“Job Killer” Nelson Kills Job: Sidhu’s

Old Hide and Seek Sidhu is getting pretty desperate. His squalid excuse for a campaign started putting up signs proclaiming that 4th District Supervisor Supervisor Shawn Nelson is a “job killer.” Of course they ripped off Bushala’s format, but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, as they say.


Of course nobody is supposed to know that Sidhu can’t name a single job Nelson has ever killed; and that apart from a few chicken flippin’ jobs at his El Pollo Loco in Glen Avon, some campaign prostitutes, and the dude who cleans out his peacock cage, Sidhu has never created any.

No, Harry. Assclown is not a job.

Oops, sorry. Nelson did kill one potential job – Harry Sidhu’s attempt to be a County Supervisor!

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  1. From what I have read the Sheriff Union spent $700k on name ID propaganda for Sidhu in the primary and it didnt help. Sidhu might as well start name calling because propping up his own name seems to be a waste of time.

    By the way, when it comes to killing jobs, what city council purposely forced more businesses to leave their city in the last four years, Anaheim (think Platinum Triangle) or Fullerton? Maybe the only actual job killers on any city council in orange county sit on the one in Anaheim.

    We aren’t proud of our council in Anaheim but they do belong to us.

  2. Maybe the clown thing is not an actual “job” but Sidhu sure dedicates enough time to the cause to make it look like a full time gig.

  3. In Anaheim, we have a really great guy running for City Council named Robert Nelson. You can imagine his horror at seeing these signs pop up today, since Harry does not make it clear WHICH Nelson his venom is aimed at. While I did not need another reason to be pissed at Harry, he has given me one. Assclown is not a job, it is a way of life, it is in the very fiber of Sidhu’s being. Assclown to the bone Harry.

    1. Rabble is that basically the Jeff Spicoli/ Harry Sidhu approach to life?

      “You know, surfing’s no hobby, it’s a way of life. It’s a way of looking at that wave and saying “hey bud, lets party”. (Jeff Spicoli, 1982, Fast Times at Ridgemont High)

      1. Yep. Harry Sidhu keeps looking at higher office saying “Hey bud, let’s party” and then gets slammed into the sand. Poor dumb schmuck needs to learn to pack it up and take the Brookhurst bus home before his unleashed board hurts someone. Not that i lived out FTRH in any way…

  4. what about coyote hills? thats at least a few hundred probably thousands of construction jobs down the crapper.

    1. Or compared to Sidhu’s chasing out dozens of small businesses out of the “Platinum Triangle” to make way for Der Fuhrer’s master plan.

    2. So Compton, are you saying it is OK to build crap developments if they put people to work? Would you really leave your community with a permanent scar for the sake of temporary jobs?

  5. nelson did a lot of things wrong with coyote hills, first he disregarded the rights of property owners and bowed to the pressure of an angry mob (not something i want in an elected official) and whos to say it was a crap development. the reality is when nelson voted against coyote hills development he did kill jobs (which means harry’s signs are technically accurate), i dont think anyone can deny that.

    1. You don’t don’t know what you’re talking about. There is no such thing as a property right for a zone change.

      I categorically deny that there is anything right about Sidhu, technically or otherwise. And there never will be until he admits that he is a perjuring assclown.

      So go back to Sidhu campaign HQ and tell them that you’ve failed again.

    1. No. You can’t kill jobs that don’t exist. How could I kill you brother if you don’t have one. That’s just common sense.

      Sidhu killed real jobs that did exist – in the Platinum Triangle when he and Pringle chased out small businesses so their contributor pals could get rich. It didn’t work out so good but it wasn’t for lack of trying.

      1. What’s the alternative? A lying, hypocrite assclown who rails against pensions but takes a fat one for himself and only after he gets caught he suddenly finds religion? Fat boy Nelson is a scumbag and the epitome of what’s wrong with our political system. And then there’s the douchebags like you that spend your days shining his shoes and kissing his ass.

        1. It appears Nelson does not take a pension from the County but Moorlach does. Moorlach also is a critic of pensions. Nelson could have continued to take the pension and been a critic at the same time but instead he chose to not take one at all and that is what has you worked up?

          I’m critical of pensions but I accept every benefit my employer offers including the pension. Does that make me a liar and hupocrite? If I believe our budget at work would be adversly affected by cola this year am I a hypocrite if I accept the pay bump evryone else is taking? Of course not and you know this is a false argument.

          Transparent and desperate. There is no reasonable person on the planet that is mad Nelson doesn’t take a pension other than maybe his own dependents. You sre mad because you are from Sidhu HQ and your ship is sinking.

          You fail to understand one thing, we have watched the video evidence of Sidhu and Nelson. Sidhu is a bumbling idiot by his own words. Nothing the opposition could have done to make Sidhu look like the imbecile he appears to be. Oh, and we also have seen the hilarious shreadding video where he swore no more negative campaigning.

          Sidhu is an embarassment to Anaheim and a titan in his own mind andthose of a few paid geeks with no other job opportunities.

  6. Joe, just because the Platinum Triangle has not worked out YET does not mean those big contributors will not still make bucks up later. Land banking with properties related to HSR is common, you buy worthless dirt and then sit on it. If HSR goes in the property immediately skyrockets in value. But there is no need to develop it right away in case HSR does not go through. They could not leave the properties as businesses, because then the business owners catch on to what a pile of money their machine shop is sitting on. They had to go in and buy it up for cheap before anyone figured out the land values and development rights related to a HSR system that nobody was openly disclosing to the public back then. Funny how the big contributors knew exactly which properties to snatch up, when the owners themselves had not been notified of HSR.

  7. thats a terrible point joe, he prevented or “killed” hundreds if not thousands of construction jobs alone with that vote.

    1. Compton you know not what you speak. Nelson voted for a horrible project called Jefferson Commons that has been reported on here on this site several times. He calimed a big reason was that during such a down economy at least there would be people working.

      Been by the site lately? No one is working, just like in the Platinum Triangle. Voting on a zone change does not mean anything about jobs. Just ask Sidhu. He can tell you all about the thousands of workers at real jobs he killed around Ahaheim Stadium so we could look at vacant lots with chain link and brag about job creation.

      Nice try but the facts can be dangerous to your logic here.

      1. Oh and yeah: please be to explaining how come Sidhu killed real, actual jobs of people making things in the Platinum Triangle so his and Pringle’s developer pals could try to make a another kind of killing.

        Shame, shame, shame.

        I hope Sidhu isn’t paying you too much for this bullshit. Come to think of it, I hope he is!

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