The Sidhu Crew; The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight

I just changed the title to this piece. Checking out this band of government for sale repuglicans made me do it. Yes, it is an organized mob. Well, disorganized, at least. But look what they’ve got to work with.

– Joe Sipowicz

The other day The OC Register ran this image in a story about the Shawn Nelson/Hairbag Sidhu race. The story was erroneously titled “Nice Guy Finishes Second” or some such BS which as we know is not true. “Perjuring Carpetbagging Assclown Finishes Second” was the original title until the editor felt sorry for Hirsute Sidhu.

Anyhow, the picture above was absolutely priceless. Enjoy the facial expressions of Hairball’s election backers as the bad news flashes across the screen. John Lewis already seems to be scheming on how to shit-dump Sidhu; and Pringle, well Pringle’s thinking about all the personal credit he tied up into this bozo and how he can possibly ever recoup even a small part of that investment. The fellow behind the computer looks like he just had the Shrimp Special at Roland Chi’s place. The two guys on the left obviously wandered into the picture by accident from a Saturday Night Live skit.

But check out the grinning Assclown chowderhead Sidhu – oblivious to the electoral disaster! Good news is only just around the corner! I am #2!

20 Replies to “The Sidhu Crew; The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight”

  1. Calling Sidhu silly names does not win friends, especially when used constantly. If it gives juvenile pleasure, keep doing it but it turns off serious analysts. Do you really think name-calling us effective? After the first time, I do not call Nelson a slimey lawyer who lies (just as liar). I have to admit, I was upset about his sliminess, but realized that was irrelevant.

    Anyway, I voted for Sidhu already, I still prefer a resident-liar over a position-liar whose unbelievable defense is “ignorance” about the pension plans — this from a lawyer who makes his living on understanding contracts. Bad lawyer or lying again?

      1. By definition isn’t Tony a carpetbagger as well because of his living/voting situation? I wonder what’s in it for Tony if his blogger friends get elected? Do they call him Geppetto?

    1. Arnold, were you the pointy-headed guy I saw at the post office today mailing in your crayon daubed ballot.

  2. Joe, whats your job? You frequently attack people for not having a “job” yet you have never explained what you actually do for a living. I know you have problems with straight forward questions, but I think even you can handle this one.

  3. What a freaking buffoon.

    Of well, in 6 days assclown will be nothing but a rancid memory except to the people of Anaheim.

    Too bad for them.

  4. Fred, you have a point about some of the words not being “name calling”, but assclown???

    Dave, no I dont have a pointy head (sorry) and I do not think you saw my crayons there — I leave them at home so they dont get lost! BTW, dont use the red crayons on the ballot, it wont count unless you use black or blue. No, no, I meant you HAVE to use the red crayon on your ballot. Dont forget!

    Well, Joe,I do have a job — I am a research psychologist and am currently preparing clinical trials for transdermal administration of Cannabis, a substance of which you may have some knowledge. Thanks for asking. But as Compton asked, what is your job? Can you share that with us now that I have addressed your suggestion I get a job and told you mine?

    BTW (By-The-Way), I was referring to a book about influencing people (How to Win Friends and Influence People”), not suggesting we be friends; I apologize if you thought I wanted to be your friend. Not that that is a bad thing (ref Seinfeld). I (falsely) assumed that most readers would get the reference.

  5. Arnold….I’m kind of digging you…keep it coming. Nice to see some real thoughtful banter here. Giving them a challenge…loving it!

  6. I’ll take a perjuring, carpetbagging assclown over a lying, hypocrite, ambulance-chasing lawyer any day of the week. Shawnny boy is a bloated wind-bag – a pontificating turd boy who thinks we’re a bunch of idiots and who talks out of both sides of his mouth. His fat hand got caught in the cookie jar and he couldn’t backpeddle fast enough. And when he got caught, his reaction was to threaten people with lawsuits. That’s the classic definition of a first-class douchebag.

    Oh, and Joe’s job is to shill for tea baggers, douchebags and other assorted fringe elements of our community.

  7. The guy next to Harry looking like a mobster on vacation is Thomas “Hoagy” Holguin, candidate for Anaheim City Council, whose ethics are about in league with the rest of that crowd. I have had plenty to say about him over at RC. God help Anaheim if we get stuck with 2 more years of Harry enabling Hoagy. I’ll be moving in next to Travis then…and I think the guy in front of the computer is Chris Emami. (?)

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