Gretchen Cox and Fullerton First

Quadrangle of Casual Corruption and Fullerton First brain trust. Gretch’ is the one in the middle. The rest you already know.

Apparently Gretchen Cox, reactionary pal of J. Flory and J. Fitzgerald has become weary of “malcontents” wasting everybody’s time at City Council meetings. She seems to think all this attention to city employee malfeasance, misfeasance and dumbassfeasance reflects poorly on our great town, using the usual “blame the messenger” routine always deployed by people who have something to hide: like shoddy construction, unnecessary and mind-blowingly expensive boondoggles, drunken city managers, a corrupt police department and a budget that’s a few years away from going supernova.

Quick, get clear of the impending collapse…

Her strategy is to drown out the cries off honest men and women with hosannas of praise for everything Fullerton. But she needs a choir. So she started a facebook group laughingly called “Fullerton First” where she limits the membership to folk of her own stripe. And what a membership list it is. Here you will find a lot of familiar faces, including sad sack stooge Larry Bennett, incompetent planner Paul Dudley, serial liar-cop Andrew Goodrich, and dim-bulb government apologist Jan Flory, who is w-a-a-a-y past her stated expiration date. That alone should tell you all you need to know about Fullerton First.

The closer you look, the worse it gets…

But that’s not the interesting part. Not surprisingly, lobbyist city council creature Jennifer Fitzgerald is an enthusiastic member of this tribe; but, very tellingly, so is the ethically flexible¬†Matthew Cunningham, whose job is proprietor of “Anaheim Blog” where he runs interference for uber-lobbyist Curt Pringle’s interests, praises Pringle’s political tools, and denigrates Pringle’s political opponents.

You can’t hurt me. I’ve got no moral compass…

And of course Ms. Fitzgerald also “works” for Pringle. She is his “Vice President of Minor Scams and Local Government Taxpayer Ripoffs” where she enjoys mixing business with pleasure.

An unbreakable chemical bond

It’s pretty obvious that Pringle has set his slimy sights on Fullerton now that his Anaheim well is running dry. We are the pigeons he wants to pluck. Just think “College Town” and other possible gold mines where influence peddling moves things along.

And when Curt Pringle says “Fullerton First” what he really will mean is “Fullerton Next.”


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  1. Ugh, Pam Keller is still around. Thank god the school board mostly shut down her lucrative Fullerton Collaborative entanglement.

    1. You know, I never really understood Pam Keller until I looked a little closer and then met her. Not to be mean, but she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. It’s my opinion that she was just a puppet for likes of Quirk Silva and others of that ilk.

  2. A city commissioner and members of City Council actively participating in a group to mock constituents who raise concerns in their own community.

    Classy. No wonder Cunningham is involved.

    1. I guess we’re supposed to be supportive of city leaders even when they fail us over and over again. It’s kind of like a cult.

      1. It would be a cult, but it lacks a leader with charisma. Instead its just a bunch of self-interested hacks trying to defend their potential pilfering opportunities.

  3. …i also thought it was interesting that the Democratic party boss, Jeff Letourneau, whom was bashing and outing gay signature gatherers for the Josh Newman recall, is listed as a friend on Jan Flory’s Facebook page.

    Friends of a feather…

  4. It is troubling that this site posts the shoddy workmanship of the stairs and yet Joshua Ferguson has not said boo since he brought it up months ago. Not a word uttered at council from him since he brought the issue forward. Why is that? Did he get taken to Tony’s van?

    Nothing short of holding both the contractors and the Fullerton insiders within within the building department accountable for these obvious construction defects is acceptable and you know it. I have a really hard time understanding why Mr. Ferguson has been totally quiet after first bringing this this this problem forward. Is Joshua not his own man?

    This site is starting to seem like it is all about complaining about something and then not following through. Are you protecting Tony’s bankrolled council members Whittaker and Sebourn? Yes complain, whine and do nothing. Come to think of it, for Whitaker, that has been the case with him ever since he was elected years ago. That is what he’s been about his whole career.

    Obviously it’s only the very first step but when you don’t take another step and never walk you certainly will never run so why is it that the stairs are still there without any remedy In sight and no council member has agreed to make an official public statement against this in terms of looking into and solving this problem? All we have are Greg’s superfluous comments responding to Barry with no commitment and no action? Here were go yet again here making fun of people again with anonymous names with no solutions. What kind of nonsense is this?

    Who cares what people do on their personal Facebook pages because Greg made it evidently clear that it’s just a personal Facebook page when he was confronted at the meeting? Remember? Why is it that you’re so preoccupied with making fun of people but yet when it comes to holding your own people accountable, you’re absolutely silent? You use anonymous names and you won’t stand up publicly for the actual things that you are supposedly advocating for. The guys over at the informer have repeatedly called for action on the stairs and Ferguson allows Bruce and Greg to do nothing. Ferguson never brought it up again. How do you explain that? I am really starting to believe what I am hearing how this site is really all about diversions and no action.

    I am also still waiting to find out why this site came back the day after Fitzgerald and Whitaker got reelected. That’s the question that I still haven’t had an answer to. It looks more and more like people are right about you guys and that is why you resort to name calling,

    I have another question. Aside from why Tony Bushala kept this site shut down during the 2016 election, why did he or his group not spend one dime trying to keep Fitzgerald from being elected both in 2012 and 2016? How come his group didn’t put puking signs all over town with Fitzgerald’s name on them in 2012 and 2016?

        1. “Whoever that is”. Hahaha. Golly Gee Wilikers Anonymous, I wonder who it could possibly be?

          He totes wants real answers and responses to his accusations and rants and won’t just twist anything that is said into his perverse narrative of what is wrong with Fullerton and how he and his ilk are the only fix.







                2. Jeez, you can’t even tie your own shoes. You eat with those things?



    1. How many anti-Fitzgerald signs did you make and put up? None, right? So just shut up and go away.

  5. Why is Gretchen Cox attacking me and lying about my positions on her group? That woman has never even spoken to me.

    I mean I know I’m amazing and my beard is sexy as hell but I’m happily married and even if I weren’t there are better ways to get my attention. Take it down a few notches lady.

  6. Joshua Ferguson, Anonymous raises a very simple question and up to now you have completely dodged it. Why? You brought forth a problem with the quality of the construction and safety of the Hillcrest Stairs. Yet since then the Fullerton City Council including Mayor Whitaker and Council member Sebourn (two council members that Tony Bushala and/or one of his PAC’s have supported politically and financially) have not taken one tiny step forward to hold either the outside contractors or the city inspectors accountable. Why? Your silence since that May 16th city council meeting makes absolutely no sense and I am sure it puzzles many Fullertonians. You bring it forward once and then you drop the subject completely at subsequent council meetings. Could it be that your support for Sebourn and Whitaker has convinced you to remain silent going forward? Is protecting their total lack of follow through more important than holding those inside and outside city hall responsible for all the apparent construction and design defects. Again what is your explanation for your total lack of follow through on this problem at any city council meetings after your remarks at the May 16 meeting?

    Second question that your readers deserve an answer to is why the FFFF a Fullerton local political blog waits until right after the 2016 election (with three seats to be chosen for the council) to come back online? That also makes no sense to me unless the purpose of this blog is not to help reform Fullerton but rather to help Tony Bushala with his development agenda for his many downtown Fullerton properties.

    1. If I were Bushala I would sue your useless and ungrateful ass for serial defamation. Unfortunately you don’t have anything except a big fat mouth which is of use to no one except, apparently, your fellow paranoid nut case Joe Embryo.

    2. Please list the addresses of Tony’s “many” downtown properties. Then go yell at yourself in the mirror.

        1. BarryJoe, do you have any idea how many rads you are being bombarded with just being near a computer? Also, NSA. Run Joe, run!

        2. Because everyone loves having their motives and integrity questioned by an ignorant, loud-mouthed blow hard. Got it.

    3. Why do you comment under fake names, Barry?

      This is probably the 20th time you’ve been asked. Quit dodging and own up.

    4. Ruh Roh. I haven’t done enough for Barry. I haven’t “Demanded” something from people over whom I have zero control.

      Egads! Gadzooks! Why have I forsaken my sacred duty of doing Barry’s bidding? Being locked in this van probably complicated things.

      I’d ask forgiveness from mighty Barry, Conquering Auditor of All Fullerton Evils, but that would be a half-measure if I wasn’t able to force him to accept. Alas, I shall sit in this van and await freedom for the next time Tony needs my help building another 9-Story Hi-Density Apartment Complex during Fitzgerald’s next campaign.

  7. I guess Barry hit a nerve.. Is that all you got is cursing name calling and childish temper tantrums?

    1. Have.

      Is that all you have. That’s what you meant.

      If you’re going to call people childish, write like an adult while doing it.

      In any case, you’re an idiot. No one likes you. You’re also short.

    2. He hit a really, really big one. No one’s using their real name except for Barry and Joshua in this playground fight using filthy language. You guys obviously have a problem with truth just listen to yourselves . Joshua is using his real name but will not answer any of the questions that he’s been asked. Wow.

      1. You never answer questions. Why should anyone answer yours?

        Here’s some real simple truth for you: This entire post was a giant softball for you to launch one of your inane tirades at Fitzgerald. What did you do? You pissed it away and attacked someone delivering a lucid critique of bad government.

        Why? Because like any other nutjob, being recognized as the true and rightful savior is more important to you than staying on message. No fucking wonder we can’t get anything done. Instead of spending time and energy on the kleptocrats and their sycophants, we get to respond to ignorant comments and literally watch you have a conversation with yourself from multiple IP addresses.

        No one likes you and you ruin everything. Keep doing exactly what you’re doing and watch Fitz ‘n Friends lump all legitimate criticism into your special brand of crazy town. Enjoy your fiddle.

        1. Here’s what I think: the nutsy-cuckoo Barry and Joe Show is a ruse created by Fitzy & Friends to dilute real criticism from intelligent, non-insane people with crazy theories and Flat Earth wachiness. God it’s brilliant. Imbriano and Levinson are really part of the Pringle Machine, probably on the payro$$.

          1. Bushala and Travis gave Fitzgerald a pass not just for one election cycle but for two. We all know Bushala is in real tight with Nelson, his former next-door neighbor. Not only did Barry hit the nerve but you are also getting very desperate with your fanciful comments.

            1. Joe Imbriano did nothing to stop Jennifer Fitzgerald from getting elected twice. To this day, he protects Fitzgerald by attacking those who criticize her.

              1. Yes. He must be a secret operative paid to make all legitimate criticism appear wacky. I wonder how much Pringle pays Joe and Barry.

            2. “We all know”

              “We”? You and the mouse in your pocket? You also know the earth is flat and is surrounded by a 300ft wall of ice.

              Cuckoo, cuckoo.

                1. Five years old. Doesn’t cut much ice does it? A lot has happened since 2012.

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