A Good Article, By George!

Although George Will can be stuffy and, well, fat-headed on occasion, there is nothing off the mark about his opinion piece in the Washington Post the other day about the Atlantic Yards eminent domain scandal occurring in Brooklyn, New York. Read it here. Sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it? Trumped up findings of blight that justify […]

Pam Keller: Funneling Grant Money Into Liberal Activism for Fun and Profit

We’ve burned quite a few pixels explaining how Pam Keller’s is using her non-profit, The Fullerton Collaborative,  as a vehicle to peddle influence, fund political activists, and profit Keller herself through excessively convoluted financial relationships. But some of our loyal Friends still don’t get it. That’s admittedly understandable, since the entire contraption is remarkably complicated. But to […]