FFFF Salutes Pioneer Carpetbagg’ Stalker – Matthew J. Cunningham

Great White 'bagg Hunter. Call him Bwana.

Check out the indignant posts here and here, by outraged carpetbagg’ stalker Matthew J. Cunningham as he endeavors to bag  and tag Villa Park’s Tom Umberg during the 1st Supe District Special Election in 2007. Jeez, Cunningham didn’t even live in the 1st District but boy was he bent all out of shape!

Wow! What huevos! Videotaping the neighborhood, snooping on the living arrangements of the entire Umberg family, including offspring, and generally making a nuisance of  himself!

And so we recognize the intrepid Jerb for his cunning and resourcefulness – a full three years before our admin decided to visit the completely suspicious Casa Sidhu #3 – Sidhu’s third “residence” in but a single month.

O Pioneer! We salute you!

47 Replies to “FFFF Salutes Pioneer Carpetbagg’ Stalker – Matthew J. Cunningham”

  1. Matt Cunningham is an IDIOT! The guy supports Tom Daly and Matt is a Republican?

    We heard he is trying to convinced his friends Jon Dumitru to run for Clerk Recorder even though Jon has no experience.

    If I was Tom Daly I would be upset at Matt but again what does Tom expect from Matt!

  2. You guys are giving him too much credit. He only does his Inspector Clouseau when one of Lewises clients is running in the election.

  3. Thats what we love most about Jerbal. Its one thing to accuse a guy of something and act like you would never do the same thing because it is unethical or beneath you. It’s an entirely different thing to throw out an accusation and to have documented doing the exact same thing you criticize others of doing.

    Jerbal, you are a hypocrite and Admin has video proof.

      1. That’s cute that you are acting as if you actually care about your wife. Where was that compassion when you were beating her?

        For the record nobody ever published your address or phone number anywhere.

          1. Stanley you are deranged. Publish anything you would like.

            Lets not forget that you published a piece accusing my mother of raping me as a child. You are a sick, demented and emotionally disturbed individual.

            Get help!

        1. “Lets not forget that you published a piece accusing my mother of raping me as a child.”……. although you are hallucinating but your statement begs a question: Did she?

          When do you gone show us your black girl friend which you are so much fantasizing about?

          1. “Stanley why don’t you ask me the next time you see me in public?”…….. is it your usual and customary Mill’s threat which you are so often publising?

            If I do so fatso, you bet that there will be hundreds of video cameras to report on. Bring Pedroza

  4. tony b actually went to the door and intimadated mrs. sidhu, who actually was at the house proving tony b wrong. he also had a thug camerman with him, which also led to imtmidation, i call on Shawn Nelson to repute his support for FFFF and stop allowing tony b to be the face of his offensive campaign

    1. Friendofmine,

      Where you a witness to this? How are you able to conclude that Tony “intimidated” Harish’s wife?

      You also refer to the gentleman with Tony as a “thug”. I have met a number of Tony’s friends and none of them come across as being “thug’s”.

      I have known some real “thug’s” in my life and the folks at FFFF are far from being anywhere close to being thugs.

    2. Cunningham didn’t have the balls to go to the door or he would have.

      BTW, I’ll bet that wasn’t even Mrs. Harry. Probably just an actor.

      Jeez, can’t Sidhu afford more than just one illiterate blog monkey?

  5. One wonders if he will denounce CARPETBAGGING on his website, or go along with the other saps supporting Harry.

    Where are his ethics? What a sell out!

      1. at least tony b and shawn nelson live in the 4th dist, with kids going to school in the 4th dist.

        truth will come out

    1. Guilt by association, eh asshole? Another one of those Sidhu assmonkeys.

      There is no logical reason to respond to them, to do so only keeps the discussion where they want it; off Harry the Carpetbagger.

      I’ve never been one to subscribe to banning someone from a blog, but in this instance, it should be done with Friendofmine. To allow them to come on and post stretegic posts against others, is assist them in promoting their propaganda.
      Admin: ban these folks after the their third post. It is apparent what they are doing.

    1. Daja-Vu all over again. Here it is again. I post about these types before here on FFFF. They will infer all sorts of things but they won’t prove it. Or they will take soemthing obscure and maginfy it under the glass of political rhetoric. Either way it will to obfiscate the real truth about their candidate, Harry MagicCarpetBagger Sidhu.

      Sidhu: endorsed by Curt Pringle because of Pringles need to keep a ally in his massive MagLev train boondoggle. Endorsed by Bill Campbell, the buracrats buracrat for two reason: Bill Figures Harry can’t win. After losing to Nelson, Harry is cooked and could never run for the district Harry really lives in – Campbell’s 3rd Distr. This allows Campbell to choose his own successor without Harry trying to run and gum-up the works.

      Friendofmine is no friend of anyones.

    1. Obviously not!
      People are stupid.
      People got what they deserve.
      You want to hear lie you will get it.
      You want to hear truth you will call me crazy.
      Enjoy your miserable life.

  6. I got to CSUF, ive said that many times, i thought bill turner went to CSULB, isnt that what your god tony b said. Speaking of mr. admin, “nice” has not been a word Republican females at CSUF have used to describe him, but they have used adjectives, like creepy, insane, weird, mean-spirited, psycho, and again creepy(this was said by several females) if i was you Mr Hill, or i was Mr. Nelson i would reevaluate my “friendship” with a man who is known for intimadating and scaring women, im just being honest, i have nothing against the guy, never met him, but when these disgusting stories it worries me that a potential oc supervisor is associating himself and his campaign with a man like this.

    1. friendofmine, I too went to CSUF, and I even played football there. I can’t think of one person who really knows me believes that I’m all the things that you and your friends think I am, so let’s all meet for coffee or a beer and after that if you all still think the same of me, I’ll let you call me names, deal?

      I’ll even tell you the story about meeting Mr’s Sidhu at the Sidhu’s 3rd residence in less than a month, how I founded Fullerton Heritage and how many significant building in Fullerton that I helped save from the wrecking ball 😉

      1. admin, why bother? They got their script turning the alleged Mrs. Harry some woman (possibly just an actor at another fake residence) into the victim of a home invasion robbery – script carefully wordsmithed by none other than bagg stalker Matt Cunningham. That’s what they’re going with.

    2. Little Billy I think you should spend more time with those “Republican females” at CSUF. Maybe you’ll get lucky.

      In the meantime learn how to keep your big yap shut, quit handing out your name and number to total strangers, and quit bad-mouthing your employer. That’s bad news no matter how big big a clown he is.

    3. It’s not “Bill” Turner. It’s “Billy” Turner. That’s how he wrote his name before he handed it over to an utter stranger when he tried to get a better job.

      Then he lied and told people they tried to bribe him! Talk about creepy.

  7. Tony’s the bomb! I love how he goes after Jerbal and his

    wife. Putzes one and all!! Go to Jerbal’s house Tony. Aftr u

    kicked his head in, maybe he won’t be all weasle-like. I hate
    him. The guys at FFFF are fighting for us and Jerbal is just

    out of here. How does this moron get paid? GOP shill all

    of the time.

    The only way to deal with rats like Jerbal is to burn the

    house down.

  8. well at least now i know why CSUF cut their football program, but seriously i already heard your side of the story Tony, you proudly posted it, i dont feel you were completly honest about what happened, thats it, and if some dude was known for harrassing and creeping out your female friends would you wanna have a beer with that person? im sorry but im not shawn nelson, i stay away from guys like that.

    1. Oh look. It’s little Billy Turner.

      You don’t think Tony was honest?

      Tell us all how HONEST you think Hide and Seek Shidu was in claiming he lived at the Calabria apartments NEXT TO THE POOL HALL. Just think, Billy, assclown’s first act as a candidate was to LIE ON AN OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT.

  9. Im not Billy Turner! Im a polisci major at CSUF, and can anwer detailed questions about the program, I follow local politics very closely and was distrubed with some things being passed as truth and goood republicanism espcially the constant stressing of the carpetbagging, i beg we discuss policy and it never happens, and then i come to find the man behind this nonsense has been known around town, and voiced my opinion, srry tony sometimes getting ripped on sucks

    1. Yeah, sure you can, Billy. But rather than talk about “policy” (which Shidu can’t – why did he chicken out of the Fullerton forum?) we have to start with basic honesty.


      Assclown has nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero. And all you tools are just trying to get your piece of Shidu as fast as you can.

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