The Two Faces of Matthew J. Cunningham

Look! Look over there!

Yesterday our favorite repuglican hypocrite, Matthew J. Cunningham, put up a post whining about the hypocrisy of Loretta Sanchez who apparently had a fundraiser at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion and who subsequently applauded Craigslist for “censoring” adult services.

Here’s the quote from Loretta that offends the sensibilities of the tender Cunningham the most:

By shutting down the adult services section, Craigslist is showing that it truly values people over its own profits.

Hmm.The fact that Playboy preys upon nobody seems to have escaped the authoritarian pea brain Cunningham, but Hell, we’ll let that pass.

What’s really funny is that not so very long ago FFFF exposed the self-described small gummint conservative Cunningham as the recipient of huge windfall largess from Rob Reiner’s tax and redistribute Prop 10 that put bread on Mr. Conservative’s table for over four years. Almost all of the bread, as it turns out.

Here’s a hypothetical quotation to ponder:

By advocating to shut down the socialist Children and Families Commission, Matthew J. Cunningham is showing that he truly values conservative principles over his own profits.

As long as Mr. Cunningham keeps trying to pretend that he’s anything other than the biggest hypocrite in Orange County, we’ll be right there to remind folks the truth.

7 Replies to “The Two Faces of Matthew J. Cunningham”

  1. Aw, nobody takes that guy seriously anymore. He might just as well have joined his pal Sidhu at the Jerry Brown Labor Day telethon.

  2. How informative! You have done an excellent job of revealing the truth of Mr. Cunningham’s hypocritical, self-serving behavior. Does his middle initial J. stand for Janus??? How does he reconcile his two faces?

  3. Cunningham is a piece of work who is synonymous to the word slime.

    Who cares if Loretta Sanchez went to the Playboy Mansion?

    Please keep reminding the world the likes of Cunningham and others in the GOP that just gives so many of us wonder about the GOP in general!

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