The Moral Bankruptcy Of The Three Blind Mice

Just in case you missed it (which is entirely understandable since almost nobody goes to this pathetic website) the anti-recallers are suddenly concerned about the rights of the cops that murdered Kelly Thomas. Previously these pustules have been crying crocodile tears over the exploitation of a schizophrenic homeless man. Not any more. Now it seems they are suddenly concerned about the rights of killer cops and are using this to defend their do-nothing Three Blind Mice.

Notice how these degenerates describe the cold-blooded murder as “The Kelly Thomas matter.” To them it’s just a “matter.” Well, to us it’s a murder.

They pretend that they are oh, so concerned about big settlements like the one payed out to the crooked George Jaramillo, but how come they aren’t concerned at all about Pat McKinley hiring murderers, thieves, drug addicts, pick-pockets, perjurers, thugs and perverts in the first place; or by Don Bankhead and Dick Jones looking the other way as a Culture of Corruption took root in the FPD, and  allowed McKinley’s personally selected goons to run roughshod over the rights of free citizens?

And how come these hypocritical cankers haven’t said a single word about the $350,000 settlement to victims of Albert Rincon, the sex pervert that Pat McKinley hired, and said he was proud of?

When McKinley said he was proud of the FPD except for “the two” (Ramos and Cicinelli, presumably), he really should have kept his big mouth shut.

Any more doubt that we need a recall?

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FPD Releases Sketch

On Thursday the Fullerton Police Department released a sketch of a sexual assault suspect, according to the Register, here.

The attack occurred on October 12th, on Berkeley, near FJC, one month earlier. A little late. Still, not bad for Andrew Goodrich, who inexplicably (or perfectly explicable if you believe in the FPD Culture of Corruption) remains the face of Fullerton on police matters.

Here's your man...
Oops, sorry. here he is.

Naturally some of the commenters on the ensuing thread wonder aloud when the Goodrich & Co. are going to release the image of former FPD cop Albert Rincon, who sexually assaulted women in the back seat of his patrol car, with the full knowledge of his superiors in the department.

Oh, that’s right. Former police chief, city councilman and current recall target Pat McKinley has explained all: “it’s just touching. Not a good thing, but not a dangerous thing.” So despite a $350,000 settlement (to date) Rincon is not really a danger to anybody.

Lookin' out for the ladies, oh yeah!

But if that sets the bar for behavior then it looks like their suspect falls well withing the bounds of propriety established by McKinley.

Is Pat McPension Voting on Settlements to Cover Up His Poor Decisions as Police Chief?

Just give me a year or two. I'll come up with something...

Could be. These things are decided by the City Council behind closed doors in what is called “Closed Session.”

It would be a pretty neat and convenient trick to be able to sweep a whole lot of nasty crap under the carpet that might otherwise be more closely scrutinized during a public trial. And when that nasty crap reflects directly on your own incompetence, ignorance, and misfeasance, so much the better.

So it is with Fullerton City Council recall target and former Chief of Police, Pat McKinley. See, Pat is the guy who personally hired all the FPD goons, thieves, pickpockets, druggies, perjurers and killers who have been in the news lately. He says he is proud of all of them (but two – presumably the “aliens” Cicinelli and Ramos). And he apologizes for nothing

Consider this: as a City Councilman McKinley can get to decide how much money is paid out to the victims of those low-life hires he is so proud of. The conclusion that some of these payouts give off the stink of hush money is inescapable. A $350,000 payout was made just recently in the Albert Rincon sexual assault cases; and new plaintiffs are already forming a considerable conga line. What was McKinley’s role in this settlement? What will his role be in future FPD-caused civil suit settlements?

The most embarrassing issue of all (and potentially the most costly), will be the fact that then Chief McKinley knowingly hired and happily deployed to the streets of Fullerton a one-eyed cop whom the Chief of the LAPD wisely rejected as unfit for duty; and McKinley did it knowingly and happily as a favor to an old crony. Obviously no thought was given to the safety of the very public McKinley had sworn to protect.

This appears to me as a blatant conflict of interest and so, one hopes, it would also appear to McKinley. But unfortunately McKinley’s sense of ethics and sense of self-entitlement are a lot different than mine and yours.

Are you comfortable with McKinley having anything to do with settling a case that would shine a spotlight on his own corrupt misfeasance? The embarrassing details of the sexual predator Albert Rincon will never receive the public scrutiny of a public trial; nor will the fact that this was just another of the many miscreants hired and let loose on the public by McKinley.

Will McKinley recuse himself on the Quinonez and Veth Mam cases? Or the Kelly Thomas case? What about possible employee decisions with regard to Hampton, Wolfe, Blatney, Klein, Mejia, et al?  If not, he is putting his lack of ethics on display; if he does it begs the question of how he can serve on the Council at all. See where I’m going with this?

Maybe you would just feel more comfortable if he weren’t in office anymore, at all.

A Friend Comments

Reality is I'm gonna split yer head open like a cantaloupe!

Once in a while we here at FFFF get a really good comment that we want to single out for its humor, insight or just all ’round pithiness. Here is a Friend called Dr. Ott Says, who deploys the good doctor’s analysis of the police perspective of the world.

He responds to the rather comical cop fixation on what constitutes “reality.” Here’s what Dr. Ott Says said:

Titan of Truth, the hallmark of the narcissistic personality is the confusion of his self-centered universe with “reality.” This is referred to in psychological and philosophical literature as solipsism, a condition in which only ones’ own mind is known to exist; taken to the extreme other individuals are actually denied substantive reality.

This is why a policeman like McKinley must utter the word “alien” when referring to a bad cop. He’s not referring to a little green man from Mars, but to some unimaginable creature outside the bounds of his fairly paltry weltanschauung.

The detrimental consequence of this sort of mindset is obvious as we have seen in the whole Kelly Thomas murder saga.

This is why Dr. Ott advises that such individuals may be useful for basic tasks like frontal assaults on the battlefield and valet car parking. Give them a uniform and some minor authority. But never, never cease to monitor and supervise their activities.

Dithering Dinosaurs Dine Out; McPension Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot. Again.

Unfortunately, age did not confer wisdom...

The Old Boy Network of the Fullerton establishment held a fundraiser for their old boys at the Villa Del Sol the other night. We will be sharing our own video later if our boys in the White Van ever recover from their serial ingestion of raw opium poppies that admin now grows in his backyard.

Lookin' good in yellow! (Photo by Marisa Gerber OC Weekly)

In the meantime, here’s a story on the event from Marisa Gerber of the OC Weekly. She mordantly describes the anti-recall attendees:

a rather homogeneous crew of sexagenarians and older — gathered at a pricey fundraiser tonight to support three beleaguered city leaders.

As usual the best quote of the night come from high school graduate and architect of the Culture of Corruption in the Fullerton Police Department, Pat McKinley:

He can handle it, he said, adding that what frustrated him most was hearing people “who probably never graduated high school” bad-mouth the mayor, who used to be a doctor.

Oh, oh. The literary She Bear who gets $215,000 a year courtesy of the taxpayer for doing nothing is taking shots at the academic accomplishments of the recallers. Bad idea Chief. Some folks might start asking about the scholastic level of your police force!

Moxley Drop Kicks Whiting

My wife says I'm not a limp-wristed fascist...

Remember the useless OC Register tool David Whiting, who just couldn’t bend his moth ball size brain around the concept of a killer cop? And remember this pathetic load of road apples in which Whiting firmly attached his eagerly quivering lips to Doc HeeHaw’s withered undercarriage?

Now enjoy The OC Weekly’s Scott Moxley (a real reporter, by the way) as he tunes up the OC Register’s hackling, here. There seems to be a long tradition of pro-cop stoogery at the the rag, er, I mean the Reg, and Whiting is the latest wearer of the crown.

The central theme of Moxley’s piece is the notion that members of the Fourth Estate have a moral obligation to challenge those in authority, not lick their, um, boots. Poor Lou Ponsi is forced by his boss to write fluff pieces. Whiting has no such excuse; he seems perfectly content to pet and pamper those in authority, no matter how little he actually knows about what’s really going on.

If the Register can’t do its job a journalistic endeavor, I say it’s time to pull the plug. Who will join me in a boycott?



Never Forget

It’s been a year since the election of 2010. But let’s take a moment to reflect upon those who were endorsed by the public safety unions in Fullerton:


Right. Bankhead, McKinley and Roland Chi. What a crew!

Bankhead, the brain shift-slip octogenarian; McKinkley, the bad cop who littered the Fullerton Police Department with thugs, goons, pickpockets, pill-popping con men, sexual predators, perjurers, and of course murderers; and Roland Chi, the food poisoner from Garden Grove who only escaped prosecution by handing over his DNA to the DA.

Like the unionistas themselves, huge pension recipients Bankhead and McKinley could be safely counted on to curry favor with labor; and oh, they tried so hard after the brazen Kelly Thomas murder at the hands of six Fullerton cops to protect their campaign benefactors. Roland Chi was just a contemptible scofflaw who never should have come out from behind the rancid squid display in the first place.

And all three were safe bets to impose the annual and illegal 10% tax on your water, a tax that goes to pay their own pensions!

And folks this is why we need a recall!

More Comic Relief from the Anti-Recall Clowns

Yesterday I talked to the Fair Political Practices Commission regarding the complaint filed against Tony Bushala by Tony Florentine. This complaint is actually posted as “Breaking News” on the anti-recall crowd’s ugly website.

So what’s the status of this Breaking News? Tony Florentine’s “complaint” was flatly rejected by the FPPC.

Truth was a concept that eluded him...

In effect, the complaint never made it past the receptionist. It seems that Tony Bushala’s actual transgression was over-reporting! The assertion was that an individual, major donor must file a brief Form 461. Bushala actually legally reported all of his activities using the more comprehensive Form 460 in forming General Purpose committees. In other words, Bushala worked harder than he needed to fully disclose all of his political activities.

The FPPC was not amused by Dick Ackerman's latest clownery.

The FPPC representative actually seemed amused that such a complaint would be filed and made it clear that she personally had fully explained all of these circumstances to somebody calling themselves a treasurer for the anti-recall.

In fact, the only reason to even look at the complaint would be to enjoy some of Florentine’s “evidence,” including humorous mailers leveled against his RINO pals in years past.

Rejected complaint

I can hardly blame these guys for throwing this worthless claim against the wall and then lying about the results.  I would have no idea how to defend three RINO council members who have spent us into the enormous financial hole that we find ourselves in while pumping up the staffing, salaries and pensions of their primary supporters.

Time to move on.

The Personality of Misplaced Self Worth

After several posts detailing the falsehoods and comically bizarre statements made by former Fullerton Police Department chief Pat McKinley, FFFF decided once again to call upon the good offices of Dr. Reinhold Ott, of the Institut fur Psychologie at the University of Tubingen. It appears to us that Mr. McKinley is desperately in need of professional help. And of course, we’re always here to help.

The penetrating gaze of Dr. Reinhold Ott; M.D., Ph.D

So, let’s hear from Dr. Ott.

I have reviewed the information you have provided me on the subject of your former police chief and city councillor, Mr. Pat McKinley, including the invaluable videos. I can say that the latter were particularly useful in developing a personality profile on this individual. While necessarily speculative without further in-depth analysis, I can assert that the available evidence leads me to some fairly confident conclusions.

Narcissism is a condition of excessive self-centeredness that entails the inability to critically assess one’s self and others from a rational perspective. When it attains a serious enough level it is manifested by an effective denial of reality, an inflated sense of entitlement,  and an almost complete lack of empathy for others. The narcissist sees himself as perfectly formed and thus he must ascribe blame to others for his own failures and shortcomings.

I believe this description fits Mr. McKinley quite well, as evidenced by his refusal to even offer a token apology for all the serious problems in your police force, a force that he appears pleased to have assembled.  I notice that lawless police officers that he hired and trained himself are deemed to be “aliens;” the concept of extra-terrestrials invading this man’s police department sounds ludicrous to us, but not to him. Since the idea that poor decisions on his part is not conceivable to him, the only explanation must be supernatural. And please note how he casually dismisses the victims of sexual assault by one of his policemen – a criminal act – by degrading the target of the crime. Thus the victims of his police force (those ladies…, etc.) are characterized as somehow to blame for events that are seen to be things that “just happen.”

In one interview I notice Mr. McKinley’s use of the first person plural pronoun. “When we came to Fullerton.” This is not merely casual misuse of language. It indicates the very real possibility of dual or perhaps even multiple personalities; at the least, the good cop/bad cop duality that is closely connected to the police psychology may here be in evidence. This possibility should not be dismissed lightly.

Furthermore, I must note a strong impulse to authoritarianism in our subject, the staunch defense of physical abuse of people who assert themselves at the expense of his authority, and, once again, a propensity to blame the targets of this impulse, such as the other worldly attributes he absurdly imputes to anti-abortion protesters.

People such as our subject are invariably drawn to the military, as well as crypto-militaristic organizations, and while they may be useful for limited tasks, such as full frontal battlefield assaults, crowd and traffic control, and the like, they must be constantly monitored by a competent civilian authority. The penchant to assert their control over others while evading responsibility for their own misdeeds can be disastrous. History is replete with this sort of megalomania with its attendant horrors: pogroms, wars, concentration camps, etc.

I should note that the narcissist may present himself in an attractive, even charming manner so long as he attains his desires. But in the face of resistance to his charm, and, more importantly, to his authority, the narcissist will likely drop any facade of congeniality and become belligerent; however the denial and dissimulation will persist.

The personality profile of Mr. McKinley cannot be considered complete without consideration of statements made by the subject for which he possesses no professional qualification, such as the nature of the head injuries suffered by Mr. Thomas; and by his attempt to psychoanalyze protesters and even criminals. Exercising what can only be deemed  incompetent opinion under the guise of informed knowledge is typical behavior.

For the true megalomaniac it is insufficient to be merely an armed minion in service to the state. He craves an authority outside his rather narrow vocational limits; an authority that he can claim personally. This explains the production of a self-published book in which he presses his years of experience into service for the good of his fellow man. It matters not that his advice in this oeuvre is good or bad (it is likely to be highly dangerous or lethal to follow any advice the narcissist may proffer); what matters is that our subject is an author!


It is easy to smirk at the title and text of our subject’s literary endeavor, but some compassion should be exercised: the “She Bear” is obviously indicative of serious unresolved maternal issues, and very likely a distant or abusive father.


Scary. Hell, Yes.

Three Creepy Jack O' Lanterns

It’s scary that the Three Dithering Dinosaurs are in charge of an entire city. Or at least say they’re in charge.

In its annual Scariest People in OC feature, I notice some familiar names. Yep. Don Bankhead, Dick Jones, and Pat McKinley are near the top of the list. Right after the nut job who murdered eight people in a Seal Beach salon and right behind their own police department!

Well, I guess that’s some sort of achievement although my guess is nobody will be reading about it on the anti-recall website.