Good Riddance, Hairball!

Be it ever so humble...

The beautiful Calabria Apartments.

An apt symbol of the completely futile and humiliating 4th District supervisorial campaign of Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu, perjurer, carpetbagger, and assclown.

Sidhu started out 2010 by lying on two voter registration forms about his completely phony “residency” at the Calabria, a crappy stucco box owned by a buddy on Lincoln Avenue, in West Anaheim. We blew the whistle on that fraud.

We never even saw him...

Later we were treated to the spectacle of Hairball pretending to move into a second 4th District crib – in a marginal neighborhood across the street from Garden Grove.

Fake residence #2 for #2.

Sidhu then decided that his new abode virtually required him to run for the GOP Central Committee for the 69th Assembly District – yet another district in which he didn’t live. He stashed a campaign worker into fake residence #2 to make it look legit.

The Boss filed a complaint with OC’s top cop. The DA turned a blind eye, claiming that for all he knew Sidhu meant to live there until he changed his mind, a lie made evident by Sidhu’s registration BEFORE HE EVER MOVED SO MUCH AS A FUTON INTO THE PLACE.

There was plenty of Sidhu methane to go around.

Oh how the ‘pugs tried to confuse the issue! Matthew J. Cunningham claimed the purported length of tenure was too short to matter and immediately changed the subject.

Will work for flame-broiled chicken...

Meanwhile, Sidhu assembled a veritable rogues gallery of supporters who thought they could get something out of a Sidhu victory. Other ‘pug hangers on were hired by Sidhu’s squad to attack Nelson. We had a lot of fun with one in particular, some cretin from Santa Ana named Thomas Gordon.

And Sidhu was a long way from being finished. Act II was on the way.

Let me entertain you...

Sidhu’s numerous and manifest assclowneries culminated in a performance at the GOP nominating meeting that was so jaw-droppingly pathetic that some folks were actually looking around for a humane dose of sodium pentobarbital.

The unions poured over a million bucks of their members’ dues to get Sidhu in office, but the effort was a tough sell. No matter how hard somebody tries to sell you a vehicle, sometimes you figure it’s better just to get out and walk.

The 2010 Sidhu. Take it for a spin?

The June Primary rolled around and the inevitable occurred: Fullerton’s Shawn Nelson just about cleared the field. The only thing left standing was a pathetic, grinning buffoon who was too stupid to realize he had drawn the ultimate booby prize: a runoff election in November against Nelson. And the folks who actually lived in the 69th Assembly District humiliated Sidhu by asskicking the assclown into last place in the Central Committee election.

You bet how much on that horse!?

Sidhu was mercifully quiet for a couple of months. Then his new campaign manager, Chris Jones, a tool of the worst OC repuglicans tried to salvage Curt Pringle’s and John Lewises rotten investment.

Well two jobs were lost - Sidhu's and his campaign manager's!

It didn’t work. How could it? Another drubbing. Chris Jones said it was because they just didn’t have enough money. Right. A bozo who keeps peacocks and dinosaurs on his “elegant estate” couldn’t cough up the dough. Didn’t Sidhu say that money was no object back in June? No, the real problem was the product. Unsaleable at any price.

The final numbers aren’t in, but the results are crystal clear: Shawn Nelson 63%, Hairbag Sidhu 37%. A twenty-six point break.¬† And a wonderful public service was rendered by Nelson that is so valuable we can’t put a price on it – sending Sidhu to the electoral showers.

Nope. No assclowns in our town.

Will Sidhu be back? A pathetic egomaniac like this is hard to get rid of. But one thing we can guarantee: he will never bother the Fourth District again.

11 Replies to “Good Riddance, Hairball!”

  1. Joe the problem with an assclown is that it love taking it, especailly if it’s from a guy like Shawn Nelson. Correa will be redistricted soon and there will be an Assclown waiting to strike!

  2. Sidhu may give some thought to the 3rd District seat in two years. At least he would be a resident of the district! Maybe Lorraine Galloway will too. She also lives in the 3rd (again).

    He could do battle with another union fave, Todd Spitzer, and Campbell’s chosen successor, Carolyn Cavecche. I would pay to see that. Well, no, I wouldn’t.

  3. “a humane dose of sodium pentobarbital”

    Haha. But for who? Sidhu or for the audience that had to listen to his gibberish.

  4. Joe why stay in the county when the state has such better perks? Plus knowing this assclown he’ll pull the same move as Van Tran and have only one residence in Sacramento. Might be the only way we will see the end of him.

  5. Great post. I’m sorta sad to see this saga end. Sidhu set the bar pretty high for comically self-collapsing campaigns. It’ll be one to remember, for sure.

    1. His very first campaign step in 2010 landed right in a pile of his own dung.

      From there it was all down hill for the Hairy One.

  6. The coverage of this saga has been brilliant. You guys have been hilarious, cleaver, insightful and even old time investigative journalists. Getting the apartment manager at the Calabria to say Sidhu had never been there and that she knew who he was from watching council meetings. That was a classic.

  7. Yes this was the very bestest in the whole wide world. You guys do a great job here. Keep it up you outstanding citizens of Fullerton.

  8. A picture is worth a thousand words. All those guys in the photo look disgusted at the results because all of a sudden they have realized that their pay check from Hairball has finally come to an end. No more gravy from Sidwho!! Those guys would work for BinLaden as long as they got their paycheck. Pathetic humn beings I tell you.

  9. This blog was so much more fun when Sidhu was running for something. Is there any chance we can get him to run for congress in one of these new seats?

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