Harry The House Fly


You all know what happens when you forget to shut the back door. Invariably a fly will buzz in and start landing on places you’d rather he didn’t land. Pretty soon revulsion turns to annoyance as the pest refuses go away. Sometimes the big, fat, lazy ones are easy to smack and the problem is solved. The smaller, more agile ones defy your attempts to swat them and seem to have a positive genius for eluding eradication. You have something he wants.

Somebody left the door to OC’s 4th Supervisorial District open, and in came Harry Sidhu – uninvited, unwanted, unintelligible. And there he landed – right in the middle of the political potato salad. See, we have something he wants: our votes. Above all he seems to have a pathological hunger for the recognition that comes from elective office, and for that he needs us. For that he will even lie on voter registration forms and cook up fake addresses where he doesn’t live.

After this I will only run one more time!

As our collective revulsion has blossomed into true annoyance at this home invasion, I have to wonder what Supervisor Shawn Nelson’s campaign is going to do in the next three weeks to obliterate this hapless, yet persistent irritant. Considering that Nelsons’ campaign consultant is the very same guy who worked for Mimi Walters against Sidhu in 2008, and who prompted the now comical Sidhu retreat, I predict it won’t be pretty. But sometimes you have to get tough with pests, once an for all.

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    1. The only thing I detect is literary brilliance. The point should be fairly obvious – Sidhu is a onoxious pest – and it can’t be said often enough.

  1. Much like flies regurgitate when they eat, FFFF regurgitate the same old post about nothing. Go pat yourselves on the back for another job well done and drink some kool aid.

  2. Okay, I’ll vote for a lying, hypocrite scumbag ambulance chasing lawyer who talks out of both sides of his mouth….Shawn Nelson is a first-class douchebag.

    1. Beef, have you failed to realize that by always rolling directly to the Nelson is the devil routine we all know this is directly from Sidhu HQ?

      You cant argue that Sidhu is a carpetbagger, a serial candidate, has no understanding of the issues, is not liked outside of Anaheim (maybe not so much in Anaheim either based on his lack of endorsements from fellow council members), voted to increase the profits for the Elm Street Commons for no reason other than to line the pockets of a contributor at taxpayer expense, said he lived at the Calabria apartments when he clearly did not, told Cynthia Ward repeatedly he purchased the Lucky Way home when he had merely rented it. Sidhu is Sidhu’s own worst enemy, you just cant handle the truth.

      1. Oh he told more people than just me that he bought the Lucky Way house. By the way, does he still live there?

  3. No Tony, I’m not sucking it up. The only sucking going on here is you and your band of merry men all sucking up the kool aid that your messiah Shawn Nelson mixes up for you to drink.

    What’s the flavor of today. Lemon Lime Shawn Nelson isn’t a hypocrite Cooler.

    Drink up funny boy and give yourself another pat on the back.

    1. Again, show your colors. No matter what the issue Nelson is your issue. You come to this site to bash Tony, shill for cops and appologize for Sidhu.

      Engage in the topics, have some fun or haul A.

      1. Show your colors you Nelson clone………maybe you’re him. Speaking of shills all 15 of your friends are shills for Tony…………stroke him some more

        1. Miranda. I have to warn you. If you can’t be anything other than a pro-Hairball Sidhu crust-crab we may have to spank you and condemn you site next to “compton” as you both listen to Harry Sidhu introduce his good friend from the Chamber “Todd,” for an eternity!

  4. i feel honored to be mention by joe, haha. seriously joe, ive never heard you discuss policy. you just throw insults and degrade people for no valid reason. but hey when your always on the bottom for bushala id be upset too. yes joe, u a certaintly are a bushala puppet, and u certaintly deserve.

    1. Okay, please address these issues:

      1) Sidhu lied about living at the Calabria Apartments so he could pretend to live in our district.
      2) Sidhu signed up for a voluntary Anaheim pension.
      3) Sidhu doesn’t live on Lucky Way.
      4) Sidhu’s response to the GOP on defined benefits. sounded like a confused head injury victim.
      5) Sidhu’s supporter Ajit Mithaiwala is being. investigated by the Feds, the State, the County, and half the municipalities in SoCal.
      6) The unions poured over a million bucks to help Sidhu and everybody still sees an assclown.

      And that’s just for starters. I invite everybody to use our helpful search engine – type in Sidhu and spend a hilarious evening watching a demented, incomprehensible egomaniac.

  5. ah joe what a simpleton

    you dont even know what a simple policy discussion includes. All you listed there are character attacks. Nothing about the differences between sidhu and nelson on actual county issues. Try again buddy, you’ll get it. Just keep in mind, you are a retard and deserve

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