Matthew Cunningham, Big Government Leech, Lauds “Rising Star” of GOP

I am not an annelid.

I couldn’t help but notice that Red County’s resident hypocrite, Matthew J. Cunningham, who makes his living off of Rob Reiner’s massive income redistribution scheme called Prop 10 did a post today on Florida Senate candidate Marco Rubio who delivered the big speech at last night’s GOP Flag Day party.

Sweet Lord. Did Rubio praise Republicans who make their living sucking at the teat of the Welfare State? Maybe he did. I wasn’t there.

Here’s a Cunningham tribute:

“I think Marco Rubio is a true heir to Reagan conservatism: a rock-ribbed dedication to a smaller, restrained federal government,”

Well that’s great for Rubio, but where does Mr. C. from Suite C. fit into this vision of a smaller, restained government?

It’s amazing that this creep who makes his living from a huge, liberal tax and income redistribution project that defines “whole village child rearing” would have the gall to even go to the diner, let alone opine about it.  I heard his candidate Harry Sidhu was there, too, so maybe they let anyone in.

What a complete and utter disgrace.

8 Replies to “Matthew Cunningham, Big Government Leech, Lauds “Rising Star” of GOP”

  1. Peabody, you missed the typical Jerbalesque nibbling around the edge of the truth. He included the word “federal.”

    Presumably he believes whole heartedely in bigger, unrestrained State government.

    1. …that’s just a qualified statement that will fade away as soon as Cunningham can figure out how to land some federal slush. That’s where the big money is, so I hear.

  2. It’s great Rubio says he’s for smaller government, but he also is a cheerleader for costly open-ended military commitments (read Iraq & Afghanistan).

    I’m tired of these “limited government” neocons who don’t trust the federal government to run health care, but DO trust it to run whole foreign countries.

  3. Cunningham is best buds with Bill Campbell who yesterday shed public tears (literally) for the Human Relations Committee (another topic the Jerb will not write about, guaranteed).

    C-ya on that joke.

    And c-ya on anymore Chairmanships for Billy boy/

  4. When was the last time Matt supported a worthwhile canidate? Bush, Arnold, Corona, Harry, Hunter…….Oh yeah Ackerwoman.

    Campbell is a slob. He does little in the way of representing the district, unless you count naming friends and fellow RAPE supporters to commissions.

    What a slug.

    What a useless public servant. Dare I say Harry would be an improvement.

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