Cunningham Just Can’t Get Enough of FFFF!

Just in time for Groundhog Day...

Our old pal Matthew J. Cunningham, the editor of the Mauve County blog and noted Tom Daly fan just can’t get enough of our humble blog. Our mole, deep inside the guts of the John Lewis political machine has informed us that Cunningham has been posting comments at FFFF under a whole slew of fake names. We even have the list.

Last night he chimed in on the Daly campaign finance post calling himself “Grover gets an F” to try his old trick of changing the subject. Of course that didn’t work.

But he has also popped up here recently under the aliases “Peabody the Nobody,” a fake “Lou Correa,” “No Tax Hikes,” and “Strider.”

Naughty, naughty boy, Matthew. Report to the principal’s office immediately! Now that you’ve joined the ranks of the Sidhu and Daly campaign workers blogging anonymously (and frequently for your boys), your much bragged about credibility just took a hit wherever it still exists. Of course we were on to you all along so there’s no harm done here at FFFF. Wonder if you’ll keep criticizing all those mean anonymous bloggers.

Why not just stick to those boring posts you do over at that ghost town of yours and quit cluttering our threads? And try getting a real job while you’re at it.

13 Replies to “Cunningham Just Can’t Get Enough of FFFF!”

  1. Not surprising… the guy can’t resist “wordsmithing” his way into an argument. Obviously he decided that using his real name had become too embarassing.

  2. I guess the strategy is to list all those characters on the Pacific Strategies website to make it look like a real operation.

    I don’t know if using Tolkien characters is a very good business idea though.

  3. Ha Ha..Matt is just trying to make up a new alias..maybe he is stumped..or maybe he is standing in the corner with the Dunce cap on?

  4. #8

    Whoa now! You outting a guy using a pseudonym yourself. Thats over the line by any standard.

    If you are going to call someone out you have to back it up with some facts.

    Admin, you need to pull this or demand facts.

    1. Are you claiming Matt (aka Jerbal) Cunningham sets the standard for anything on FFFF?

      We’re bettert han that here.Back up the claim with some facts and we’ll crucify the guy. Otherwise, shut your yapper.


    “Are you claiming Matt (aka Jerbal) Cunningham sets the standard for anything on FFFF?”

    No. I never said such a thing, where did you get that?

    “We’re bettert han that here. Back up the claim with some facts and we’ll crucify the guy. Otherwise, shut your yapper.”


  6. If Mr. Matt the Gerbal thinks he is a writer then he has another thing (or think) coming. And for him to make up names to post the same opinons over and over..what a waste of time, he obviously does not have anything better to do. We should pity the Gerbal named Matt and let him lie in his own slime. Sad this right of center person even has so much to do with
    R County blog much less anyone else’s blog site. I suppose the worst thing is he is a Dem in disquise. Come out of the Dem closet Matt and you will feel so much better.

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