The Pitfalls of Carpetbaggery

The Register’s Jennifer Muir reported on 4th District Supe fundraising yesterday and pretty quickly got onto the topic of a salient campaign expense in Lorri Galloway’s forms: $850 to Taormina Properties – the guy who was supposedly providing the 3rd Distict resident Galloway with a plausible 4th District address. This item has already caused speculation […]

Just Let it Alone, Will Ya?

As Christian noted here, tonight the Fullerton City Council will address the issue of how somebody gets to be mayor. It’s Item #7. Ho-hum. Seems some Fullertonians just can’t seem to bend their collective mind around the fact that Pam Keller got passed over for mayor. Boohoo. The topic of mayoral “rotation” has been kicked […]

Scott Baugh is Coming To Town

At the Orange Juice blog Art Pedroza is passing along a missive from OC GOP Chairman Scott Baugh, here. Seems Baugh has chosen downtown Fullerton’s Slidebar Cafe as the site of some sort of “Citizen Power Rally” to promote the Paycheck Protection Initiative that also dovetails with his newly-developed manifesto to punish Republicans that take […]

They’re Baaaack!

Yup. Those bad boys in the white van were spotted in the  Linbrook Bowl Lanes parking lot yesterday. The mescaline and the revolving bowling pin may have provoked some transcendental moments, but apparently the fellas got down to work because they forwarded an audio file. There is a lot of interference on it that sounds like the crashing […]

Giasone Strikes Again: The Pickle Lady Goes to Hawaii!

Demonstrating an irresistable consistancy publishing the commonplace and the inane, Fullerton News Tribune ace reporter Barbara Giasone may have even topped herself this ante meridiem. Check out this compelling news story about the Pickle Lady.  It seems a local woman won a trip to Hawaii via the kindly offices of the dim-witted “Wheel of Fortune” show […]

The OCCCO Scam

Earlier today a Friend tipped us off to this self-serving video produced by OCCCO (Orange County Congregation Community Organization) touting its alleged accomplishments. The whole thing is really embarrassing. Trying to take credit for Anaheim’s “$100,000,000” housing policy is just laughable. But when this group of group of lefty do-gooders bragged about their successful petition to the Fullerton […]

A Good Article, By George!

Although George Will can be stuffy and, well, fat-headed on occasion, there is nothing off the mark about his opinion piece in the Washington Post the other day about the Atlantic Yards eminent domain scandal occurring in Brooklyn, New York. Read it here. Sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it? Trumped up findings of blight that justify […]

Pam Keller: Funneling Grant Money Into Liberal Activism for Fun and Profit

We’ve burned quite a few pixels explaining how Pam Keller’s is using her non-profit, The Fullerton Collaborative,  as a vehicle to peddle influence, fund political activists, and profit Keller herself through excessively convoluted financial relationships. But some of our loyal Friends still don’t get it. That’s admittedly understandable, since the entire contraption is remarkably complicated. But to […]