The Hits Keep on Coming

Some new mailers came in this week. In addition to fresh copies of the Roland Chi and Aaron Gregg fliers that we saw earlier, our mailboxes were stuffed with: A brutal comparison of Pat McKinley’s pension to the city of Bell’s Robert Rizzo; a stop-the-unions slate, a comparison piece on Whitaker’s behalf, a large piece of cardboard put out by the Republican Party¬†against Chaffee, and finally, a lame comparison piece that tries to make Roland Chi look special.

Enjoy, and click to enlarge.

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  1. Note to the food poisoner Roland Chi: paying 100 idiots to steal other people’s property doesn’t count as job creation.

  2. I must say the mail has gotten a lot livelier since I left town.

    That hit on McKinley and the anti-union piece are first rate. The Whitaker comparison piece is okay, too.

    The hit on Chaffee is pretty lame. And of course the pro-Chi this is comically bad. But he doesn’t have a single accomplishment he can actually point to. Of course he might explain to the voters why he no longer lives in GG.

    1. Police are up and up. Telling who is best for the city and not trashing other people. If you live in Fullerton I would think you would want a council that is going to keep police and fire working at optimum levels to keep you safe. That is what McKinley will do!! Good luck getting a prompt response now with all the budget cuts. It will only get worse if they keep taking money away from police and fire!!!

  3. Did anyone else notice Roland making fun of Aaron Gregg for inheriting his business? Wait Rilabd did that too! It seems to me Roland and Aaron are one in the same!

  4. How many of these flyers were funded and published by the Bushala family?

    I love FFFF but I’m getting really tired of Bushala’s recorded political calls to my house. We’ve had at least 5 calls that I know for a fact came from Tony & co.

      1. I’m saying that Tony could make a bigger impact if he did the mailers and signs when there ISN’T an election. He has the resources and he has the passion for change.

        Why not in a few months send a mailer promoting FFFF? Or send a mailer asking residents to attend a City Council meeting for once. I’m confident if they really knew who represented them, people like Doc HeeHaw would be gone.

        I believe ideas like this would have a lasting effect over the course of many elections. Fullerton residents would be thirsty for this website if they knew how poorly the City is managed. That’s the problem, they have no idea.

        Can I throw in another idea? Would it be possible to add a discussion board to this website? Often times I have questions or comments about Fullerton happenings with nobody to discuss it with.

        This is your moment Tony (and Travis). The ball is in your court. I say make the most of it.

        1. Steve makes some good points. Tony puts his heart into elections as we ALL should. He puts his money where his mouth is and that is admirable. Unfortunately, Pam’s Posse and a few others don’t like his Libertarian stance. Oh well. Thanks Tony for all you do for Fullerton!

  5. It’s weird I haven’t gotten a call…Oh that’s right I didn’t put my number on my voter registration.

  6. Why haven’t you posted any of the positive mailings from the candidates?

    I appreciated your guys’ candidate recommendations, but was really swayed by Barry Levinson’s mail. I’ve thought it was the best, hands down.

      1. Travis, this is part of the problem. Candidates are not very good at convincing voters there is a need for change.

      2. Mailers are EXPENSIVE! And if you aren’t loaded like Chi or Barry, you just can’t get your message out. They can easily run $0.08 each PLUS USPS postage! Do the math. Thankfully, there is the internets.

  7. Levinson’s mail was only because it hit emotion. Only somepeople get emotional about taxes, Whitaker couldn’t compete as a tax fighter!

    I’m surprised no mail from Seabourne and Burbank. I totally thought I was going to get the Marty Burbank in my mailbox. Well I guess I did get a doorhanger.

  8. I just got a Pam Keller recorded message pimping Doug Chaffee. She accuses big oil and out-of-town developers of trying to keep Chaffee off the council.

    This one was funny. Big oil? Gimme a break.

    1. Steve, I heard that Pam Keller dropped into Beechwood Elementary on a helicopter the other day to give an award to some kid. Seems a little hypocritical to go after big oil while promoting herself with the most fuel-inefficient way possible.

  9. Just got a recorded call from Roland Chi. He claims to be creating 100 jobs in Fullerton RIGHT NOW. That’s interesting because I can only count 50 jobs:

    10 sign stealers
    10 more paramedics for food-poisoning
    10 more ambulance drivers
    10 more doctors at St. Jude to treat food poisoning
    10 more nurses at St. Jude to treat food poisoning

    And by the way if you have questions, call Roland directly at 714-889-8880.

    1. Steve, you beat me to it. But please consider:

      10 more County health inspectors
      10 more IRS agents in the tax fraud division
      10 more deputy DAs
      10 more DNA swab kit assemblers
      10 more personal injury lawyers
      10 more paralegals
      10 more stomach pump manufacturing jobs
      10 more campaign sign printers


    1. We’ve already been through this although it seems you can’t bend your tiny, gas-bubble filled brain around it: you can’t kill something that never existed.

      Try thinking for yourself instead of imitating the ass-backward logic of Assclown Sidhu campaign signs.

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