Did Fullerton’s Yellowing Observers Cost Doug Chaffee the Election?

The fourth drink made me do it!

Well, technically it’s not over yet. But the trend since election day is going the wrong way for Doug Chaffee. In second place on election day and looking good for the second council opening, Chaffee has seen his slim lead shrink and then disappear in the ensuing days.

Which leads me to reflect upon Fullerton’s liberal clique, and the choices it makes. You will recall that in 2008 the Fullerton Observer endorsed the egregious Doc Heehaw, who came in ahead of dyed-in-the-wool liberal, Karen Haluza. Sure, you you remember. We wrote about it, here.

And this year? We posted a piece about how ex-Police Chief and astronomical pension-puller-downer Pat McKinley was getting support from some of Fullerton’s most prominent lefties, most notably Jan Flory and Molly McClanahan.

I'm a trustee. You can always trust me.

I visited the Fullerton Observer website and noticed that according to to its editor, second place support by the herd of Yellowing Observers was split between McKinley and Jesse la Tour! Could support for the hand-picked boy of Ed Royce and Dick Ackerman, a career cop, really have been that high among the hardest core Observers? Is Ralph Kennedy rolling over in his urn?

Of course Sharon Kennedy will blame out-of-town money used to hit Chaffee. But how many of Fullerton left-leaning tribe are starting to regret their second vote?

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  1. Good point.

    But Chaffee let himself be a punching bag too long before going after the two dumb flatfoots.

    If he loses he has no one to blame but himself.

  2. It boils down to this: Liberals love public employees, and it looks like Observers value public servantry over any sort of progressive ideals.

    Plus they’re so incredibly stupid that they couldn’t forsee this outcome. The RINO marjority is going to be very painful for the Observers.

  3. Vote by mails were counted today, with a mix of poll votes, Mckinley only gained 6 votes as compared to the 70 he gained the day before…. and guess what… nothing but poll votes to be counted at the registrar… so the math looks like Chaffee will pull off the win by a very small margin.

  4. Take a look at McKinley’s own website while you’re at it. On the Endorsements page you’ll find the name of Sharon Quirk-Silva, who may now have herself to blame if Chaffee loses. I guess she isn’t too bright in the math department…

  5. Wait.

    I always thought supporting the police was anathema to the liberal mind. How does supporting their unions work in a game of liberal Ro-sham-bo?

    1. Joe, that was then.

      Now liberals reflexively embrace any kind of public employee union.

      And notice their ads is support of all sorts of monstrous State ballot initiatives: supported by cops, firemen and (public hospital) nurses – who are always considered “working class” instead of what they are – a new hyper-salaried and pensioned class of people.

      Hence the support for McKinley. But did it cost Chaffee the election? It did if it gave McKinley a mere hundred votes.

      Ironic and funny in a sort of sad way.

  6. The only reason the public employee earnings and benefits look good is that wages have been so depressed by American capitalists betraying America by shipping jobs overseas to maximize the true upper class who are bleeding this country dry.

    Why focus on public employees when your money is bailing out bankers and CEOs with obscene bonuses?

    And a million a day — your money– is going to the war machine?

    1. We here at FFFF oppose corporate bail outs and crazy war machine.

      However bloated public employee salaries and pensions going to protected “civil servants” that are way out of whack are a different topic altogether.

      Wages may have been depressed in the private sector, but hardly in the public.

      The State of California is virtually bankrupt. Where have you been?

  7. Judith – it is getting really tiresome to hear this same refrain from apologists for public sector unions. They are in bed with Wall Street. Got that? Who do you think pours $250 billion in NEW MONEY every year into Wall Street brokerages? Taxpayers do. The government confiscates our money via taxes, then turns it over to Wall Street to fund public employee pensions. Get real. Unionized public employees are a “a new hyper-salaried and pensioned class of people” who are IN BED WITH WALL STREET. Quit blaming capitalism. The problem is public employee unions and Wall Street, working together to screw the rest of us. We are their slaves, and hearing you apologize for this is just sickening.

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