Hairball Sidhu MIA On Tax Vote; Oops, Too Late!

I will have one new tax, please!

On Tuesday the Anaheim City Council voted on a new tax increase and a new government bureaucracy. On a vote of 4-0 they approved a new ordinance to create and spend a 13% increase on their city’s transit occupancy tax to create a new “tourism improvement district.”

4-0, you ask? But surely there are five members on the Anaheim City Council, yes? Well, Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu, who aspires to be our 4th District county supervisor, wasn’t there. Where was he? At home in his Anaheim Hills (3rd District) estate?

He skipped out on the meeting, no doubt at the behest of his campaign manipulators John Lewis and Chris Jones who no doubt informed him that voting in favor of a tax during a political campaign would be political suicide. What a dilemma! Voting against a tax would make his puppet master, Anaheim’s mayor-for-hire Curt Pringle look bad; after all much of the new tax revenue is earmarked for the allegedly conservative Pringle’s fabulous ARTIC boondoggle. Better just to duck the whole thing.

But wait a just minute, Hairball fans. According to minutes of the July 27, 2010 Anaheim City Council meeting, Sidhu had already voted with the rest of the council on a formal resolution (2010-125) to create both the tax and the new bureaucracy. Ouch, indeed!

View the resolution

In other words, when he thought nobody was looking, Hide and Seek Sidhu voted for the tax increase; when the campaign spotlight shined a little brighter Sidhu cut and ran. But it was too late: the ever slippery Sidhu had already left his pro-tax, anti-business spoor trail. I can see the hit piece already.

Now let’s see Pringle and his stooges at the hilariously named OC Business Council spin this one for Sidhu.

Clown college tuition finally pays off...

The only question remaining in this election is how deep Sidhu’s assclownery can run. I have the feeling the answer is very.

“Quit Lying, Sidhu!” Says OCTAX

Looks like Hide and Seek Sidhu has been claiming he has the endorsement of the OCTAXPAC. Well, not anymore as the boss of the operation points out. Has Hairball been misleading folks again? Bad boy!

In the meantime it will be very interesting to see if the same people who were bamboozled into supporting the newly minted Democrat-hugging Sidhu will be persuaded by the Pringle types to screw up again.

Harry and The Dems; or #2 Goes To The Zoo

Donkey love...

Now that only the worst repugs still support his torpedoed campaign for 4th District supervisor (a district in which he doesn’t live), Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu seems to have decided that chumming it up with Democrats is his only prayer. Seems he even went so far as to attended the big Democrat Labor Day bash at the Santa Ana Zoo.

While Harry Sidhu was at Zoo, whooping it up for California’s #1 union stooge Jerry Brown, as reported by the Orange Juice blog here, he also happened to run across Pam Keller. Poor Harry selling his soul again just to get elected. Jeeze, this guy would do just about anything to be a political somebody. Will he re-register as a Democrat? Why not?

Well I hate to pop your bubble, Hide and Seek, but people can see right through your transparent BS, fake residences and all. All they can see is Sidhu the assclown.

That cologne is a real chick magnet.

Eeew. Hairball Soils Himself. Again.

If you pull my finger you may get a surprise...

Following the lead of the union lackeys at the completely fraudulent Voice of OC  and the even more pathetic clowns at the Liberal OC, Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu, Man of A Thousand Addresses, lobbed a spitball at his fall opponent, 4th District Supervisor, Shawn Nelson. No doubt egged on by handlers Nick “Bullhorn” Berardino and “I Need A High Speed Rail” Cut Pringle, Sidhu put out a press release today attacking Nelson’s supposed hypocrisy for signing up for a County pension while he also touted signing of some bogus anti-pension pledge of his own concoction.

Of course Hairball never bothered to inform anybody that all full-time government employees have to sign up for a retirement plan in lieu of Social Security, and that the County presented Nelson, like all employees with two options: the 2.7 @ 55 formula or the idiotic 1.62 @ 65 plan, Berardino’s lame project that passes for pension reform, but that just rewards oldtimers.

Oh no, not him again.

Sidhu also failed to inform his poor, afflicted newsletter recipients that he too signed up for the City of Anaheim’s truly option 2.7 @ 55 gig, as reported by Chip Hanlon at the Red County blog.

Bad boy, Harry. Bad, bad boy. Clean up on aisle one.

Looks Like Hairball Wants Some More Abuse

Please, Sir, may I have another?

I’ve got it on pretty good authority that Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu has decided that there is even more political humiliation he can endure. Apparently this perpetual office seeker has filed a ballot statement for the fall run-off against Shawn Nelson for 4th District Supervisor.

Sidhu already got handed a pretty solid 12-point beat down by Nelson in June, but it looks like having a massive ego and a non-existent sense of shame have prevailed over common sense. Hairball’s handlers must be salivating at the prospect of their sugar daddy opening his wallet yet again.

Sidhu’s only hope is to capture the vast majority of Democrat voters in the district who voted for somebody else. Will this mean a hard left and more union support for Hide and Seek? Who knows? They spent over a million bucks to help this assclown last time and it didn’t help at all.

Hide and Seek Sidhu Gone; Not Forgotten

The beautiful Calabria beckons. Over there. Behind the pool hall.

Although we now know that Harry Sidhu never lived at the Calabria Apartments on Lincoln Avenue, that hasn’t altered the fact that some of his would-be neighbors still want a piece of him – on the pool table, that is.

Will arm wrestle you for soggy nachos...

Here is a re-issued billiard challenge to Sidhu on the donpalabraz website. Well, good luck trying to pin down the elusive Sidhu!

Hairball Sidhu Says “Money is No Object.”

I am rich.


OC Register (now OCEA) heart throb Jennifer Muir posted this piece today after having talked to Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu. Sidhu, who still does not live in our district claims “money is no object” in his fight to dethrone last night’s winner Shawn Nelson in a November run-off for the 4th District seat.

Aw, c’mon Harry. Are you really that dumb? You have nothing to pitch. The more money you spend to promote yourself, the more people will see what a clown, er assclown, you are.

You raised not one substantive issue during this last campaign. Not one. The pathetic “jobs, jobs, jobs” bullshit wasn’t swallowed by anybody. Go ahead. Spend a million. Spend two, or three. It won’t help. Like I said earlier today you can’t sell a car that has no wheels and no engine, no matter how slick you are. And Hairball, you ain’t even slick.

By the way Jen, did you bother to ask Hide and Seek Sidhu how the fortune already wasted on his slimy self accomplished so little? Or how this cipher thinks he’s going to beat a sitting supervisor who already kicked his ass by 12%?  Thought not.

Harry at the Library

Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu surfaced last year in this image used in his scampaign for 4th District Supervisor (a district in which he didn’t and doesn’t live).

He seems to be in a kiddie library listening to an unseen story teller. Unfortunately our guess is that the rest of the class learned a lot more about communication than their older classmate Sidhu, whose garbled syntax and undecipherable gobbledygook dropped the jaw of many a campaign event attendee.

Those children are probably still wondering about that big, dumb kid who showed up for story hour.

Ye Gods! Now There’s a Disturbing Image!

Shall we dance, my love?

Once again political whiz kid Billy Turner provides FFFF with fun fodder for our humble blog. Courtesy of a facebook image we are favored with the unsettling image of Orange County’s #1 Repuglican John Lewis being asked to dance by its #1 carpetbagger, Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu.

No, we don’t know who led, but presumably it wasn’t Sidhu, who is widely regarded as nothing but a tool. And oh yes, we see you, too Billy!

Jobs Jobs Jobs!

That was Hide and Seek Sidhu’s campaign mantra. And it seems as if his pals at the OCEA are serious about creating jobs, too. Here is an entry from craigslist a helpful Friend forwarded:

Communications Coordinator

Date: 2010-06-23,  9:07AM

The Orange County Employees Association was established in 1937 and represents many employees of the County of Orange and numerous cities and districts in Orange County.  We are looking for a person with creative and organized thinking, excellent multi-tasking skills, outgoing personality and a desire for a career in a people-oriented field.  This position requires an enthusiastic individual, self-motivated, who strives to get the job done right, exercises good judgment, pays attention to detail, and is always willing to learn something new.  We are located in Santa Ana and would prefer that the successful candidate live within 20 miles of our office.

Job Expectations:

Under limited supervision, provide a wide variety of moderately complex communication services, including but not limited to developing a quarterly magazine, updating website content, writing articles, and administering election campaigns. Required to have an in-depth knowledge of journalism principles and practices and English composition.

•    Must have some journalistic experience and be able to demonstrate the ability to write in a clear, concise, creative and expeditious manner.

•    In a very fast paced environment, have the ability to be well organized, creative, remember complex tasks and follow through daily, weekly, monthly, and annually.

•    Supervise and work closely with Communications Coordinator (Graphic Designer).

•    Serve as Senior Editor of the quarterly magazine; plan and produce each issue from beginning to end, including identifying articles, writing articles, and developing and working with others regarding ideas for magazine layout.  Work closely with printing company and post office.

•    Manage website content. Create content to be posted daily or weekly, ensure that the website is up-to-date. Recommend major changes to website design, direction and content to ensure it accurately represents and communicates information.

•    Must be able to work on multiple assignments simultaneously, use common sense and experience to prioritize work and budget time according to the importance of the project and the time available.  Assignments must often be completed under tight deadlines.

•    Develop and produce presentations, determine focus and format of presentations, research and develop editorial and graphic content, compile necessary materials.

•    Be highly skilled in the use of computers and the internet, with quick working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook.  Website experience highly desired.

•    Establish schedules, strategies and communications methods for providing effective communications and marketing programs that promote OCEA’s goals.

•    Consistently follow through assignments to completion, honor deadlines, be detail-oriented and punctual at all times.  When needed, work afterhours to get the job done without being asked.

•    Be willing to assist others, and commit to placing team and organizational goals ahead of personal ambition.

•    Must be dependable and at work each day.

•    Must have a positive attitude.

•    Work directly with staff, when needed, to proof or write necessary written materials.

•    Responsible for the gathering, preparation and control of records for the Communications Division.

•    Take photographs of a wide variety of onsite and offsite meetings, activities and events.

•    May serve as member of a team on communications-related projects.

If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, please email your resume with a cover letter that includes salary history, and samples of your writing to  We offer competitive salary with excellent benefits.  No phone calls please.

Compensation: Competitive salary, paid medical, 12 holidays, sick time, comp time, 401k matching, pension
Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
Please, no phone calls about this job!
Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

Hmm. I got to thinking about this, and a natural candidate came to mind. Aw, come on. You were thinking the same thing, right? Go ahead, admit it:

I can do that...

Of course they will not be paying anybody 200 simoleons an hour, but hey, in this downturn a job’s a job, right?