The Culture of Corruption

The Processionaries

After seeing a video of caterpillars connected head to toe endlessly walking in a circle I was compelled to see why they would behave like that. It turns out these were processionary caterpillars. offered up the following: “Jean Henri Fabre wondered what would happen if processionary caterpillars somehow got stuck without a leader. He […]

Fullerton City Council

On the Agenda – January 4, 2011

Happy New Year Friends! We have a council meeting this Tuesday at 4:00PM.  The agenda is a little unusual for a few reasons.  First, there aren’t millions of taxpayer dollars being squandered away!  Second, there are no minutes being approved!  Third, it’s a SHORT agenda! Now that I have your attention, what’s in the agenda and how will it […]

Fullerton City Council

On The Agenda – August 3rd, 2010

Get this!  The Fullerton City Council’s ONLY Regular Business for Tuesday’s meeting is…drum role please…to designate a voting representative and alternates for the League of Cities annual conference!! View the agenda. That’s it, right?  No.  That is the only “Regular Business” item but I didn’t mention the Consent Calendar. Item 4 of the Consent Calendar […]