Comic Genius – Another Priceless Sidhu Moment

DOUBLE UPDATE: While searching the dark corners of our FFFF blog-vault, deep in the basement of the Fox Fullerton, I just came across this gem: a video moment so pure and wonderful that it must be shared again. And again. Until we can safely say that Hairball Sidhu’s political “career” is over, once and for all.

UPDATE: I came across this earlier post today as I was thinking about “The Joke’s on You” post. This really is too good not to show yet again. Will we see a repeat performance by the Sidhu clan in the waning days of this year’s campaign? Don’t bet against it. Sidhu has an almost limitless capacity for clownish behavior.

Although we don’t get many glimpses of Hide and Seek Sidhu these days, video clips of his performances do exist. And some, like the one I share here, reveal a man who has seemingly missed his calling in life. Instead of a fast food operator and a political aspirant, Sidhu really belongs on a vaudeville stage someplace.

Let me tell you, I renounce negative campaigning. Until I run again. And again. And again.

Here’s a priceless youtube clip starring  Sidhu at that golden moment two years ago when Sidhu lost his nerve and started shredding his mailers in his campaign against Mimi Walters for State  Senate. It’s brilliant comic performance art, and as usual he drags in his family to perform as extras in his hilarious political theater. Watch them dutifully shred his hit pieces against Walters as he introduces his rag tag collection of political allies – just about the only people who showed up (oh yes, I see you Bill Taormina!).

By the way, this clownishly hypocritical gesture didn’t help Sidhu at all. He was thoroughly pummeled and lost every precinct in Anaheim.

Video courtesy of our pals at Red County.

23 Replies to “Comic Genius – Another Priceless Sidhu Moment”

  1. Well now we know why Sidhu’s handlers won’t let him out.

    What an assclown. You’re almost right, Peabody. it’s goddam funny. But it ain’t supposed to be.

  2. Check out that part at the end. Harry gets all kissy face with the woman in the hat. But he can’t remember her name!

    1. Why not say it plainly? He struggled with EVERY single name. He took seconds to remember each one, couldn’t even remember Todd last name…even though the Chamber has given Sidhu hundreds of thousands in donations, in-kinds, and IE’s!


  3. Was it me or was that painful to watch? With the drubbing he got against Mimi how does he expect to do any better? Nelson has got the guy hands down on communication skills. The only difference now is the RINO’s and chicken feed need a day job city council members are just doing what they are told to do by the money grubbing old guard establishment types. Pathetic.

  4. BREAKING NEWS! Chris Street, Honorary Host Committee Member for Harry Sidhu gets nailed for breech of fiduciary duty in the amount of 7 MILLION DOLLARS by a federal judge. Thanks to the OCGOP for your guidance. You ass clowns need to ride into the sunset. You guys are too old to compete and need to retire.

  5. Ouch!

    This really bothers me that these guys can’t communicate effectively. Is’nt that a HUGE parts of politics.

    As for Chriss Street, thankfully at least a little justice.

  6. Sweet Baby Emancipator, that is one dumb human being.

    Do yourselves a favor and get rid of this clown once and for all.


    One has to wonder why would a guy, like Matt Cunningham, for all his stupid stunts stand behind a guy like Harish?

    Well the simple answer is, thats what Matt and Chip get paid to do. But, seriously. Sidhu makes no sense. Forget his poor command of the English language, Bill Campbell and Garry Miller are HORRIBLE public speakers.

    But Jesus Christ….They must be SELL OUTS.

  8. What is the “women federated of Orange County?”

    Is it the Women federation of Orange County?

    THat sounded like the term he used to recognize that lovely lady in the red hat.

    Irv pickler, wasn’t he on some water board.

  9. This man doesn’t have any friends brave enough to tell him the truth. Sidhu, you’re sunk. It’s over. Go back to peddling Pollo Loco.

  10. The sad thing is that Shirley McCracken no longer supports Sidhu but that clip keeps linking her to him. She has since requested her name and images be removed from his website.

  11. I wonder if he’s as big a hypocrite as as our rotund Suoervisor of the Fourth District? After all, Shawnny-Boy railed against pensions until he decided to help himself to a big healthy bowl of 2.7 at 55. Only until his fat hand caught in the cookie jar did he suddenly find religion again.

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