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Reality is I'm gonna split yer head open like a cantaloupe!

Once in a while we here at FFFF get a really good comment that we want to single out for its humor, insight or just all ’round pithiness. Here is a Friend called Dr. Ott Says, who deploys the good doctor’s analysis of the police perspective of the world.

He responds to the rather comical cop fixation on what constitutes “reality.” Here’s what Dr. Ott Says said:

Titan of Truth, the hallmark of the narcissistic personality is the confusion of his self-centered universe with “reality.” This is referred to in psychological and philosophical literature as solipsism, a condition in which only ones’ own mind is known to exist; taken to the extreme other individuals are actually denied substantive reality.

This is why a policeman like McKinley must utter the word “alien” when referring to a bad cop. He’s not referring to a little green man from Mars, but to some unimaginable creature outside the bounds of his fairly paltry weltanschauung.

The detrimental consequence of this sort of mindset is obvious as we have seen in the whole Kelly Thomas murder saga.

This is why Dr. Ott advises that such individuals may be useful for basic tasks like frontal assaults on the battlefield and valet car parking. Give them a uniform and some minor authority. But never, never cease to monitor and supervise their activities.

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  1. It would be great to hear Dr. Ott’s take on what McKinley said on the Inside OC show a couple of weeks ago when he boasted about Ramos’ attorney. He stated he’s a very competent attorney and that ‘this trial will be very interesting.’
    Mr. Clairvouyant at it again….

    1. McKinley should not be so smug and be very afraid when those trials start, as…….

      Ramos’ attorney will let Cincinelli be tried first. His only defense of his frenzied attack on an unarmed man on the ground will be he had a PTSD episode from his injuries with LAPD (how else can he defend his behavior?)

      Ramos will then claim Cincinelli killed Kelly, not him, using the UCI doctors death certificate findings that Kelly couldn’t breathe because of the blood from the facial wounds.

      McKinley’s going to have to explain why he bypassed the mandatory POST requirements and had Cincinelli on the street to begin with. He’s so dumb, because all eyes will then look for him to answer that question. I can guarantee he won’t be smiling.

    1. OC Register, I read the link, but not really taking anything from it. A guy donated his money for a good cause, this is nothing new. Why dont you guys write a story about the color of the sky?

  2. One of the first things McKinley did when he was Chief, was to rewrite departmental policies and procedures. That’s what’s wrong in the FPD. All of the wrong doers in the last couple of years have been operating under his mindset.

    It makes one wonder what hasn’t come to light yet. He needs to be gone yesterday and his egocentric thought processes are what’s going to cost the City of Fullerton dearly, as these lawsuits are settled. (the hiring of Cincinelli alone and his part in Kelly’s death will hurt Fullerton for many years to come).

    Damage control coverup will hurt Fullerton’s reputation for many years to come.

    McKinley, , You’re the only alien that I see………..FPD, , you have my condolences as you wade through the sh*t for the next few years.

      1. It was in the press release of McKinley when he first became police chief of Fullerton……..Along with the fact that he stated he was going to tackle Fullerton’s ‘graffiti ‘ problem. (which was the biggest problem Fullerton had when he became chief.

        If I have to find it, , I’m going to make you buy me those donuts.

        I’m anything but lost……….

          1. Reality Is…….I want to hear your explanation of why FPD has had so many instances of misconduct in the last couple of years. I don’t see other departments that have anywhere close what has come out of Fullerton PD in the last couple of years.

            1. It’s very complex. You say numerous instances. The main instance is the Kelly case. Then the drunk idiots, the fight, camera smack. iPad. Rincon.

              Long story short is if you knew every internal affairs investigation every year, every PD would be the same as Fullerton. Cops are humans. We will always have mistakes of the heart and mind. That’s what discipline is for.

              That’s reality.

                1. I think there will be some issues, and some recommendations for change. I don’t think there will be any big policy changes. I also think that if any police department is analyzed top to bottom, they would get the same suggestions and recommendations. If some of the grumblings on here are true about acts vs discipline vs termination, then we might see that there was a pattern of discipline that is too light. Not sure because we really don’t know how discipline was handed out, but nothing really dictates levels of discipline either. That’s done by the Chief and command staff, and the best practice is equal discipline based on equal acts weighing the impact of the act, i.e. death, injury, damage, perception damage, etc.

                  Just because a cop makes a mistake doesn’t mean they are fired. Cops have been arrested numerous times for DUI and they get 30 days off or something along those lines. So it really just depends on what the cop was found guilty of, and the pattern of discipline in the past to keep equal punishments among the troops.

                  Anytime you pay $100,000 for something, you are going to get some recommendations for change. Without a doubt. There is no chance even if everything was perfect, they will find something to recommend change to.

        1. Ok. I see. I thought you were blaming the current times on bad McKinley policies. There are no McKinley policies in place now.

          1. Yes, its the lack of policies that created the problems we have now. Indiscriminant behavior with no guidlines. No policies on the use of tazers. The public requested the policy on this long time ago.Lets get someone in who is capable of making some decent policy.

              1. If they are the best policies around and used statewide, , how come some FPD officers haven’t abided by them?

                example: It’s against policy to hit or beat someone above the neck, , unless it’s just an accident in a scuffle. (the 8 blows to Kelly’s face by the tazer gun)

                (or) the amount of times a tazer can be used on an individual and what parts of the body to avoid (like right over the heart)

                1. There was 5 officers or retired officers on the OCR blog that posted them and spoke of them.

                2. I can’t bring them over to show you because when they went to facebook comments, all previous posts were deleted.

          2. Reality Is……please, , I want to know what your explanation is of what has been coming out of the FPD in the last couple of years……..

            I feel very bad for the good cops at FPD, as every time they turn around, it’s something else that is revealed that undermines their hard work, and I know it can’t be easy over there right now.

            My friend, (the retired cop with 28 years service) has told me it’s because of how the police chief runs things. Sellers hasn’t been there long enough to make this kind of difference…Has he?

            1. I’m still not sold on it being a corrupt and bad PD running rampant with no supervision. I realize there are a few incidents being looked at, but that doesn’t mean everything is bad and they were free to beat anyone they wanted with no repercussions. I still feel that even without this blog, Fullerton was investigating this use of force on Kelly. It was a major use of force, and any on scene supervisor would have to make it known the command staff. That doesn’t mean suspending people right away, but at least starting an investigation into the use of force.

              When death is realized as possible, then an entirely different policy is put into place. DA’s office is notified and put on the case no matter what. It never got there in public because his dad made it public before death. So what was going on behind the scenes isn’t known. I think it was being investigated for sure. To what extent will probably be laid out in the Gennaco report. The end result of that investigation Fullerton would have done will never be known. I’m sure people here say it would have been swept under the carpet. I don’t think a death would ever be swept under the run. I do think the awareness of it forced the investigation to be done by the book, interviewing many more witnesses than would have been.

              Time will tell.

              1. Thanks for your answer…………

                One more question……why did it take so long for them to do something about Rincon, with 12 reported complaints and 2 lawsuits? Why wasn’t he put on administrative leave long before?

                1. That’s kind of the case that boggles my mind. I don’t know enough about the actual facts of the case to say. I don’t think anyone does. But from what we all do know, very very odd he wasn’t fired long ago. There just has to be more to it. We might find out that “more” after the Genaco report.

  3. It was amusing hearing one of the speakers at the anti-Recall fund-raiser last week saying that all these things going on in the Fullerton Police Department have NOTHING to do with the 3 Douchebags.
    They insist on ignoring the fact that their demonic hero Pat McKinley was the hiring Chief of Police of all these criminal cops that have proven to be corrupt.
    They learned their corruption from the Master-Devil himself, McKinley.
    McKinley is a perfect example of how many years in law enforcement can make one become ‘full of themselves’. Especially if they work all those years without a psychiatric evaluation of their own. THEY NEED IT more than anyone in any profession.

    1. Didn’t Dick Ackerman pretend to live in somebody’s game room so his wife wcould run for the Assembly?


      1. OOOOhhhh Blondie this pretending to live in sombody else’s home is an old political ploy. The previous mayor of Compton, the poster child for corruption, had 39 registered voters with the address of his home, where the Mayor was living with his mother in an 1,100 square foot 3 bedroom home! The LA County DA refused to prosecute saying that no fraud had been perpetrated.
        I guess in Compton, its not a fraud but Fullerton is in Orange County, right DA Tony?
        Remember Tuco knows!

    2. A tornado hit the double wide and she needed a place to stay. Good job Chris, way to single handedly sink the movement. I knew you were crooked, now there’s proof.

      1. This movement cant be sunk. The cord has been struck. We will not tolerate SNUFF FILM prodruction within Fullerton’s city limits.

  4. If anyone knows the dangers of allowing a psychopath in a uniform to have authority, it would be the German people.

    Perhaps Dr. Ott could devise a personality profile to detect a nascent Cicenelli or Ramos in the ranks?

  5. And I think it’s time for a Citizen’s Bill of Rights. Any citizen being stopped or in any way having legal contact with a policeman should have the right to demand proof that the encounter is being recorded by either audio or video recording devices.

    And there should be trigger events defined to prompt a citizen to call 9-1-1 and report an officer whose demeanor or appearance causes the citizen to fear the officer. For example, angry, threatening, or abusive language; irritable or irrational demands; sloppy appearance or intoxicated behavior.

    Any officer who refused to identify himself/herself by badge number, name, and jurisdiction/division should be immediately cited for insubordination.

    It’s high time the public took back the reigns on those departments like Fullerton who have shown a callous and criminal disregard for the rights of its citizens.

    1. Thats funny shit! Oh, you’re serious? Good luck with that. Why don’t you try and make a demand when your legally stopped. You’ll be yelling for a “medic!” just like the jack off in yesterday’s video.

      1. Are you saying that you beat people for making demands? Or that police can and should beat people for making demands?

      2. Your predictable reaction is exactly the type of trigger that should merit you a civilian monitor who would be required to witness every interaction you have with the public.

      3. Sheep…….. Ewe really are a jerk…..

        Is that what Reality Is meant?

        ‘Policies are not the issue. Best policies around and used statewide’.

        I don’t think that is departmental policy……….

        1. “Sheep” is living proof that Cicinelli and Ramos are only the tip of the iceberg. I’d bet money he’s had more than one reprimand. Isn’t there a state office to report dangerous cops?

          1. They could have had more than one reprimand. Doesn’t really say much though. Yea you can report anyone to anybody. Then that person calls down to see what’s up and then either comes down to ask around or believes what the Chief said that the complaint is from some activist pissed at the world or the complaint was dispos’d out and cleared already. Hard to tell. DOJ looks at some but it has to be something pretty big and it has to be something with some issues, otherwise they rely on the county or city investigations.

            1. “They could have had more than one reprimand.”

              I was referring to that nut-sack “Sheep.” He’s one of the bad apples that needs to be taken out before the whole basket is spoiled.

          1. Big deal. 5% of the calls are about cops beating the life out of a harmless citizen minding his own business. That’s not a problem, it’s a solution.

          2. Now you’re making excuses for keeping the status quo, RI.

            BTW: Knowing how government loves acronyms, and knowing your presence in here is official police business, I have to ask what does RI actually stand for? Reconnaissance and Incitement department? Roving Instigator? Rectal Inflammation?

  6. 30k to date of Tony Bushala’s money on this grass roots effort on the recall. Tell us again this is not about Bushala and his special interests.

    1. Nowhere does the report attribute the 30k received all to Bushala. I guess you read only what you want to! Remember, don’t mess with Tuco!

  7. Oh me oh my :30k to date of Tony Bushala’s money on this grass roots effort on the recall. Tell us again this is not about Bushala and his special interests.

    That’s not much for Tony.
    If I were pulling in over $250K annually, I would contribute at least 15K to the cause.
    Well worth it!!!

  8. Great ideas Cacklefoos on your #18 comment above, especially “It’s high time the public took back the reigns on those departments like Fullerton who have shown a callous and criminal disregard for the rights of its citizens.”

    1. I’m serious, Wrong Guy. Kids in school now need to be taught that the cop that pulls them over may be more interested in giving them a concussion than a traffic ticket.

      It’s too bad that the public has to defend itself from cops, but it’s the cops’ fault that things have become that way, not the public’s.

  9. Simply stated, if Tony Bushala is pursuing this recall for the sake of his own business interests at the expense of the taxpayers, it absolutely serves the voters of Fullerton to be educated on this reality. In fact, if I become convinced of this, I will cease to be a political ally of Tony’s.

    Chris Thompson

    Does being a liar and a cheat count?

  10. Cthompsonmoron :http://protectfullerton-recallno.com/news_details.php?id=21

    So what’s the point about this article?
    A very weak attempt at trying to destroy the credebility of the recall principles.
    This Jacqueline could very well be a ‘live-in’ housekeeper for the Thompson’s; so what?
    A recall effort takes money to be successful.
    So what if Tony and/or Chris paid someone $560 or whatever to gather signatures.
    Sue them if you don’t like it, and good luck with that, FAILURES!

  11. Oh me oh my :Simply stated, if Tony Bushala is pursuing this recall for the sake of his own business interests at the expense of the taxpayers, it absolutely serves the voters of Fullerton to be educated on this reality. In fact, if I become convinced of this, I will cease to be a political ally of Tony’s.
    Chris Thompson
    Does being a liar and a cheat count?

    Ask Sgt. Goodrich.

  12. Just wait till the video goes viral- no one will care about some stupid $560 bucks and some chick living in someones house. EVERYONE will have 20/20 vision at that point.

  13. I agree, release that beating video! Desensitize and taint the jury pool. Let the lawyers spin their magic and poof hung jury.
    Demand the release of the video now!

    1. I didn’t say to release the video now. It will come out when it comes out and with it the truth. By the way 73 trillion in Bank of America derivatives are being valet parked over at the FDIC. I hear that it is happy hour over at Goldman Sachs. US GDP is 14 Trillion. Bootlicking and a dollar wont even get you a cup of coffee in the very near future. Wake up. It is never too late to do the right thing. The truth will stand on its own. Stand with it.

    2. Yeah, release the video now so the crowds protesting at FPD will swell to tens of thousands. Maybe it’ll be like the Rodney King riots all over again with cop cars being turned over and torched in the streets. It’s going to be released anyway, so might as well get it all out before Christmas.

    1. Another important item to reform, based on the Fullerton 6 scandal: there needs to be a reporting agency that all public employees who receive medical disability report their disability. Before any employee can be hired that person must report their new hire status to the agency so their disability pension can be terminated or reduced upon hire.

      1. True. Appears nothing at all in place. Looks like Fullerton did background, contacted LAPD, hired, that’s the end. Tough system to implement with no connection between the agencies retirement systems. Would have to be a law that the person being hired must report.

  14. Well when a guy appears in Fullerton and has a glass eye, that might raise a flag or two. He gets hired on the police force yet you KNOW being a chief of police that some amount of disability is attached to that injury. So you look the other way about two things, the physical that he cannot pass AND the disability pension (tax free) that he is receiving.
    OH and your name is PAT MCPENSION, now member of city council.
    Oh yeah, Fullerton citizens, you get to pay the civil suit wrongful death claims arising from this hire!

    1. Let’s just say that he was cleared medically, and that he was POST certified every year of employment with Fullerton. Pension with LAPD is not anyone’s concern except LA and their pension system, unless there is something in their rules about notifying them if they get later employment.

      Then McPension is clear of everything?

      Civil suits are paid out by a large group of cities and will impact Fullerton minimally.

      1. Reality Is……. I already showed you Cincinelli could NOT have passed the POST requirements on his vision alone.

        1. I know you did. I don’t believe that just because it says that they don’t make exceptions. I’ve known other cops with one eyes and one legs and one arms. Only POST would be able to explain that.

          1. This is from a LA Times article about Cincinelli (notice that it lists the POST section rule number that applies)

            But perhaps his most courageous moment was when he fought for the opportunity to continue to serve as a field certified Police Officer, despite his medical limitations. It was ultimately determined that because of his injuries, Cicinelli no longer met the minimum standards of a peace officer as set forth by California Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST). One of the key principles cited by POST was that
            peripheral vision is one of the most important visual abilities for safe patrol officer performance.
            Although it pained the Department to conclude that Cicinelli could no longer serve as a patrol officer, it was an obvious and necessary decision to ensure the safety of all Los Angeles Police Officers and residents alike. In addition, Rule 5.26 of the Rules of the Board of Civil Service Commissioners does not permit a Police Officer to complete probation when in a restricted duty capacity.

    2. I guess it’s now the public’s responsibility to report questionable hires by the PD or FD. See a cop walking around with one eye? Check into their background. Call the newspaper. Question the chief.

      1. You can ask or point out anything you want. We all know that. In this era of social media, if something is being done wrong it’s pretty easy to blow things up. I think POST must make exceptions to things if a doctor says they pass, etc. That’s the only explanation. I mean I don’t see anyway a police Chief would pay a doctor to make a fake physical report just so POST will license the cop to work. I guess it could happen but that’s big big balls!.

        1. Somehow Cicinelli got around POST requirements for 2 fully functioning eyes. McKinley publicly stated he hired the cyclops as a favor. McKinley knows POST requirements, so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize McKinley waived the POST requirements for Cicinelli.

          The federal investigation of FPD will be damning.

  15. I see. I could paste the exact policies. It’s good reading and will probably open your eyes.

    seer2some :
    There was 5 officers or retired officers on the OCR blog that posted them and spoke of them.

  16. Wrong Guy :

    Oh me oh my :30k to date of Tony Bushala’s money on this grass roots effort on the recall. Tell us again this is not about Bushala and his special interests.

    That’s not much for Tony.
    If I were pulling in over $250K annually, I would contribute at least 15K to the cause.
    Well worth it!!!

    So let me see if I am following yo here: It’s ok for you to influence politics but it’s not ok for Mr. Bushala to do the same? Which America do you live in?

  17. Fred Alcazar :
    We need a super 9-1-1. For when the cops are the ones committing the crime!

    4th branch of government. To level the field…if a government agency accuses you of something and you are innocent you will end up penniless from lawyer’s fees to clear your name. There should be a “watchdog” branch of government to hold the accusing agency accountable. It goes further than that example, but it’s getting late for me (gotta be up at 5) so we can save the rest for another day.

    I like the way you think though. 😉

    1. This branch of government will quickly be captured by those who would exploit it, just like the regulatory capture of the SEC, DOJ, FDA, and even the judiciary branch.

      Bigger government usually isn’t the answer. Just enforce the laws we already have. Crime is ALREADY illegal if you’re a cop.

      1. Very true Stud. If anyone is convinced all branches are covering for all the others, there is no reason to add another layer. I say the same thing about a police commission. Just another layer of bureaucracy to deal with in every decision and eventually city councils get their own people on all of their commissions anyways. Laws are in place. No money anywhere. Fix the issues and move on.

  18. “Yep. You have to watch them carefully. If you don’t innocent people end up dead.”
    It is too late… 7 Fullerton cops murdered innocent man and protected by enteprise criminal OCDA and its powerful union.
    Blood has a very unique memory…

  19. I have a question for the good Dr. Ott.

    We read that Cincinelli was tested psychologically before he was hired by FPD.

    Are these tests generally written and/or oral?

    Can a disturbed individual fake it and pass a psych evaluation?

    Or in the pass/fail grade all wrapped up in the interpretation of the results?

    Is it possible for the interpretor to turn a fail into a pass?

    Your reply would be greatly appreciated, Dr. Ott.

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