Cops Offer $10,000 Reward for Capture of Sign Thief

Well, not our cops. But up in San Jose they take political sign theft seriously. That’s why the police and fire unions have offered up ten grand for information leading to the capture and prosecution of some local sign stealers. You can read all about it on CNBC. Those guys up in San Jose sure do value free speech.

But back to Fullerton and the case(s) of the missing Bad Chi and No McKinley signs…

They have sentimental value.

Our friends at the Fullerton PD have been provided with plenty of clear photographic evidence of criminal activity, free of charge. We even did all of the legwork for them: following the getaway van back to headquarters, ID’ing one of the suspects, and making contact with all of the eye-witnesses. As far as I can tell, all that’s left is a little bit of paper work and a call to the District Attorney’s office to make sure that the perps aren’t already on parole.

So three weeks have gone by and the election is now behind us. And what do we have to show for our crime-fighting efforts?

An “out of office” email from the detective working on our case.

Ouch, that hurts! Oh well, take your time officer. Any job worth doing is worth doing right.

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    1. I thought the DA arrested the risk manager because the city audit department caught him with his hand in the cookie jar.

  1. The difference is not that the San Jose cops are any better. Its just that Measure V and the signs benefited the fire and cops. Whereas Chi and McKinley are police/fire cronies, nobody should expect that the heroes would do their duty when they don’t benefit.

  2. Why didn’t ypu call the polcie as this was occurring so they could have been stopped with teh signs in their possession. Probably because it didn’t fit the master plan or you were a little coward Travis like in HS. My guess is that you are the photographer regarding the signs and didn’t have the balls to call the police immediately or confront the guy. You FFFF think you’re so important but most people in Fullerton and in the City work force don’t know or even care what you you guys say or write. The ones that do find humor about this crap and how how and mighty you feel you are. Great job calling this election like the last Travis

    1. Hey Focker you’re exactly right about the city staff and that’s the problem. The city staff could care less about Fullerton. It’s a shame that most of them don’t even live within the city.
      Why all the bullying? If you don’t watch it I throw you in a dumpster like in HS. Go enforce city code you bloated worthless city worker.

  3. This blog is really doing excellent work.

    The government “workers” unions are the vehicle for Communist corruption of little “armies” of thugs (the now politicized-corrupted Police) and thuggettes (the Leftist-propagandist “Teachers”) and the extortioners (now politicized-corrupted Firemen) who can and DO threaten to “…not respond when YOUR house catches fire!”

    The Fullerton Police and Fullerton Firemen campaigned for the guys who stole and torn down the political opposition campaign signs.

    That is what politicized government thugs DO.

    The Fullerton Police and Firemen and government school Teachers have all sold their souls to the big government Totalitarians, AKA the Obama-Communists.

    This is THE Democrat-Communist Party in America, and the creeps who took over the institutional Republican Party were wannabe Democrat officeholders who sidled up as far Left as they could possibly get and yet still pretend to be an opposition (and then BINGO! the Repuglicans were hatched – i.e. not born, since they are Pro-Abortion, just like the Democrat-Communists).

    This last election was phase ONE. Next will purge the rest of the RINOs and the rest of the Democrat-Communists.

    1. Now that is an excellent idea. Except any proceeds should go to some local charity – courtesy of Roland Chi, Mr. Civic Duty.

  4. I see now. Anyone caught stealing the police union signs gets a bounty put on their head and the full investigative treatment.

    Anyone caught stealing signs FOR the police union candidates will be protected.

  5. This is a gigantic PR storm brewing for the police chief. I hope he figures out how to handle this properly.

  6. Get off that hard working detective’s back.

    Almost everybody I know, takes ten days off in the middle of November, before taking abother four over Thanksgiving.

    You know these “Public Safety” officers work hard to fight all the violent crime in suburbia.

    Sounds like Foker needs to go back to Cerritos.

  7. lordgay,for the first time in the history of our town, fullertonites’ voice resounds across our city’s limits. for too long, we were stuck with giasone’s banal stories or ralph kennedy’s fullerton observer’s constant theme of down with all capitalist pigs rant fueled by his hurt feelings when the aerospace industry permanently laid him off. FFFF owes its growing popularity to its down and dirty truths on our lofty citizens.

  8. The media has contacted the FPD detectives regarding their lack of desire to do anything about vandalism. How do you motivate them (FPD detectives) to WORK? There are a few that are ok but there are so many others who sit around surfing the net all day (reading this blog) and call it investigatory work…

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