Fitzgerald Supports Seeking OC Sheriff Department Preliminary Analysis For Outsourcing Police Services

The pageant was over…

Of course this was candidate Jennifer Fitzgerald, back in 2012 when she was running for the city council.

FFFF reported on that here.

Here’s the letter Fitzy wrote to then mayor, Sharon Quirk-Silva:

Naturally, once safely in office this support for looking into possible, maybe someday, perhaps switching to the Sheriff Department at huge cost savings to the taxpayers of Fullerton evaporated like the morning dew on a summer day. Since gaining office Fitzgerald, along with Jan Flory and Doug “Bud” Chaffee have been resolute in their goal that no reform of the Fullerton Police Department take place and that no acknowledgement of any Culture of Corruption could possibly exist.

Some cynics suggested this letter was only meant to call off pro-recall forces; other cynics suggested this was the price Fitzgerald had to pay for Supervisor Shawn Nelson’s endorsement. Probably it was both. Either way the commitment was thinner than the paper it was printed on. And Fitzgerald never mentioned it again.

19 Replies to “Fitzgerald Supports Seeking OC Sheriff Department Preliminary Analysis For Outsourcing Police Services”

    1. There are two sides to that equation, let’s not forget the Fullerton Fire Department, they also showered her with cash.

    1. The Cost Savings is Primarily Derived from the Fact that there would be Fewer Multi Million Dollar Payouts to Folks who’ve Been Murdered or Beaten by the Psycho Fullerton Cops – No Study Necessary. Now that She’s In – They’ll All be Licking – Sucking and Masturbating Each Other – Together – Business as Usual.

      1. Well, that’s questionable, Dave. The OCSD is no more reliable than the FPD. However they would be millions cheaper because of economies to scale, and the elimination of a bunch of “command staff’ that let the underlings run wild.

  1. . . . How big was that raise she voted to give the Fullerton Police department?


    What a disgrace.

  2. How funny!

    I remember that phone call. It was a robocall by the skanky Ackerman, the alleged “conservative warrior” from Irvine who was whoring himself out for the cop union.

    Tricky Dick Ackerman, will turn any trick for a dollar.

  3. Yeah that letter was prompted by Nelson who was pushing the OCSD deal hard. That premature issue tanked the whole recall movement but nelson got what he wanted: Fitzgerald was in and Felz was safe. What a putz.

    1. Yep. Nelson needed Felz to run interference on the horrible homeless shelter Nelson was “shoving up our ass” (his words) in East Fullerton.

    1. I’d guess they were fighting too many battles and they didn’t think Fitzgerald could win anyway. Dumb mistake.

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