Ron Thomas Comes A Callin’

We here at FFFF always value feedback and welcome any comments you may have to help improve our humble blog. Here’s an example from a dissatisfied reader, a phone call:

It seems Mr. Thomas was unhappy with my post this morning, reminding Friends that:

  1. Thomas had gotten a $4.9 million payout in 2015 courtesy of the people of Fullerton, and;
  2. That in 2011 he told the media that he would be donating proceeds from a lawsuit or settlement to “homeless programs.”

Although Mr. Thomas thinks he has been “slandered” I am hard pressed to see any slander in that post, especially since the title of the post takes the man at his word – which is apt given his public persona as a truth-talkin,’ straight shootin’ son-of-gun.

Mr. Thomas says the post is full of inaccuracies, but the only specific he gives is the rather laughable notion that the payout was “handled through insurance,” not the taxpayers, a distinction without any difference as far as he ought to be concerned.

Anyway, Mr. Thomas says we have no idea what he’s done with the money – which I guess must true, since he seems to take issue with the idea that we possibly and reasonably expected him to keep his word. I guess we’ll have to start figuring it out where it has been going.


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  1. You’d think the guy would just keep quiet at this point – except he seems addicted to all the attention he got as a public figure.

    1. Keith, the IRS frowns on fake charities as does a District Attorney (well, an honest one, anyway). Are you saying this organization isn’t even registered with anybody?

  2. KTMF.ORG ….. IS THE KELLY THOMAS MEMORIAL FOUNDATION …AND WAS SHUT DOWN A LONG TIME AGO …. NOW THEY ARE USING A GOFUNDME PAGE TO SOLICIT DONATIONS … WOW … Google ” kellys corner ” and many other variations of money making ventures … the continual use of Kelly Thomas to make money by people who never knew him but are connected to the Thomas family is on going … sure some of the money has to go to buying dollar store items but will never match dollar received to dollar spent.. there is personal gain involved

  3. As far as I am concerned, Ron Thomas can do no wrong. Accepting the settlement was the only way to get even an inferred acknowledgement from the City of Fullerton for the murder of his son under the color of authority. If he benefits somewhat or uses some it for causes and costs, so be it. That was never and is not now his goal. Kelly’s mother accepted $1 million in hush money from the Fullerton City Council before it went to the Orange County Grand Jury – and what a travesty that was. The “special investigation” of the FPD generally and Kelly Thomas specifically failed to produce the truth as did the Grand Jury trial. The fix was in from the beginning.
    I have been part of Kelly’s Army since the bludgeoning death of his son Kelly in 2011. Since then, his father has only done good being an activist for other homeless/mentally ill in Fullerton and elsewhere.
    I suggest that before any of you make critical comments about Ron Thomas, you see your son’s lifeless, beaten beyond recognition body knowing the FPD did it with their bare hands with malice (caught on tape) and then judge his father. I won’t even ordinarily even discuss this with anyone who has not watched the tape of the beating. Kelly never was charged with anything and attempted to comply with the officers.
    Shame of all of you for your petty comments when you have not walked in this man’s shoes, or lost your child due to the heinous actions of FPD officers who killed a homeless mentally man who was unarmed and were never brought to justice.

    1. Amy, what do you think about your hero SELLING the picture to a blog for $1200 bucks? Can do no wrong? Wow. You’ve invested a lot of emotion capital in this empty shaft haven’t you?

      1. Oh Ron- My emotional investment is to my own sense of right and wrong in the city where I live in that never acknowledged any wrongdoing on their part after members of its police department beat am unarmed mentally ill homeless man to death in the streets. The fact that Ron Thomas handled it as well as he did prevented would have otherwise been a riot. And yes I’m saying that if he sold a photo for $1200 he had his reasons. No one is a saint, but again, walk a mile in his shoes with the pressures of the time, legal expenses, etc. and then you will have some credibility with me. I was there and for the long tortured evenings at city council and lived through a large portion of it including a peaceful protest after the Grand Jury charade.
        Nothing can make this right, but it has always had been about justice, i.e. the City of Fullerton acknowledging what happened under their watch and taking some steps to correct deficiencies in their own ranks. Had it not been for Ron’s calm but strong voice throughout all this, there are many that were on the verge of entirely losing their cool. If he could take what it, we could do no less.
        And yet, you’re ready to defame Kelly’s father for selling a photo for $1200 not knowing him or the facts surrounding this entire tragedy and circumstances at that time. I on the other hand will never accept outright murder by members of the Fullerton Police and then turn around and start sniping at the victim’s father.
        If there’s any empty shaft here, it is you. Where is your sense of outrage that this occurred and how can you possibly compare Kelly’s murder with the sale of a photo? I’m done here and most likely with Friends for Fullerton’s Future.
        And for the record, I never gave one penny to any gofundme or anything else for Kelly. It was and always will be a quest for justice.

        1. It’s funny how Ron and his die-hard acolytes say he’s been “defamed” as if reporting facts constituted defamation. Ron sold the picture because he needed $1200 bucks – rent, bills, food? That must be obvious.

          Ron didn’t prevent a riot. He rode the protest horse until he didn’t need it any more – another obvious conclusion.

          You ask how I can compare Kelly’s murder to the sale of a photograph. That’s a load of BS. YOU are the one making that comparison (for emotional, not logical reasons), not me. The two facts have nothing to do with each other.

          “I on the other hand will never accept outright murder by members of the Fullerton Police and then turn around and start sniping at the victim’s father.”

          I can do both when the “victim’s father” lied to the public to gain leverage in a huge settlement that my fellow citizens are responsible for.

    2. “I suggest that before any of you make critical comments about Ron Thomas, you see your son’s lifeless, beaten beyond recognition body knowing the FPD did it with their bare hands with malice (caught on tape) and then judge his father.”

      It wasn’t beyond recognition. Ron recognized $1200.

      So why is it unfair to judge him by what he actually promised. If he has given all the proceeds to the homeless I’ll be the first to thank him for it and apologize for any doubts I ever had.

    3. Amy you are one of the many that were pulled into the cause because of Kelly and yes Ron talks a good talk; he’s not a businessman, he’s a salesman, selling himself for all he can get.
      It’s been over 5 years now, open your eyes, wake up, whatever you have to do and see that you, and your not the only one, realistically can’t believe a father could become such a media whore and RIP off so many people in his sons name…
      RIP Kelly!


  4. The author clearly doesn’t understand the concept of liability insurance. If the settlement was paid from the city’s liability insurance policy, then the bulk of the money did not come from the taxpayers – it came from the insurance company. Of course the taxpayers paid the liability insurance policy’s premiums, but those likely were a small fraction of the amount paid out. The taxpayers also may be on the hook for somewhat higher liability insurance premiums in the future, since insurance companies often raise their premiums after a large payout.

    I don’t want to get into the merits of Mr. Thomas’s actions. It is up to him to determine how he will use the proceeds of the settlement to assist the homeless. If you disagree with how he is doing that, please don’t hide behind a cloak of anonymity. it is unseemly.

    1. The author (me) understands the concept of liability insurance just as well as you do. The taxpayers pay the premiums and we pay for the increased premiums when the cops get out of control. No taxpayer, no big settlement check. Get it?

      I would also add that I believe the City is self-insured up to a certain amount – a fact that never came out and should be investigated.

      Of course it is up to Mr. Thomas to determine how he will use the proceeds of the settlement to assist the homeless, if he is going to do that at all. The post (if you read it) reminded readers that in 2011 Mr. Thomas informed the media that all of the proceeds were going to “homeless projects.” Would it matter to you if that didn’t turn out to be true?

    2. Of course. Insuring the city is assessed as a higher risk by the insurance carriers. No way to get around the fact that taxpayers are the ones affected by it.
      Similarly, when a city defaults on its creditors and ends up filing bk, is not the taxpayer going bankrupt. Yet, the taxpayer will be paying for the higher interest on the city’s new debt. I personally do not see any problem saying “the taxpayers are the ones paying for it”.

      1. Well aren’t you the bright one you figured out that s*** flows downhill what a tragedy to hear today that the federal government did not find any civil rights violations for the three officers who beat and announced to Kelly Thomas that they were going to beat him and they proceeded to beat him to death. Those pigs are amongst the pigs that should Be Slaughtered.

    3. “I don’t want to get into the merits of Mr. Thomas’s actions. ”

      Good idea. You’d have trouble finding any merit at all.

    4. “Clearly” Doctor Shapiro is unaware that Fullerton taxpayers have subsidized higher city of Fullerton insurance premiums for nearly a decade, years before the settlement paid to Ron Thomas. Fullerton’s liability insurance jacked up by Fullerton Police Officer Ramos molesting female detainees in his squad car, orher Fullerton police officers being caught: perjury that resulted in a man being sent to prison, excessive force that broke bones of detainees, the victims of FPD awarded settlements by the court to be paid by the city of Fullerton. Now toss in the multi-million dollar settlement paid to the parents of Kelly Thomas and I am sure city of Fullerton pays very high premiums on its liability insurance that has alays been subsidized by the good peoplemof Fullerton.

    5. Dr.,
      Taxpayers paid several million. Kelly’s mom got$1 mill paid by taxpayers. Ron got at least $2 mill paid by taxpayers. Separate claims. Then the insurance kicked in and paid the balance. But let’s not forget that taxpayers are on the hook for $7 mill in bonds sold to cover FPD shenanigans as well as Verona slope.

    6. What you seem to be missing “your late again to the tea party Doctor Shapiro”, is Ron Thomas also promised those who sought changes for the positive, that there was absolutely no way that he would EVER settle this out of court, as he knew full well that if he did, EVERY step of progress in exposing the deep rooted corruption and cronyism that continues to fester in Fullerton, would be squandered, as out of court settlements specifically require that all parties seal that valuable information for eternity, so that the chance for the public to ever learn and benefit from mistakes which were made, was squandered.

      Not too bright for a Doctor are you?

      1. Agree with Fullerton Lover.
        I will answer the last question
        “Not too bright for a Doctor are you?”
        Judge the quality of what is said over who says it.

    7. If Fullerton is “self-insured” then that is taxpayer money. I believe Fullerton is at least partially self-insured (or was).

  5. It’s a known fact that Saint Ron tried to get people to testify that they saw him and Kelly together all the time.

    The City actually had a very good case but chose to settle because of all the little cockroaches that would have coming scurrying out of the woodwork during a trial. Some big cockroaches, too.

    1. I believe you. The BS spouted by that so-called city attorney was pretty telling. Let’s move on – nothing more to see here. Peace of mind for everybody.

  6. “Anyway, Mr. Thomas says we have no idea what he’s done with the money – which I guess must true.” Why are you posting what your guessing must be true, I wish you would find some good in Fullerton for the future, instead of keep looking for a sensational story for you blog. Most of this material is old stuff.

  7. ” We welcome any comments you may have to help improve our humble blog. Here’s an example from a dissatisfied reader, a phone call” you mean a phone message… a phone call you never returned. Now you are asking us for comments to improve your humble blog ….

    1. Why would anyone return that phone call? Ron is calling him a liar for reposting an old news report. It’s strange.

  8. This shoes this skitsophrenic man are wearing were bought by Ron Thomas (he probably does not know this) not the police organization sitting behind him in the floresent shirts called Coast to Coast . By the way they received a donation from him that was first channeled to them through a church organization.


      1. Let me guess, that buffoon Lou Phonzi’s getting paid by BEHIND THE BADGE to write the fluff stories about the homeless that Coast to Coast & FPD helped “get off the streets”. Now we learn it’s a hoax? And who’s paying BTB?

        1. We should start a anti coast to coast Facebook page and use side by side pictures coast to coast says “HOMELESS NO MORE” .. we say “HOMELESS AGAIN”

  9. Its not the amount of money that’s important, but rather how money is used and the people that use it as a resource. Would it be frugal to give away large sums without understanding how and if the money will be used properly. Who’s place is it to judge how and when money is used. You can’t base a whole story on the words of a reporter you have not verified.

    1. He told us he is a very good businessman . We are waiting to make good his word and donate the $4 million to the homeless cause. He has had time to figure out the best way to do it.

    2. “Its not the amount of money that’s important, but rather how money is used…”

      All means all. What’s so hard about that?

    3. Now I am shocked because Ron is not a miser. How can he shift from promising $4M to donate just a pair of shoes?

  10. I sense Ron Thomas has gone to the dark side of Fullerton which explains why FFFF has turned on him. As for Thomas selling the photo of his son dying in a hospital bed to FFFF, the details are lacking in this story. The slander accusation coming from Thomas, he needs to prove damages to himself. If he promised to give his millions to the homeless and then didnt do this, how has FFFF harmed his job, business by making this fact public knowledge?

  11. another slant on this story, who are the people who currently administer homeless programs? Maybe Ron Thomas is uncomfortable giving millions of dollars to these people because they have proven themselves to be unethical,and ineffectual. Sugestion to FFFF is profile the people who are authorized to help,the homeless in Orange County. My gut feeling says it will turn up some motley, officious individuals.

    1. This is off the top of my head. I remember Ron was CEO of his own charitable foundation. Just correct me if I am wrong. He has the money & knowledge to make all his settlement work for the homeless. Or he could buy a mansion in Beverly Hills too because is his money. History and not me will judge his actions.

  12. I can see the change….. Kinda sad! I was there the night FFF received the photo. This was the only way to get the word out. We did it! People saw it people talked this wonderful city stood up! Protested 8 weeks to get those cops off the street another 5 for charges. We were not stirring around looking for money.. Neither was Ron.
    Get over it.
    This story should be about the 6 cops that got away with murder…..or a goodie about Doc hee haaa.

    1. “I was there the night FFF received the photo.”

      Apparently they “received” it right after they gave Ron $1200. So how can you say Ron wasn’t looking for money?

        1. Again, who the f#$% cares? The picture needed to be published and if they offered him $1200 why should he refuse it? Maybe they persuaded him to take it. Where you there? I wasn’t. And why you hiding behind screen name? Just curious.

          1. If he really sold the picture….How sick you are!! How can you possibly see nothing wrong on selling the picture of his physically abused kid just two weeks after passing away? You are very ill

          2. That’s lame brained. $1200 was what he settled for. Who cares? This guy was a mercenary from Day One.

            If I were you I would adopt a screen name to hide behind.

    2. Lol so you witnessed ffff giving Ron Thomas $1,200 dollars in cash for the picture of Kelly … nice sold out day one

    3. Christine there is nothing spunky about your loud mouth, blow hard ass. You are just a no-life low-life busy body.

    1. I remember that! Dope said he was going to run for mayor even though he didn’t live in Fullerton which has no elected mayor!

      Talk about delusions of grandeur. The little nothing of a man was suddenly in the spotlight.

  13. The funniest thing was that the cop trolls on this site were hip to Ron Thomas’s character from the beginning.

    They recognized a kindred spirit, I guess.

  14. When Fullerton elects apathy to office that’s what we get., thoughtless brutality. This was a case of trickle down politics. The people who killed Kelly were ( the majority) we elected and the appoinments to the seats they occupy. The best justice we can get is to change the future.

  15. “Travis, you have no idea what I’ve done with the money, yet you go on to slander me with this article”, says Ron Thomas. That was dumb to say when The Harpoon penned the article.

    I also heard through the grapevine that Thomas bought a million dollar house in Anaheim Hills and gave a measly $1,000 (out of $4,900,000) to a homeless charity. Wow, what a guy,

  16. Many years later I have had the pleasure of meeting Ron Thomas. He is a humble man just trying to survive. I guess he did what he said he would do because he continues to work. I bet every single person posting BS about Ron would have sued if it would have been one of their children that got beat to death by the police officers! I know I would! I hope those officers are kept awake at night hearing the screams of Kelly as they beat him to death! I hope every time they look at their own children they remember that they took the life of someones son! For those that post negative comments about Ron Thomas stop and think how much you worry about your own sons and daughters! That’s only worry… what Ron went through was reality! The images of his sons beaten body will live forever in his mind and no amount of money will EVER take that away. It doesn’t matter what he did with it… he deserved every bit of it and more! Hopefully he will find peace. I only hope he kept enough to spend away on anything that would make his life tolerable!

    1. Sorry. Ron Thomas was first, last, and always a lying grifter. He sold the picture of his son in the hospital for a lousy thousand bucks.

      He said he’d use the money for the homeless. Instead he bought a house and rec vehicles.

      Ron Thomas is a piece of excrement.

    2. ” only hope he kept enough to spend away on anything that would make his life tolerable!”

      Whadya mean dope? HE KEPT EVERY DIME OF IT.

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