Carpetbaggers of a Feather Flock Together

I just got wind that preteenage girl-silly Anaheim carpetbaggtress, scammer, and dubious charity operator, Lorri Galloway, has endorsed carpetbagging union executive and Coto de Caza resident, Joe Kerr for County Supervisor for our 4th District. That’s pretty funny – first that anybody would value this endorsement of this ethically challenged nincompoop, and  second because Galloway set a record in 2010 for fake addresses – three of them – in her own comical run for the same job. A lot of comedy came out of that scampaign, but not a dime’s worth of substance.

I wonder how many of these people are going to sue me…

Here’s a snippet from some sort of press release:

Brea, CA – Former Anaheim City Councilmember Lorri Galloway announced her endorsement of Joe Kerr’s campaign for Orange County Supervisor today. Galloway joins a growing list of local leaders rallying around Kerr, which already includes Congressman Lou Correa and State Assemblymember Tom Daly.

“Joe Kerr is an effective problem solver who will bring new energy and new ideas to county government,” said Galloway. “Joe’s experiences, as both a fire captain and an advocate for first responders, will serve him well on the board. I am excited to announce my endorsement of his campaign.”

Lorri Galloway served on the Anaheim City Council between 2004 and 2012. She is the founder and Executive Director of The Eli Home, which provides shelter for abused children and their mothers.

I always love those fake, canned endorsements, written by campaign consultants for endorsers who are too lazy or illiterate to scribble their own. Lorri would have us believe that Coto Joe, a public employee union president is going to bring “new ideas” to county government. Really? Like what? Fire Heroes retiring at 40 with 100% of their pay?

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  1. I don’t know how he can call himself a “problem solver” when Coto Joe and his ilk have caused massive fiscal problems all over the state with their ridiculous pensions. Why don’t you solve that problem, Joe?

    1. State and county continues to dip into the fire dept. funds and have created this problem. They use the money or funds other projects “Just a GUY”. Joe Kerr can solve this problem if given the chance. I’m sorry you wish you could live in south county. Its a beautiful place to live.

      1. What? No they don’t. Who fed you this lie?

        Pensions are underfunded because it’s a massive obligation to fund, not because money is being diverted.

        There is no money to divert. They’ve already stolen all of it.

      2. Joker has a much bigger problem to solve. How is he going to convince voters in the fourth district that he’s a resident in the 4th, when he’s not?

  2. You know, now that I’ve been dead another seven years that Bella is starting to look pretty darn good. Of course seven years is equal to forty-nine of ours.

  3. “Advocate for first responders.”

    That means public employee union boss. And just who does Lorri think is responsible the California’s pension debt crisis?

  4. The biggest empty suit in OC. And that’s really saying something. But like jennifer FitzSpark she has God on her side. She thinks.

    1. So….is God a pro-union hack supporting a con artist, or a crony capitalist hack supporting a con artist?

      Theological debate?

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