The Truth About Matthew Cunningham

A Friend pointed out something that bears mentioning for those of us that have some sense of ethics but may be naïve when it comes to blogs and how some operate.

Did you know that Matthew Cunningham has another website besides the oh-so Mauve County?  It’s Pacific-Strategies where he brags about “employing innovative social media strategies to advance your message and create community” and “influencing opinion leaders through via both new and tradional media”.  Nice typo’s Matt.  Clearly he is the superior communicator!  I’m not too sure what this clown is trying to say with this: “successfully guiding your projecting throuygh the government approval process” and “providing seasoned counsel to ensure your message is taken seriously by opinion leaders ad key decision-makers”.  It is hard to take anyone seriously that brags about communication and swaying public opinion when the author can’t even complete a sentence.  A wordsmith he is not but maybe a word-butcher.  Just imagine a game of scrabble with him.

Ah, but now Matt’s “strategies” at Mauve County are clear!  He gets to be a paid consultant (I find it hard to believe that anyone would actually give him a dime) via one company, Pacific-Strategies, while he attempts in vain to sway public opinion on his Mauve site by “employing” those innovative social media strategies.  I speculate that those strategies include but are not limited to the hiring of extra bloggers to post pro threads for Cunningham’s paid cause and then the twerp has these same extras jump in and lob personal attacks to discredit any opposition or support for their paid cause. “We’re experienced with effective strategies for favorably influencing elected leaders, government officials, and community and opinion leaders—building coalitions and mobilizing opinion in support of your goals, and neutralizing critics.”(  So his job is to NEUTRALIZE CRITICS!  If you pay him some money or do him a favor, he will NEUTRALIZE critics.  Is he talking about offing someone?  Bumping someone off?  Or just a shotgun approach for attacking anyone with a different opinion, especially one supported by facts?

After reading these carefully crafted words from Matthew Cunningham own website, there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind just how Red County operates under his direction and the truth behind Matthew Cunningham slanderous lies.  He is completely void of any moral or ethical foundation which a normal person might be grounded in.  In his own words, Cunningham says “More and more people get more and more of their information from new media such as blogs, Twitter and FaceBook, and your organization needs to engage them in those arenas. Properly used, new media tools powerfully enhance your organization’s ability to not only communicate with your target audience, but build trust and community.”  Building trust through outright lies and deception is usually called FRAUD. That is particularly bad when your own mission statement reads: “Red County strives to provide intelligent, well-informed insights into local political issues affecting the lives of readers in each market we serve. In striving to support the ideals of limited government and individual liberty, Red County will hold the mirror up to Republicans and Democrats alike.”  Clearly, there is no mirror in the arsenal at Fraud County.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough!  Anyone with their own website, including FFFF, can determine visitor’s internet provider address much the same way we use caller ID.  If you are a genuine visitor and you leave genuine comments, no problem…unless of course you are on Cunningham’s web site.  Bloggers on don’t normally have that level of access, so no need to worry about posting on those sites.  The real concern should come when a commentator dishes out insider information on a government agency and the head of that agency has the blogger in his back pocket.  Then the blogger gets to out the commentator.  It is not ethical to throw a genuine whistle-blower under the bus but we are not talking about an ethical person, now are we.   It is reminiscent of the reports of Cunningham outing of sex abuse victims.  I don’t know if Cunningham was actually paid to out anyone, but the content of his other website begs the question.

There are a lot of talented people reading this who are much smarter than me and I encourage you to do some digging yourself.  After I did my own digging into this, I realized just how biased I have become against Red County and several of their resident (generally newer) bloggers.  Therefore, it is imperative that you check for yourself.  I’m no great sleuth like the other FFFF’ers but if we can shed a little light up this dark hole, all the better.

I would love to know the names of anyone who has ever contributed a penny to Pacific-Strategies and follow that paper trail.

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  1. Commenters on blogs are hardly “commentators.”

    You should have written “Mathew Cunningham’s own website” – the possessive applies in this case.


  2. For those of you who don’t know Fiala is married to a Mexican immigrantam. He is himself an immigrant, from the Czech Republic.

    Fiala runs for Mayor of Santa Ana every two years. During one of those failed campaigns he was arrested for beating up his wife and daughter.

    He has a deep-seated hatred for Mexicans, but livesa in a city that has the largest population of Mexicans in the OC. A bitter dude indeed!

    As for Junior, he is infamous for making racist and homophobic comments on other blogs. He was a big proponent of Prop. 8. Like Fiala, he married a Latina, but he shares Fiala’s take on Mexicans and is a big proponent of gentrification.

    These two haters are typical Jerbal supporters. They are a miniscule Legion of Haters…

    1. Pedroza, based on your frequent voyeuristic visits to the Santa Ana Santiago Park, pretending that you are walking your dog there, and your disappointment that on one is hitting on you calls for an overdue medical exam.

      You frequent visits and complaints to SAPD Chief Paul Walters will not heal.

      Obviously, if I have Mexican wife and half Mexican daughter and about 150 Mexican family members in the Mexico City clearly indicate that I do not hate Mexicans.

      However, I hate MINOs [“Mexicans-In-Name-Only”], like you, who is exploiting misery of the Mexican Peoples for your own personal and selfish benefits.

      For those of you who don’t know Pedroza see and read testimonials of these who associated with him in past.

  3. This inter-blog personal mudslinging is getting VERRRY boring. Why are you guys so obsessed with Cunningham?

    1. Dorothy, it is very boring and tedious, just like going to work everyday. Still, you do it ’cause it’s gotta get done.

      We went after Ackerman Inc everyday for about ten weeks. You can’t quit. And like fighting a cancer you have to be aggressive and relentless.

      We will last as long as they do, and until the “for sale” sign is taken down in Orange County.

      1. The fact that Cunningham is for sale should cause alarm for a reasonable person who reads blogs while attempting to get a better understanding on local events.

        I don’t like gossip but sometimes what some may think is gossip is really news and what some think is news is actually paid advertising and electioneering.

  4. Dorothy,

    Good question. Jerbal and his pals are found in many positions of power. In fact Jerbal hoimself sits on the Orange Planning Commission and the County Beaches, Harbors and Parks Commission.

    Jerbal uses his blog to the advantage of his cabal.

    The only counters to this are a handful of blogs.

    It has been a good year for the opposition, so far. We beat Ackerwoman. We recalled Lance MacLean. And we chased Daly out of the Supervisor’s race in the 4th District.

    Team Jerbal is reeling and coming undone!

  5. Christian, I’m guessing you are only upset because you a relatively new to the scene.

    This guy is just (he hopes) a paid spokeshole. Just like Fleischman, et al. In this sad political world of semi-literate power hungry creeps (think Sidhu) anyone slightly less illiterate is considered to be some sort of William Shakespeare, Jr.

    He is entangled in all sorts of tentacles from favors past to favors future. But that’s not the worst of it. The worst is a slavish devotion to authority figures like Lewis, Carona, Tod Brown, Ackerman, etc., no matter how loathsome they truly are. He will carry their filthy laundry to the wash every time.

    1. To “junior” and Fiala. We don’t ban rejects and castoffs from OJ here, but please remove your asshats before commenting.

      1. Admin, isn’t it obvious that anyone who will speak against Pedroza, Mill and rest of the OJ clowns here will have, in your opinion, an asshat.

        Aren’t you publishing in the OJ?

        So you are shilling for morons mongoloids from the OJ….. so what is new?

        You are doing here exactly same what you do not like about Cunningham…. isn’t it hypocritical?…. or is it violation of the GOLDEN RULE?

        Think about it if you are able to do so.

        By the way you should remind Pedroza to stay with a topic. But you never will so remove your shithat.

        Obviously you like when Pedroza will never put in front of the word immigrant the word “illegal” and than accuses everyone to be Mexican hater if they correct him.

        Yes I am Czech immigrant but I am legal immigrant if it make any sense to you, and I am not here to scavenge for a minimum wage labor. I am hear because in 1968 communists did not liked my speeches same as you do not like them here….. is it a coincidence?…. or do you have something in common with an oppressive regimes?

        1. Fiala,
          I can’t speak for the rest of FFFF, but I don’t nor have ever taken mone from anyone to take a side or post anything. I’ve never received a favor from anyone for what I did or did not say. My comments, good, bad, or otherwise are my own hare-brained thoughts.
          Cunningham has advetised via Pacific-Strategies that he is for sale.

          1. If you would read my reply correctly Christian then you would see that I have no beef with your post nor your reporting, in fact I do agree with you re Cunningham. My beef was with MINO Pedroza who stated:
            “This is why Jerbal hates your blog and mine so much.”
            To which I have replied:
            “I am not Jerbal but I hate your blog too Pedroza.”

            Which means that hating MINO Pedroza is very easy for anyone to do.

            As retaliation melancholic MINO Pedroza unloaded on me.

          2. Fiali,
            Admin directed that at you and “junior” and any other person banned from blogging elsewhere. Take it how you want to…

          3. So what is it to you where am I banned?
            So if MINO Pedroza banns my truth you will ban it too?
            An you are calling yourself fair and objective?
            Above you are stating that you are better than Cunningham and that you are not taking sides.
            Well you have in my case and juniors based on melancholic MINO Pedroza lies and crapola.

            Above I have shown link to real medical evaluation of Pedroza’s genetic structure so study it and the within associated links too.

    2. Yes, I am pretty new to blogs. Everyday I am shocked at what I read. Some of it is truth and some are outriht lies. Finding a trustworthy source is difficult especially in light of what Cunningham is doing.

  6. Maybe I’m a bit giddy for a Sunday morning but Red County’s mission is “In striving to support the ideals of limited government and individual liberty, Red County will hold the mirror up to Republicans and Democrats alike?” Nice try Jerbal.

    Earth to Jerbal, have you seen any of the information posted this week about Tom Daly, the guy you were formally shilling for before he dropped out like people have been saying since last summer? Not exactly the work of a limited government guy yet you were for him any way. Why? Because your mentor John Lewis needed you to be there for him.

    The Tom Daly situation is a clear case of what you write about on this post Christian. Jerbal was trying from the get go to help improve the image of a liberal, career government hack by using his and others posts to soften the edge of Daly. Daly gets elected, Jerbal gets some payola deal for a few grand per month to do nothing like the other “public relations” types Daly has been paying off.

    Thank god for FFFF calling BS on this. No more hiding the pea under the walnut Jerbal, youve been busted.

  7. But a convenient way for Jerbal to make a living. Solicit illiterate politicians (most are) to hire this character to “spin” crappola on a “right of center” blog into “public opinion”.

    This kind of bs is exactly why the republican party is in the water closet.

  8. Joe,

    You see why I had to ban Fiala at my blog? He simply cannot behave himself.

    And yes, he is a racist. I regularly delete his attempts to spam my blog with horrible racist comments. I don’t know how his wife and her family tolerate this Czech version of Archie Bunker…

    1. Pedroza, FYI a racist is the one who uses race as an qualifier…… you do!

      LOL, as I recall Archie was nominated for the President Of the USA….. But that was before you even existed.

      If he would won we would be in economical crises. Just look what harm his son in law aka meat-head did in the real life….. what a damage to California.

  9. Pedroza you are so FULL of yourself!!!!!

    Stanley Fiala is right – everybody hates you! Unlike Tony and some others here at 4F, your posts are made up of mostly lies and conjecture simply for the reason you enjoy trying to hurt people as much as you can.

    Tony and 4F would do well to steer clear of you as you bring down their credibility. Go away!!!

  10. Turd detector,

    You sound like Jerbal. He makes the same claims about my blog, but they aren’t true.

    Why don’t you cite examples of these lies? currently has the Orange Juice blog rated #2, in the state, amongst political blogs. My other blog, New Santa Ana, is rated #5.

    If I am as hated as you purport, how is it that I am the only blog publisher in California with two blogs rated in the top five?

    1. New Santa Ana?…. hmmmm?…….. #5?
      How many character assassinations have you published there Pedro?

      Why New?…… hmmmm?…… who are you trying to full Pedro?

      What is the rating of your OJ lately?……. why did you removed it from your blog when it hits bottom…… Huh.

      You are MINO looser Pedro!

  11. Christian – your post brings up another important point. I pointed out Matt Cunningham’s relationship to Hugh Hewitt – who used to be on his homepage. The quote and Hewitt picture have either been moved or removed.

    As I stated over on the OJ – I am the 4-term CRA Sgt. at Arms – but that is the closest I will ever get to the in crowd so to speak. It has been known for a long time that the veneer of objectivity that Meg County purports to promote is a fraud. It started with the deleted posts and the threats of expulsion – to my expulsion some six weeks after I told them what I was doing.

    Art found the $20K they took from Whitman six days before they expelled me from Meg County – but the ancedotal evidence is there for years of the conflicts of interest.

    I had accepted this as a reality – but once it came along with a bucket full of Hypocricy, that’s when this long-time Republican activist joined forced with others in blowing the whistle.

    As long as the arrogance is allowed to go unchecked – the moral compromises and hence hypocricy will get larger.

  12. The Consience Of The Community appears to me to have NO CONSIENCE.

    The posts and the discussion here is EXACTLY what the community deserves.

    Unless of course, you are comfortable being lied to, being represented by canidates from other areas, accepting of “STATUS QUO” politics and allowing special interest professional politico’s govern.

    ENOUGH of what? Dishonesty, letting guys like Matt Cunningham post for years as JUBAL, letting him slide for outing the victims of childhood sex abuse?

    I say ENOUGH of letting the defender of CHILD RAPISTS (Yeah they banged little boys and girls)speak for the OCGOP.

    This guys a $2.00 tool and a bad one at that!

    1. kenlaysnotdead you are right, jerbal is a “$2.00 tool” and deserves to be stomped out, my comment was referring to the thread getting sidetracked.

    1. “Pretty obvious. Psychiatr(sic)…I mean editorial help, of course.”……..Hmmmm, did you meant psychiatrist?

      What syndrome should I complain about?….. be specific!

      Show me an example of the language here which make you believe that I do have any such syndrome.

      The word “additional” is vague and ambiguous.

      First I need to determine your IQ level to take your advise seriously. Your last name may be clue to it.

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