Why It Sucks To Be Matthew J. Cunningham

John Lewis is my moral compass.

I can only wonder what’s it’s like to have virtually no moral bearing – to be at the whim of whichever authority figure is pushing you at a given moment. Like a leaf blown in the wind.

Today a supporter of Hugh Nguyen’s campaign to unseat the deplorably incompetent Democrat County Clerk Tom Daly passed along the news that Matthew J. Cunningham of Mauve County fame had a devoted an entire post to the untrustworthiness of Nguyen. His running buddies? The lefties at the LiberalOC blog!

First it seems that he, like his candidate Tom Daly, takes exception to Nguyen’s ballot designation.

He also makes a big harrumph about Nguyen changing the story he told some of Cunningham’s Blue County boyfriends a couple of months ago about the unsolicited ad Art Pedroza is running for him on the OJ blog.¬† You’re joking, right?

But here’s the kicker. Hugh Nguyen is mostly shifty and not to be trusted because when he was soliciting endorsements last summer for the Clerk-recorder job he didn’t inform those folks of the presence of his wife Laura Cunningham in the race, thereby precluding them from endorsing her!

Of course the idea that Nguyen was under any moral or legal obligation to advertise the hapless and long-defunct Mrs. Jerbal campaign is so preposterously comical that no more need be said about it.

Cunningham likes his style...

Meanwhile from the vantage of his lofty moral authority Cunningham seems unable to discern the manifest failures of his boy Tom Daly. You know, like the $48,000 Daly passed along to a campaign consultant for “studying” a sports hall of fame; like the $100,000+ he has wasted (and is still wasting) on monthly retainers for a do-nothing Sacramento “consultant;” oh yeah, and let’s not forget the $2,100,000 chunked into the toilet on the acquisition of the uninhabitable building at 433 Civic Center West. What was the issue again? Oh, yeah – trustworthiness!

On top of all that, Daly is a Democrat and Cunningham is supposed to be a conservative Republican! No bueno!

No, sir. I do not need a wordsmith.

Come to think of it, Cunningham has never said a word about the two fraudulent voting registrations of one Harry C. Sidhu, the 4th District carpetbagger who lied about living at the Calabria Apartments on two separate public documents. Which sounds a lot like voter fraud and perjury if you ask me.

And speaking of shifty, how about Sidhu’s campaign signs that advertise the carpetbagger simply as “Mayor Pro Tem” despite the fact that they are posted in cities where Sidhu is not on the city council? Hows that for shifty?

The beautiful Calabria Apartments. No furniture was ever moved in. Did Sidhu sleep on the floor?

But oh yeah, his boss John Lewis is working for Sidhu now, too; so that means that the regular rules don’t apply, see?

Jesus H., it must suck to be Cunningham.

22 Replies to “Why It Sucks To Be Matthew J. Cunningham”

  1. It probably does suck, these days, especially.

    That guy has been whoring for Daly for over a year so it’s second nature now.

    And supporting an incompetent assclown like Sidhu is right up his alley.

    I just wonder how long that Chip Hanlon guy can tolerate the promotion of Democrats and carpetbagging Republicans on his blog.

    I also wonder if Cunningham ever corrected all those grammar issues and misspellings on his website.

  2. What a joke. Who the heck reads Red County anymore?

    I spoke to Hugh today about the ad. The Lib OC dorks are lying, as usual.

    Funny to see the Lib OC boys carrying water for the Prop. 8 team of Lewis and Cunningham. How long before they start doing Flint’s bidding to?

  3. This blog is awesome, thanks FFFF for keeping us grounded. The hacks at the left/right blogs are in it for $.

  4. Isn’t Cunningham a OCGOP Central Committee member? “The committees may remove any member other than an ex- officio for several causes: Affiliation with or registration in another party; public advocacy that voters should not vote for a nominee of the party for any office; or giving support or avowal of a preference for a candidate of another party or a candidate who is opposed to a candidate nominated by the party. Missed meetings may also cause removal.” Hmmm, Daly the Dem….

    1. “or giving support or avowal of a preference for a candidate of another party or a candidate who is opposed to a candidate nominated by the party”, Jerbal shoots him self again.

  5. Thanks for bringing up that thing about Sidhu’s signs. As far as I’m concerned when (if) he shows up in Fullerton he is NOT Mayor Pro Tem.

    That job belongs to Pam Keller.

    That is just another cheapjack Sidhu trick to make uninformed people think he is something other than what he is a grinning clown.

    1. A grinning assclown.

      #6, don’t forget to check out our copious Sidhu files. He’s also a liar and a perjuror and a Vaudeville performer.

      What a talent.

  6. The deal Cunningham struck with Daly is that if Daly wins, the Mrs. C becomes part of Daly’s staff. Just like she was a field operative for Ackerman

  7. Here’s how I see it:

    Matt Cunningham, Jubal, Jerbal or whatever is an opportunist.

    He set up a cottage industry that gave him a nice (albeit small) economic hit with the sale of OCBLOG.

    Never forget this is a guy who publicly defended, with vigor, the coverup of CHILD MOLESTERS AND RAPISTS. Meanwhile, he put his wife front and center against gay marriage.

    If this isn’t a tool I don’t know what is.

  8. clearly Matt is a sore loser, and he’s lost all perspective and reasoning. What, everyone one should look out for his wife’s best interest because she didnt start her campaign soon enought. (interestingly enought neither did Tom Daly). Matt just go back to being John Lewis’s pathetic puppet, it suits you.

  9. Good info Tony. Thanks for exposing Matt for the imposter he is. Although I am surprised that he is whinning about his wife dead end campaign. Why doesnt he just ask tom daly to give her a job or a “do nothing” contract.

    so Im glad you blogged this because i would dignify matt worthless blog with a comment (much less read his propaganda).

    1. Mary, I didn’t write this post, but thanks anyway.

      Actually there is a small army of political and personal friend-hires in Tom’s office.

      At one point he had an “external affairs” director, if you can believe that. That guy then went to work for Norby. Lot’s of job hopping in general at the County – and that’s needs to stop.

      Featherbedding is a real problem for Daly’s office. I believe Grover Cleveland is doing a post on that. Stay tuned.

  10. How is Harrish “hello my friend” Sidhu allowed to use Pro Tem in other cities with his signs? The fact that Lewis and his puppet Matt work for Harrish now just goes to show you they have zero values. They are simply bought and paid for by anybody regardless of position or party.
    Yeah who reads red county anymore anyways, just look at the comment numbers.

  11. Tom Daly BIG BROTHER is watching you,

    Tom remember those people you made donate to your campaign. We have receipts and proof.

    This will be coming out soon. This is totally illegal and charges should be file.

  12. The Republican chairman must take action agaisnt Matt Cunnigham to stop all this nonsense.

    This is terrible how a Republican is slamming another Republican so he can help a Democrat Tom Daly a career politician.

    We should be helping Hugh Nguyen to defeat this pathethic Democrat Tom Daly.

    Tom Daly is wasting taxpayers money and we taxpayers are OK with that?

    1. Very wishful thinking Sandra, but Scott Baugh isn’t going to do anything. He’s a shill too, don’t let him fool you.

      Fact is Matt should just change the name from the Republican Red County to Shill City Blog, works better.

  13. All this crap gives me a headache.

    Thank you guys for letting me be a part of. I am a proud Conservative and I guess that makes me an outsider.

    I can’t reconcile how you can campaign for Prop 8 – a moral issue, while behaving in a morally questionable manner.

    I am a proud social conservative – and reading blogs like these make me understand how honesty can get used against you at the front end (as in my situation with Red County) – but getting discovered at the back end for being deceitful is 1000% worse.

    It is astounding that anyone still regards those people… it is also embarrassing as a leader in the republican party to see my brand smeared by unethical people.

    Nice Post – and call it MEG County. She owns it and should get the naming rights to it…

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