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MWD Abandons Pension Spike; Jim Blake Off The Hook

Yesterday the MWD General Manager abandoned the proposed pension jump for employees that would have raised their retirement formula. Here’s the story. He conceded that the votes weren’t there. Which means, of course, that a vote was held, only not in public. Somehow that seems like it should be illegal – Brown Act-wise, but of course […]

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The Status of the “Amerige Court” Monstrosity; On Life Support – Pull The Plug!

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the good folks at City Hall to provide a public update on the drawn-out Amerige Court saga. They would just as soon you don’t know while they work out a deal behind the scenes. Well, if they won’t we will. To that end we sent out our crack team […]

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City and County Collaborate on $25 Million Bribery Plan

Last night the Fullerton City Council voted to give the County of Orange $4,000,000 of your money. Right now. Right out of your pocket. So what’s the reason for this unusual generosity? It was because the County was threatening to sue the City over the diversion of property tax increment from the County through the […]

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Redevelopment Hard at Work on South Raymond? Big Toy #1?

Fullerton has a whole gaggle of Redevelopment “project managers” looking for something to do. One of them, Nicole Coates, was quoted in an August 4th, 2009 Barabara Giasone Register article with regard to the sale of the old Stone Container plant on S. Raymond Avenue –part of the new redevelopment expansion area. Hmm. Supposedly the property is being sold out of […]

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The City is Violating Its Own Law in Hillcrest Park

If you’ve driven along Brea Boulevard lately you will have noticed that the north hill side of Hillcrest Park has been completely scraped as part of the so-called Lions Field improvements. Well, the hillside was suffering from total (and I mean complete) negligence on the part of the City for decades. What is being built, are […]

Behind Closed Doors Fullerton City Council Watch Your Wallet


Here’s an item on tomorrow’s agenda to be addressed by the City Council behind closed doors: 2. CONFERENCE WITH REAL PROPERTY NEGOTIATOR Property: 626 & 700 S. Euclid Street Agency Negotiator: Rob Zur Schmiede Negotiating Parties: Paul Kott, Pierre J. Nicolas Trust Under Negotiations: Price and terms Let’s get this straight. The Redevelopment staff (aka […]