that they are in politics for what they can get out of it – so their posturing is always for profit.

        We call them: REPUGLICANS.

        They used to have it all their own way around here – until the great Ackerman, Inc. Disaster of 2009.

        1. IMHO, those who call themselves Republicans but do the opposite are the RINOs. These are the ones who don’t follow their own party’s tenets.
          I blog on the OCGOP Action site ( and when I found out that the LA County Deputy Sheriff’s Association, among other unions, was sponsoring the CRP Convention last week, I attempted to post a piece asking if the OCGOP would put their money where their mouth was and boycott the event. No surprise, the OCGOP refused to publish the post and all of the usual suspects attended the event. I realize the CRP has their own agenda, but OCGOP needs to start being held the high standard which they preach.

  8. guys – voters don’t seen to give a damn about Carpetbagging anymore. We have some races on my end of the state where that could be an issue and it does not even register in the top ten?

    Perhaps breaking down how Harish (Harry) Sidhu committed a Felony and why it matters would be helpful? It would also set Cunningham on fire again.

    TO GG Voter- Way to get the broad brush out. It is a complete cheap shot to label all Conservative Republicans by the behavior of Cunningham.

    Why don’t you start with Barney Frank who had a homosexual prostitute on the federal payroll for years… there is plenty of house to clean

  9. I think people do not understand the implications of immorality and lack of ethics for candidates who carpetbag. I commented somewhere that a family member thought “carpetbagging” was the same as calling someone a douche bag. We had a little 8th grade history lesson and are now on the same page.
    Anyone who votes for a carpetbagger is either unaware of the ethical implications involved that history has taught us or are cut of the same cloth.
    Our best solution is to point out carpetbaggers for who they are and do what we can to see that they are ineffective in their campaign. It starts with someone taking the initiative to say something.
    When Sidhu looses the election, OCGOP will be forced, even if for 5 seconds, to reflect on their dirty deeds. Each member who acts like Daly (Dem) or Chriss Street or Harish Sidhu or any one of the other classic Repuglicans will be fought from outside the party as well as from within.

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