Larry Bennett Owes You A Month’s Worth of Water

The sad slouch became a permanent thing...

Several months ago Anti-recall lackey Larry Bennett challenged you to find the illegal tax on water on your monthly bill. It was pretty disingenuous even for a slimmer like Larry. FFFF pointed out that the illegal tax wasn’t listed on the bill, which of course is one of the reasons it is illegal!

On Tuesday night good ol’ Larry all but admitted that there was indeed a 10% tax on your water. Of course he tried to diffuse the ugly truth by saying that 1) he likes paying the tax (could be true – he’s a damned fool); and, 2) the tax helps keep his grass green and his flowers happy because he’s a water hog (the first part is a falsehood; the second, yes, I believe he likes to waste water). Naturally, he was just parroting the nonsense of his hero Doc HeeHaw who also claimed some part of the 10% went to water delivery – an outright lie.

Anyway, I think that if he had a shred of honor, Bennett would now make good on his promise to pay your monthly water bill. But if you want to ask him you’d better hurry up. Larry will only pay the first person to e-mail him!

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  1. I think it would be great to overload his email box with requests and screen shots of water bills. With a little footnote, course.

      1. “Things that make you want to burn your retinas”

        My eyes spontaneously combusted all by themselves.

        You know, he could have worn a light spring jacket, or something.

    1. Hey, it’s my birthday week too — today as a matter of fact! I’m 34…. again.. 🙂 Happy Birthday to you Neighbor!

      1. Happy Birthday to you too DQ. My Bday was on the 17th. I got to go to a council meeting for my Birthday!

  2. Mr. Bennett’s water soaked flowers are men of very good character. If they weren’t I wouldn’t allow my face to be pushed into them.

  3. I think he would conveniently say one of his boys on the council was the first to email him. Wait a minute, I voted for it as well, why can’t he pay my water bill? I can do things for him the others can’t………….After all, I am the Mayor.


    Below is a Fullerton residential water bill (click on it for a larger version). If you can find Bushala’s “illegal tax” we will pay your residential water bill this month. Email me at — the first email wins,” concluded Bennett.

    1. That statement was about as pompous as your comments in the video posted.
      Congratulations on your consistency.

  5. Did Larry really say I respect Howard Jarvis and follow that with I want to over pay for my water? That guy is a douche

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