Hide-and Seek Sidhu: Job Killer Extraordinare

Hide and Seek Hairball Sidhu keeps telling us he’s all about the jobs, jobs, jobs. But rather than just brush it off as campaign nonsense, let’s look at the reality of Sidhu in Anaheim as he danced for the nickels that Curt Pringle’s developer buddies tossed at him.

Those weren't nickels. Those were dimes!

First, let’s take an airborne look at a representative portion of the Platinum Triangle – where once existed a bustling industrial zone south of Katella Avenue, in Anaheim.

Here’s a photo from 2005. Take a look at all those cars, belonging to a bunch of once-employed members of Anaheim’s workforce.

Jobs, jobs, jobs, all over the place, right? Enter the so-called “Freedom Friendly” repuglican land use policies of Pringle and Sidhu:

Man, don't forget to put your green goggles on...

Today? A jobless hole in the ground surrounded by empty condos and chain link fences and faded signs asking our forgiveness for their construction dust.

Thanks Harry. How about an apology to all those businesses and employees you eradicated?

Mistakes were made, but there is nothing to be gained by dwelling on unfortunate nuclear incidents of the past...

24 Replies to “Hide-and Seek Sidhu: Job Killer Extraordinare”

  1. Right on! I always loved it when all the establishment republicans and register idiots like greenhut praised Pringle for all his freedom friendly ways.

    In reality the Anaheim Cioty council up-zoned manufacturing property for unlimited housing density, made some property owners rich, harassed others*, and ultimately put a bunch of businesses out of business and unemployed on the street.

    Thanks Sidhu.

    *A couple years ago Pringle even proposed a special assessment on people who remained.

  2. Jesus! Talk about a job killer. Its one thing to throw around rhetoric but the photo is undeniable. Pringle and Sidhu killed more jobs on purpose than any one else in OC and it isn’t even close.

  3. the jobs werent killed, most business moved to other locations, the economy hit at a bad time for platinum triangle, the development isn’t over yet, it could still turn out to be positive. At least harry was trying to create jobs and not voting down projects that would create jobs, a la his opponent.

    1. “most business moved to other locations,”

      Where’s your proof to substantiate that baloney? Oh, yeah, Sidhu’s got it in his pocket.

    2. “At least harry was trying to create jobs”

      No, that’s wrong you chimp. Hairball was trying to create wealth at the expense of real jobs.

      I love it. Hairball Sidhu: Job Killer!

  4. It’s called land banking. Speculators buy up cheap land related to HSR and wait to see where the line goes. If HSR goes into ARTIC those lofts will be worth a fortune. If ARTIC-HSR goes under, it is all worthless and there is no point in building anything. Funny how that land was being snapped up at the same time HSR was being determined for Anaheim, but before the news went public that would allow the machine shop owners to understand they were sitting on potential gold mines.

    1. You really are an idiot. Those “machine shop” owners (aka employers) were leasing those buildings from the property owners.

      Hide and Seek Hairball nuked them.

  5. joe how do you know the businesses didn’t move? do you know an owner. Also, how did harry hide information from anyone? what proof do you have. I do have proof that nelson killed jobs, in the form of his vote.

  6. I know a print shop there that was forced to move. They lost prime street exposure on Katella when they had to open in another location in the city of Orange instead. Not sure they survived the transition.

  7. ok, any facts on laidoff employees, lost revenue, anything like that. Im just trying to find out if any of this is based on fact or just your dislike for sidhu, I have a feeling its the latter

    1. Here’s a fact: jobs and businesses were there. Now gone.

      Even a chowderhead Assclown like Hairball Sidhu could grasp that. Why can’t you?

    2. Here is a quick hit on lost revenue. Those sites that were developed and employing people generated property tax. How much property tax do you think is currently being paid on the assessed value of dirt piles?

    1. And of course there’s the problem of the dee-veloper buddies of Pringle and Hairball who swept in to make a killing building housing. It didn’t work out so good but it wasn’t for Hide And Seek Sidhu’s lack of trying to make them richer.

      And speaking of making people richer: CR, didn’t Assclown Sidhu hand over a bunch of cash on some low income housing project over near East St. to one of his “developer” pals?

  8. That part of Anaheim had to be destroyed in order to save it. That’s what Pringle said and so Sidhu believed it. There is no other explanation, other than the fact that this donkey has no clue what he is doing, a conclusion fully born out by his inability to explain a simple issue.

    After Nov. 2 we may all be rid of this creep once and for all.

  9. Compton a picture is worth a thousand words. You prove to me that those jobs stayed in the OC. All I know is that they moved and nothing is there now. That is an indisputable fact. I’m sure they aren’t in anaheim. Why would you open a business in the same city that just ran you out? Moron.

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