Cunningham Talks and Talks and Talks. Anybody Listening?

Over at the RedCounty blog, Matthew J. Cunningham’s posts are becoming increasingly dronish and petulant – just like always seems to happen when an election nears.

His latest post about the OCGOP Central Committee endorsement of Shawn Nelson is a case in point. Apparently he wasn’t at this big event (could it be because he’s not yet ready to explain his huge windfall from The Meathead’s Children and Families commission?). So he’s getting his talking points from somebody who was – probably lonely Sidhu supporter and John Lewis partner Matt Holder.

You would think that when your bosses candidate gets wiped out 47-8 you would just keep your mouth shut and say nothing. But not our motormouth buddy – who goes on and on and on about how the thing is unfair and Nelson just won because he did better at the forum, how the questions weren’t good, how it was all due to political whipping and how Sidhu, not Nelson has been fully vetted through the last election cycle (? Nelson’s been through three!).

Not a single word from Cunningham about carpetbagging, perjury and perpetual candidacy! Did it not occur to Cunningham that maybe, just maybe the OCGOP Central Committee members were turned off by Sidhu’s voter registration fraud, and his two bogus addresses on top of his inarticulate, scripted performances.

Well, too bad for Cunningham and Lewis and Sidhu, but that genie is out of the bottle and ain’t going back in. So just accept it and quit yer bitchin’.

Anyhow, congrats from inside the electrified fence of the Desert Rat compound out on beautiful Screech Owl Road to Nelson for an important victory.

10 Replies to “Cunningham Talks and Talks and Talks. Anybody Listening?”

  1. Matt’s a tool. Not like a Snap-On tool that has integrity either. No, he is more like one of those crappy imports that you pick up from Harbor Freight Tools that breaks the first time you put a little stress on it. Yep, a crappy tool at the expense of Meathead’s Kids and taxpayers.

  2. Well someone was not real happy about the carpetbagging of ‘ol Sidhu. Word is Tim Whitaker stood up and spoke to endorse Nelson even though is he usually the most vocal against this type of thing. Tim’s rationale? Sidhu does not belong in the race because he is a carpetbagger and created the current problem of two Reps in the race. Tim told Sidhu he does not belong in the race.

  3. From my spot in the cheap seats I could not tell who it was that said that up front, thanks for reporting. He said that even if his own brother did it he would say it is wrong. Whip efforts or no, Nelson did a great job, while Harry shot himself in the foot, and through the fog of pain, continued to reload and fire again. It is just that simple. People in that room saw what we have all seen for months; a lying carpebagger enitirely lacking in the ability to form a complete sentence. There was no contest. Even those voting against were not in support of Sidhu, but merely standing against endorsing one Republican against the other. Point blank, Harry Sidhu does not belong in this race. We need to do all we can to help Shawn go after Lorri, focus, focus, focus.

  4. It was embarrassing to watch Sidhu stumble around for words. He just made me want to shower after watching that because he is just so phony and smiley.

    I look at John Lewis and Matt Holder a little different now with their crying foul here. I think they see the writing on the wall and they chose their sides.

    Maybe time to retire Johnny? We’ve all seen you eat…

  5. Word is that Jerbie was doing his park ranger gig at hart park with his pal Jonny “Fleshboy” Fleischmann

  6. I read Jerbal’s whine and it stated Fleischman was whipping up support for Shawn. Are you kidding me? The tentacles of these folks have grab hold of Nelson?

    Fleischman is part of their cabal. This shows that they are attempting to hedge their bets by having Fleischman side with Shawn and the rest of their ilk go with Harish.

    What are the odds that Jerbal and the rest of the scum show up at Shawn’s victory party on election night just as they did with Norby?

    I hope Shawn realizes what scumbags these folks are.

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  8. The silence is Defening in all quaters except for two on the Jubal TAX scam.

    What would you expect. Matt and his ilk are hypocrites in the worst way. Where is Chip?

    PLUS, It’s preety hard to post comments when they censor EVERY comment over there.

  9. I couldn’t agree more with tonyserra. Matthew Cunningham loves to censor me at every turn. Learn more about Matthew Cunningham, Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. and their newest candidate for sheriff, Craig Hunter at:

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