Newman Recall Effort Reaches 85,000 Signatures

The effort to recall California State Senator Josh Newman, our local representative here in CA’s 29th District, has reached massive numbers in what is likely record time. The recall effort was initiated after Newman threw his fiscally responsible campaign rhetoric into the circular file and opted to vote with his caucus to raise taxes on the working poor. He knew full well that the voters would never approve such a scheme were it put to a vote but little did he know that voters would retaliate by seeking to remove him from office.

With nearly 85,000 signatures, well above the 63,000 required, having been submitted for the recall it look as if Josh Newman will be facing another vote much sooner than he anticipated.

The Tax Bear Cometh

We’re still waiting on word for how SB96, the budget trailer bill that cynically tries to change the recall laws mid-stream, will play into this whole scenario but expects lawsuits to be filed and candidates to come out of the wood-work to claim credit for something they likely had zero to do with thus far into the process. As things move forward we’ll keep you updated because this is sure to stay interesting.

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        1. He booted a carpetbagging Irvine Democrat who would have also voted for the car tax. Maybe Newman is actually your fault. After all, you did nothing to stop him.

          1. I certainly didn’t plaster signs all over town greasing the skids for Newman to end up on the ballot and get elected but Bushala did. Why did he do that?

            1. …latest and greatest post from the Fullerton Informer about how Josh Newman was politically supported by Fullerton Taxpayers for Reform…

                1. People that are honest never have to worry about losing their

                2. All you can do is mock? How about dealing with facts for a change. So why did Jack Dean and Tony Bushala make it easier for Newman to get elected by running a smear campaign against his DEMOCRATIC opponent? How many of Newman’s signs were made by COGS SOUTH with Tony’s money until the Democratic party found out he wasn’t using a Union shop?

                3. Silence is golden when you can’t think of a good answer.
                  Muhammad Ali

                4. ” running a smear campaign against his DEMOCRATIC opponent?”

                  Smear campaign? Sukhee Kang was a serial liar and an Irvine carpetbagger. Tony was doing a public service, little flower.

                  It’s not his fault the republicans couldn’t get a better candidate.

                5. None of you are making any sense. What was the reason Tony injected himself in that campaign? There were many races last November. How many of Newman’s signs were made by COGS SOUTH with Tony’s money until the Democratic party found out he wasn’t using a Union shop?

                6. “What was the reason Tony injected himself in that campaign? There were many races last November.”

                  Maybe the same reason as Ackerwoman, or Assclown Sidhu, or JoeKer…
                  Please try to keep up.

                7. How many of Newman’s signs were made by COGS SOUTH with Tony’s money until the Democratic party found out he wasn’t using a Union shop?

                1. I don’t pay attention to the crazy dude in front of the 7-eleven, and that also goes for the nut Imbriano and his pal Levinson. The nutsy-cuckoo Mutt and Jeff of Fullerton. From now on please leave their trash in their own landfill.

                2. “In order for propaganda to work,dissent must be mocked.”

                  Confusing the febrile ravings of two disturbed paranoiacs with dissent? Yeah, that’s a great strategy. You go with that. Your smart hiding your identity.

                3. We all know “Fullerton Lover” is a loser named Mark Powell. A lot of those recall people were nuts, too who ended up turning on each other. It’s in the paranoid’s genes.

                4. Dissent is defined as one who differs with another’s opinion.

                  Making fun of those that disagree with you is a sign of insecurity.

                  And we all know that Insecure people become a bully in order to feel worthy. By devaluing the target the bully feels superior and so maintains his self worth and protects his ego. Insecurity is another big reason for bullying. Because bullies feel insecure they try to create an illusion of being in control by bullying a weak victim.

                5. Opinions can be uninformed, and crazy conspiracy notions don’t rise to the level of an opinion. Any nutcase can make up facts or ignore facts to fit his preconceived notion. And that preconceived notion is always some sort of cover to hide his own shortcomings or explain his own failures.

                  The loony bin is full of “dissenters.”

            2. Why didn’t you plaster signs all over town warning us about Newman. Why didn’t you do that?

        2. Just like Governor Brown could be soon benefitting from Donald Trump becoming President who may support a bullet train being built in California (politics sometimes makes really strange bedfellows), maybe Josh’s election would secure political support for high speed rail projects, which is planning to go through downtown Fullerton.

          1. Five years old? That’s pretty good for Joe Embryo. Educated people have known the world wasn’t flat for about 2500 years.

          2. Considered scary by a libtard like Dick Chimalewski is an honor. Too bad Levinson will never make the list. But then again people who are really working for Pringle never seem to be on his list either.

            1. You know, I am really starting to think could be true. Why not? What better way to have your own operative propped up than by having her “attacked” by a couple of obvious loons.

  1. Republican effort to recall the popularly elected Democrat.

    No wrongdoing other than the recall petition itself.

    1. Wait a minute . . . 85,000 people are stupid, evil, or both?!


      Buckle up buttercup. The recall is happening.

    2. California citizens exercising their constitutional right to get rid of any politician they feel did something really stupid.

  2. Josh Newman had a remarkable ability to use lots and lots of words during the campaign without really saying anything of substance. If we knew he’d go for a regressive tax as his first big vote we NEVER would have voted for him. We feel ripped off bigtime

  3. All I want for Fullerton is a court-issued injunction against the SB96 grinch that Newman brought to life so he could steal the people’s right to a timely recall. There’s only one fat man in a suit that anyone still wants to see later this year, and it’s not the bad news bear with his bag full of bull.

      1. Michelle it’s been a half a billion dollars of his money to make sure Jennifer Fitzgerald and Bruce Whitaker and Craig Seaborn and Travis kyger got elected and look what happened to Fullerton

          1. Cuckoo is believing this jalopy flew through space supposedly for hundreds of thousands of miles to the moon and back.

            1. Cuckoo is believing this jalopy flew through space supposedly for hundreds of thousands of miles to the moon and back and landed with no blast crater under the fake thrusters.

                1. Okay, I’m going to level with you. I don’t run NASA. But I do whisper in Joe imbriano’s noggin from time to time. it’s not very hard to get him to come up with all his bullshit, but it’s still fun to watch it come out. See, the secret is to get him to sound sane for about 15 or twenty seconds before all the nuttiness pours out.

                  God, I love my job.

  4. 85,000 were lied to and deceived into believing what they wished were true but, in fact, is not.
    Sounds very familiar can you say Trump ?

    1. Prediction – less than 200 of the 85,000 petition signers will revoke their own signatures when given the chance.

    2. The 85,000+ voters Josh Newman fooled last year with his trumped-up talk about putting people before politics finally know the truth about him, moreover they know exactly what they want and their now fully informed votes will recall him to make way for a true representative. Lower the deafening volume on that comical if not condescending wish to mind read the masses so you can hear the altogether literate, learned electorate as they unequivocally say good riddance to a back-stabbing bear.

      1. Fantastic point. If we knew he was just another tax and spend Democrat we would NEVER have voted for Newman. Now the Dems are all jacked up over ‘fraud?” That’s a laugh.

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