Chaffee Lead Shrinks to 30. Things Are Looking Grim In Leftyville.

At close of day 11/07/2010 Pat McKinley’s lead over Chaffee was reduced to 34 from yesterday’s high in the 50s.

At close of day 11/5/2010 Pat McKinley had vaulted his agile self back into the lead – by 36 votes.

As of last night Doug Chaffee’s lead over ex-Po-lice Chief Pat McKinley in the Fullerton City Council race.

With absentee voters generally leaning to the Republican flavor it looks like the desperate hours are about to set in for Chaffee backers, especially considering the anti-Chaffee hits unloaded by the local GOP.

Maybe the repuglican cartel that backed the over-pensioned relic McKinley can put the champagne back on ice, after all!

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  1. Let’s see, bigger government and higher taxes…OR…bigger government and higher taxes.

    No news here. Back to bed.

  2. How ironic that the “republican” is the guy the unions are pulling for and the democrat is the guy looking to work on reform. I don’t see Chaffee comparing to Whitaker in the call for reform but it’s clear he will be better than McKinley.

  3. Chaffee took too many hits before responding. His pension comparison piece was brilliant, but came too late, buried in the final avalanche of mail.

  4. Grim indeed. McKinley barely campaigned, and reportedly didn’t really care much about running in the first place as Royce’s Hail Mary RINO. Get ready for two arrogant ex-cops representing us to the police union. McKinley will be a do-nothing council member who will sleep at the dais.

    1. “McKinley will be a do-nothing council member who will sleep at the dais.”

      Right after he helps blockhead give away the farm. “my work here is done”

    1. I was being facetious. I’ll bet a lot of Yellowing Observers voted for McKinley with their second vote.

      1. You’d be right. Look at the Observer endorsements, which were supposedly based on a survey of 100 Observers. Unanimous for Chaffee and McKinley/La Tour tied for second.

    1. Brick veneer is perfectly symbolic of the Fullerton cops’ ethics. They support a pension thief and thief/poisoner/tax fraud.

      Way to go FPOA, you really showed how superficial your self-righteousness is.

  5. Oh my. McKinley is moving ahead and will continue too. Sorry Doug, you lose x3. You should have voted for the Coyote Hills. You lost more than you gained. You are a good man, but misguided , or politically inept….

  6. Hey Tony, where’s your reaponse to the Observer article for all of your phony PACs?

    You are slumlord, you deserve.

  7. Based on required Form 460 filings, local
    developer Tony Bushala, (a redevelopment foe
    who is suing the city) has spent $12,973.66 to
    oppose candidates running for city council.

    1. Opposing Roland Chi and Aaorn Gregg and McKinley is a public service for which we all owe Tony a huge debt of gratitude.

      The thieves, hacks and lawbreakers supported by the “public safety goons” are a disgrace to Fullerton.

      Fortunately we got Bruce Whitaker who will be the best councilmember Fullerton has EVER had.

      The three old men won’t be able to keep up – even if they can keep awake.

      1. Amen, Rudy.

        On the bright side, actuarial statistics are on our side. Bankhead and Jones are 80 and both showing advanced signs of mental incompetence (yes it is hard to tell given that they didn’t have much competence to begin with) . McKinley is a relative spring chicken at 70.

        The council will have to hire someone to hover behind the dais and keep waking them up.

      2. You owe Tony nothing he does this all for his financial gain. Do you think Whitaker owes Tony something for buying him the seat. YOU BET. Whitaker will be in direct contact with Tony (Joe-JFD and whatever other names admin uses) so get used to Tony having the inside track. Perjurer-slumlord who runs a racist site

  8. Bushala is listed as a major contributor (over
    $4,000 so far) to Bruce Whitaker, council candidate
    for the 2-year seat (running against
    Roland Chi and Aaron Gregg).
    I hate brick veneer

  9. Jesus, the FPOA is out in force. instead of catching thieves they post on our blog. Way to go crooks – you are Hero and Deserve.

  10. Tony the fraud, love casting dispersions at others for their aliases, and you are the king of aliases!

    You are the biggest self-serving hypocrite in town. Doing us a service? Ha! I can’t wait for the reports to come out deflating your “grass roots” campaign. Those mailers you sent out from your groups cost way more than $12k.

    And I love how you blame the cops for everything that doesn’t go your way. Little paranoid there, Tony?

    You might as well stop the charade and just post all on your admin name, we all know that half the bloggers here are you, Tony. You should thank your enemies Tony/Joe/Jan/etc, if it weren’t for them, no one would give this rag a 2nd look.

    1. Except for evidently you who can not kick the addiction of reading every post and comment on this site.

      Argue facts stooge. Calling the publisher names every day claiming no one reads the site is like a hooker extolling the virtue of abstinence in between tricks.

      You have a different point of view on issues so offer it. The debate is interesting. You aren’t.

  11. To those who want to name call and are critical to this site: Freedom of Choice – you don’t have to read it!!! I find a lot of things despicable about what appears on this blog….however, I’m still reading it. My choice. If you don’t like it, don’t tune in. Of course there are various alias names used by the same individual, of course there is a lack of class from some of the contributors, but it is entertaining. So it’s what you want to make of it. Some if it is interesting and enlightening and some of it is down right crass. For me, I like the directness and knowing where people stand…they’re certainly not shy with their thoughts. Actually, I don’t agree with most of what I read here…but I keep coming back. If you don’t like it, stop tuning in. Simple as that.

  12. Hollis and no surprise the maim name calling done on this site is by those publishers that you are defending. Maybe you should ask them about it

    1. No one is defending name callers.

      The trolls on this site are a broken record. Basically Bushala is a bad guy, there is no problem with public safety pensions, Nelson and Norby call the shots and this site is irrelevant because no one reads it.

      I enjoy the contrary point of view. I’d just like to hear the point of view argued instead of the police union jealousy rage.

  13. I’m not defending the name callers. I’m defending “freedom of choice”….a hard one to argue against.

  14. +1 for the “freedom of choice” point by No Surprise.

    I don’t agree with quite a bit on this site yet I find myself tuning in, as it were, because I like seeing somebody talk frankly about some of the shite going on in this town.

    If you don’t like it, don’t click the bookmark or type in the URL. It really is that simple.

    1. Yes. The FPOA is afraid the taxpayers will find out that the thing in their holster isn’t as big as they’ve been telling folks.

  15. Wow, it could come down to 5 votes or so. That’s not a very strong platform for whoever wins. Better not do anything stupid on the dais.

    1. JD a win by an inch is as good as one by a mile.

      McKinley or Chaffee? What a puzzler!

      I doubt if either one of them could avoid doing something stupid on the dais. Which means that either one is perfectly qualified to sit up on that dais.

      After all this is Fullerton, “the Education Community.” Pat Soderquist said so.

  16. Hollis, you’re really going to bag on the detractors for making my master an issue and engaging in the politics of personality?  My master has crowned himself King of that.  He has called everyone he disgrees with every name in the book.  And why bother arguing points when facts are so loosely played with here.

    By the way, it’s dark in here

  17. Bushala for City Council in 2012. The man with an ego big enough to get the job done.

    He knows how to stop the redevelopment boondoggles.

    He knows how to single handedly squash the unions and their bloated pensions.

    He knows how to make Fullerton operate in the black.

    And pretty soon he’ll be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

    Come on Tony run for office. We all admire you so much. With Shawn Nelson gone, Fullerton is without a hero. You are the hero of choice for all of us.

    We’ll have a hero vote and we know you’d win. And there won’t be any term limits for how long you can be our hero.

    Please, please, please. Another pretty please with a bag of pot on top and how about a new paint job to sweeten the deal.

    1. I am so angry and jealous I just don’t know what to do. Someone has pulled the scab off my scam and oh does that hurt!

  18. after readingthe anti-tony bleats on this site, I’ll vote for himand anyone else who supports tony as fullerton’snext civic leader. The anti-tony bloggers are mad because someone finally shows the public the con artists that litter fullerton’s infrastructure

    1. You can have Tony if you want. he’ll never run way too much shit on him. he would rather hide behind his dozen or so alias and call people names. he would rather have puppets like his friend Whitaker who he bought the council seat for do his work and make it so he profits. Why do you do this Tony? By the way it’s kinda creepy that you write back and forth to yourself.

  19. You see Tony, Van will vote for you. You know you have a fan club in this city. One that admires you. One that would elect you to office if you ran.

    Please run.

    Tony you are such a major part of this city. We need you.

    We could make up name plates with your name and Jo-Jo and all the other characters you pretend to be and we could have a contest to see which plate you’ll use at each city council meeting.

    We’d all be one happy family.

    You could have fireside chats and tell us about how you earned all your money and almost made it to the NFL with your football skills.

    Then you could save us from ourselves.

    You’re my hero Tony.

  20. If Tony didn’t have the rest of his detractors around, it would just be him, his 12 aliases, Travis, and Nelson telling each other how smart they all are, and talking about brick veneer.

  21. Not true Adams. I’m not Tony. By the way, McKinley is ahead by 72 now. Maybe that makes Adams happy. Try to stay on topic, will you? This is a story about a close council race, not a guessing game about aliases.

  22. I just cant figure it. There are only three guys that agree with Tony who read this site yet Norby, Nelson, Whitaker and Thompson won big. How many times does that Tony guy vote anyway?

    1. Excellent comment.

      And we are held to be irrelevant by the witless “public safety” apologists and the pugs; and yet they flock to our site to post mindless nonsense that can only be attributed to anger and jealousy.

      BTW, I believe 100,000 people have viewed “I am Hero and Deserve.”

        1. What’s creepy is a couple crooked cops posting mindless comments here. Why not start you own union blog. Hell even the cops in Santa Barbara had the balls to do that.

          You creeps just lurk in the shadows of a real reforming blog. And it makes you even more mad and jealous than you were before!

          2012 is coming. And it will be here sooner than you think.

          1. Rudy,

            I had the same thought. Adams/Freak/Whoever spend quite a lot of time on a blog they seem to dislike. Why don’t they get together and start another blog to present their own version of things? Maybe it would look too much like a city press release.

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