2010 Fullerton Election Results

Updated Thursday, 5:00 pm.

There are an unknown number of absentee ballots yet to be counted.

CITY OF FULLERTON Member, City Council, Full Term

Vote Count Percentage
* DON BANKHEAD 9,391 21.1%
DOUG CHAFFEE 8,068 18.1%
PAT MCKINLEY 8,038 18.1%
GREG SEBOURN 4,907 11.0%
BARRY LEVINSON 4,722 10.6%
MARTY BURBANK 4,305 9.7%
JESSE LA TOUR 3,678 8.3%

CITY OF FULLERTON Member, City Council, Short Term

Vote Count Percentage
BRUCE WHITAKER 9,021 37.7%
ROLAND CHI 7,076 29.6%
AARON GREGG 5,552 23.2%
ANTHONY N. (TONY) FONTE 2,255 9.4%


Vote Count Percentage
CHRIS THOMPSON 12,728 28.1%
* BEVERLY BERRYMAN 10,992 24.3%
AARUNI THAKUR 9,257 20.5%


Vote Count Percentage
* ROBERT A. “BOB” SINGER 19,800 23.7%
* ROBERT N. “BOB” HATHAWAY 19,531 23.3%
* MARILYN BUCHI 19,115 22.8%
VICKI R. CALHOUN 15,594 18.6%
NADIA SANCHEZ 9,656 11.5%

M – Fullerton, Term Limits

Vote Count Percentage
Yes 21,252 79.8%
No 5,380 20.2%

View the complete results at the Orange County Registrar’s website. The next update is scheduled for 5:00 pm tomorrow.

59 Replies to “2010 Fullerton Election Results”

  1. If term limits won how the hell did Bankhead get in again!!! It makes no sense, so those voters were the 20% that voted no to term limits?!?!?!?

    1. Jane, I think what you’re seeing is that people are really sick of these lifers. Incumbency, per se, isn’t the issue.

      Of course in Bankhead’s case ignorance pushed him along. I can guarantee to you that if he had put “22 Year Incumbent” after his name he would have been sunk.

    2. I love it. Here comes McKinnley baby. Only down by 30 votes now. keep those absentee balots coming in!!! We will have a real man on the council before this is over!!!

  2. Bankhead got a free ride. But the ride isn’t over. Decrepitude is an unstoppable process. He will just be set in the corner where he can’t hurt himself.

  3. Well thinks look and smell pretty good up here where I am.

    You can’t poison people, dodge justice, break even more laws and get elected in Fullerton.

    The Desert Rat was wrong!

    And no Roland Chi can slither back to Garden Grove. Hopefully he will be able to kep his hands on his own property from now on.

    1. Now with Chris Thompson on the inside he can keep his promise to destroy Pam Keller and the Fullerton Collaborative. Let’s kick the whole family out of Fullerton!

      1. Real Classy Zippy (Tony)-It’s statements like these that shows all the handfull of people who read this blog what type of people you are and what type of candidates you backed. If this is truley Chris’ agenda and if he actually made promises to kick the family out it’s very very wrong and if he didn’t say it he should have gone on here and denied this. The people (Tony) here are a sad, pathetic, paranoid, hateful people who don’t want women in higher positions and are exteremely racist. Your family must be very proud of you!

        1. Zippy is obviously an agent provocateur. It’s probably one of Keller’s friends, if not Keller herself.

          1. Women are fine – Keller is not. Click on any link on the right to find out why.

            Kicking Keller’s family out is my idea – not Chris Thompsons.. but they’ll go if Keller does – It works for me.

        2. I am not Tony. This is the only site that does real investigative work… and allows people to express what they think and feel. Keller is obviously toxic for this community. Just because she’s not on council anymore doesn’t mean that she has stopped damaging the community.

      2. Zippy, let me see if I can be crystal clear here. I have no agenda against Pam Keller. For clarity’s sake, I am opposed to the MOU between the Collaborative and the Fullerton School District as were 2 of the 5 sitting board members. I have no issue with the Collaborative and certainly no issue with Pam Keller personally. I consider her a friend and while we have our political differences, I like her very much.

        To this blog’s credit, they will occasionally remove comments which can be categorized as slanderous attacks, but they do not remove opinion. So it seems that your unkind and untrue comments will remain. I also want to make it clear to readers of this blog that I have ZERO editorial access or authority on this blog.

        It is my personal hope that the Keller family remains in Fullerton forever!

        My apologies to the Keller family for any hurt feelings that this causes. I believe that this blog supports an utterly open expression of political ideas. Unfortunately, freedom is not always free and a consequence is that jerks have freedom of speech too.

        1. Sometimes things go too far and common decency goes out the window. It’s disturbing to me reading about Zippy saying that you can now fulfill your commitment and promises of destroying the Fullerton Collaborative and Pam Keller. That you will do it from the inside and the friends from the outside. The statement about kicking her family out of town is completely tasteless and shows a lack of class for this site and any associated with this statement. Now i know you what you wrote above but I can’t help to think why Zippy would write these things if it wasn’t discussed among the friends. Maybe not all of these things were discussed but my guess there is some truth to some of them. I have my doubts about anyone associated with this blog and I know you and Whitaker (Nelson& Norby) will share valuable information told to you in confidence with your good buddy Tony for all the financial assistance he provided. Such a hateful, mean spirited site that we have here unless you are a personal friend of the classy guy running it.


          1. Your calculated effort to create a guilty by association link between myself, this blog and Tony Bushala is not necessary. Tony Bushala is both a friend and a supporter of mine. Tony has zero fiduciary interest in the Fullerton School District beyond his interest as a taxpayer and supporter of good government. He has created a blog which has succeeded in attracting literally thousands of comments on every conceivable side of every Fullerton issue. I agree with some, disagree with some and am disgusted with some. However, I agree with the editorial philosophy that leans heavily in the direction of non-interference. This is not a for-profit newspaper. It is a wide-open blog. Note Real Thread, that you are obviously comfortable that your identity will not be revealed as you anonymously make your comments. This site allows anybody, including you, to sit back and make unsubstantiated accusations from the bleachers and always protects writer identity if they choose to not use their name. You’re right though. Sometimes common decency does go out the window and things do go too far. The appropriate thing to do at that point is to make counter-points as I have done above, not squelch freedom of speech. It’s clear that you are hypothesizing that I am being disingenuous in my comments above and that I have some nefarious agenda that goes beyond my opposition to the Memorandum of Understanding between the District and the Collaborative. I’m not sure how to defend that beyond pointing out that your only evidence is that I’m friends with and supported by the owner of this site. Your problem with that is that Tony also thinks Zippy’s comments were asinine. However, they were not slanderous so they were allowed to remain.

            I have made my “agenda” with respect to the Fullerton Collaborative and the Fullerton School District very clear many times. I have written in support of the current Director… refuting assertions that there was some grand conspiracy to create a set of circumstances to her selfish benefit. I have made it clear that I believe the Collaborative does good work. I have made it clear that I am friends with the current Director and like her very much personally. If you cannot accept that I simply don’t want the Fullerton School District to be in the employment agency business for independent non-profits, then there is nothing more I can do.

          2. I am no agent. Look – Mr. Thompson has stated he is against Keller continuing to operate at the district with the Collaborative. My sentiments are derived from the facts and the information disclosed here by investigations of others here. More power to him – he is doing the work that needs to be done. I am not the only one that makes statements like this on the site.

            Mr. Thompson is correct in supporting this site and operators. We would live in a much better world if we would just step up like Mr. Bushala and Mr. Thompson. Here’s to free speech!

    1. Right. And the repuglican creep de jour, the pension greaser McKinley lost to Chaffee.

      A real bad day for the FPOA and Fire boys, too. Excellent for the rest of us.

      Can’t wait for the spinners to show up just to insult racist Bushala blah blah blah.

  4. OMG, it’s going to be excruciating to sit through City Council meetings with Chaffee up there now! He managed to eek in. If you thought our Council meetings were long before, get ready, because the guy likes to hear himself talk. OMG, just can’t believe it…..

  5. I just wish someone would wake up about Royce. Repuglican as they come! Plus now he is showing up to tea parties. Tea parties are anti incumbent is he retarded?

  6. Looks to me like the Chaffee race could go down to the wire. Wasn’t he behind in absentees? Its only a 100 vote margin and there could be a few thousand absentees still to count.

    1. You should check the votes now!!! McKinley has a 52 vote lead!!! Looks like he did more than just close the gap. All you McKinley haters can suck an egg!!!

  7. Hollis, let’s be realistic. If McKinley had a 2% advantage in absentees (that’s being generous, McKinley never lead by that much), it would take 5,000 uncounted absentees to close the gap.

    McKinely is toast. Bye bye RINO, hello liberal.

    1. Good point just a guy. Other than incumbents Jones and Bankhead who are hold overs from the mid 90’s, none of the old guard has been elected and several have had their butts kicked trying to pretend the old Fullerton Yacht club still has some juice in this town.

  8. We traded Nelson for Whitaker and Keller for Chaffee. And Blockhead is back for 4 more years. We got nowhere fast.

      1. I don’t know if there is much of difference between McKinley and Chaffee. But it is close enough to as for a recount and so the drama will continue.

  9. I’m stunned at the Fullerton residents whose idiot minds thought it was a good idea to re-elect Don Bankhead!! Do they not watch City Council meetings?? Have they not had a chat with him in person?? This guy is OLD, CREEPY & JUST A HUGE FOOL!!! WAKE UP FULLERTON!! You had a chance to make a good change and instead you chose the same old sh%t!! WHY?????

  10. Roland Chi and Aaron Gregg in some sort of slime off competition.

    You see who could ooze their way down a hundred yard track and leave the most disgusting slime trail in his wake.

    1. They spent the entire credibility from the phrase “public service” or “government service” and got “Union Thug” as their title, in exchange.

      Can anyone recall the time when policemen and firemen were individually and collectively respected without question? I can. And school teachers? Now, merely Union bully-thugs and Leftist propagandists.

      What a sad trade: honor, respect and security, for hyper-over-compensation, pilfered through political partisan bullying.

      Put a big red star on your house, or the “government workers” won’t assist you.

      1. If you don’t stop taking money from the police and fire there won’t be anyone left to to come to your house even if you do have a red star on it!!! There have been several retirements in the PD and they have not been replaced!!!

        1. I am entirely confident that the Fullerton Police Department could be reduced by 50% with zero reduction in service or public safety. I’ve actually accomplished such things and know the results are better in every respect (especially regarding morale and well being of the employees).

  11. Chris Thompson killing the other two is a great sign for conservatives! Now we just need two more like him and we’re looking good!

  12. The work is not done this election. We are all counting all Chris Thompson to fulfill his commitment of destroying the Fullerton Collaborative and Pam Keller. She is out of office, but now we need to eliminate this communist organization from the School District.

    Chris now can hack away at this organization from the inside. We will do our part from the outside.

    1. What the hell are you talking about?

      Obviously the jealous critics of this site have decided to take the “if you cant beat ’em join ’em route and are now posting as “insiders” with some sort of scoop. I have read this site for some time and I have never seen anyone advocate for the destruction of the Fullerton Collaborative or Pam Keller.

      Advocating that the Fullerton School District should sever ties with the Collaborative as the employer of it’s one and only employee has always been the point. I understand some dont have the capacity to distinguish the two but one has nothing to do with the other.

      State your point of view and use an alias if you must but posing part of some inner circle at this site so you can drag down its credibility only shows how much you fear it. If the site has no credibility and is disregarded by folks you would not waste your effort. No one is falling for the sock puppet routine but you are boosting the ego of the publisher for sure by resorting to this level of desperation.

      1. What the hell are YOU talking about? I’m exercising my free speech. I’m didn’t even know there was an inner circle here. I can say any damn thing I want to. It’s a free country. I don’t see anything wrong with what I posted. I do not understand what’s pissing you off. I don’t personally know any of these people. All I know is what I read here, and have been getting pissed off about these ass wipes in my city. They should all take a hike.

        1. You’re most likely Tony himself trying to draw attention here. Smoke another bowl or go get some freebies at the Slidebar

  13. This is not over yet….still showing a 42 vote separation between Chaffee and McKinley. Just checked and there’s still a 258,196 votes to count with 76,076 of them from vote-by-mail. There’s still hope….I know you guys don’t want McKinley, but I (and others) can’t stand Chaffee!

  14. ….total votes to be counted throughout the state, of course, not strictly Fullerton. Like, duh, but someone is surely to comment on it.

  15. …”Women are fine – Keller is not.”
    Zippy has it right. It’s women like Keller that make the rest of us women look bad. I, for one, am not sorry to see her go. It’s a constant up-hill battle for women given some of those who have made it into leadership positions. Whether it’s Palin or Pelosi…surely we can do better! Let’s face it, the ones that make us look bad always stand out more than those actually doing a good job. Our local politics are no different. I haven’t been fond of any of the recent women council members….damn it!

  16. This is a nail bitter! 30 votes, come on…plenty of room for margin of error. I hope the O.C. Register jumped the gun. Except for Whitaker, it was kind of gagging.

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