The Yellowing Submarine Sinks Deeper

Dive! Dive!

You have to wonder about the integrity of an avowedly left-wing media effort that is so desperate to prop up and defend local government that it will…well, read on.

The Fullerton Observer and its obtuse editor, Sharon Kennedy, have now resorted to republishing pieces written by the pro-cop union¬†shill “Behind the Badge.” The taxpayers pick up the tab for that lame propaganda.

It’s true.

In it’s latest journalistic effort, we see on page 12 a “story” scribbled by the utterly servile Lou Ponsi. There is no explanation as to where this tidbit comes from. Is Ponsi now an “Observer?” But a simple hunch led me to Ponsi’s new source of income. Sure enough. Kennedy has just passed along a reprint from “Back the Badge.”

The sole purpose of Behind the Badge is to make Fullerton’s cop apparatus look good, no matter what, by running feel-good stories. And Sharon Kennedy’s mission is making Fullerton’s government look good, no matter what. I guess it makes sense in a perverted kind of way.

At least we don’t have to pay for the Fullerton Observer.

18 Replies to “The Yellowing Submarine Sinks Deeper”

  1. On page 3 Kennedy acts like a veritable spokesman for the Public Works Department telling an irate citizen that everything is under control as far as Fullerton’s roads are concerned. No need for criticism here!

    1. Since she probably doesn’t own a car she likely hasn’t got a clue how shitty the roads really are. And even if she did she would never say a bad word about how the city is (mis)managed.

    2. …When I read the article it sounded more like Sharon Kennedy was being her usual apologist for Fullerton’s dysfunctional self, and was telling the guy that wrote in to say WTF going on with the state of the streets, to write the article himself?

      If anyone has any doubt about her allegiance to the public employee’s unions in Fullerton, need look no further than the people that staff the Fullerton Selfserver…Because they’re the same ones that comprise the Neighbors United For Fullerton, and they’re all retired public employees laboring to dupe the Fullerton residents so they can keep robbing them blind.

  2. If Back the Badge gives its stories to the Observer for free, then why are the taxpayers paying for them? The market value is zero.

  3. Yet another reason for the City Council to take away the FPD’s funding for Behind the Badge. About $60k wasted every year.

  4. I can’t believe the council lets the city run its own high-priced propaganda outlet. That is a disgusting abuse of the public’s trust.

  5. Jane Rands is a good and honest person. I don’t know why she associates herself with the serial obstructionist Sharon Kennedy and her woeful Observer.

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