Hilda Sugarman Reads Our Blog!

The well-read Mrs. Sugarman
The well-read Mrs. Sugarman

FSD Trustee Hilda Sugarman, one of the masterminds of the district’s $1500 laptop flop actually reads our blog, as evidenced by the following e-mail string. The funny thing is she thought she was sending an e-mail to somebody else (the Superintendant?) when she was actually sending it right back to us!

Our own Travis Kiger, author of the laptop post, politely notified Mrs. Sugaman of this fact, courteously invited her to correct any errors in his post, and promised to publish them. Hilda is right: Travis is a lovely person!

Sugarman has yet to respond but we’ll give her some time to get a response written for her by district staff. If and when she does get back to us, Travis will be sure to post these “corrections” – whatever they may be.

You see, unlike public agencies we always welcome correction and are not afraid to admit it if we get something wrong!

Here are the e-mails:

From: Fullertons Future <[email protected]>
To: Hilda Sugarman <[email protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, June 3, 2009
Subject: Re: [Friends For Fullerton’s Future] School District Still Forcing Parents to Buy $1,500 Apple Laptops

Hilda, I believe you meant to forward this email to someone else, but instead you replied back to us.

I am the author of this story. If there are errors in the story please send them to me and I will add a postscript – or feel free to reply in the comments.

Travis Kiger

From: Hilda Sugarman <[email protected]>
To: Fullertons Future <[email protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, June 3, 2009
Subject: Re: [Friends For Fullerton’s Future] School District Still Forcing Parents to Buy $1,500 Apple Laptops

REad the article.  Do you know who this lovely person is?  Do you think it is worth correcting the errors?

On Jun 3, 2009, Fullertons Future wrote:

Hello,You may be interested in this article:

School District Still Forcing Parents to Buy $1,500 Apple Laptops
Posted On June 3, 2009

As another school year comes to an end, the Fullerton School District is telling parents that it’s time to pay $1,500 for a brand new laptop for each of their children. Included in the presentation is a reminder that if they don’t get a laptop, the school district will ship…

View the rest of this article at http://www.fullertonsfuture.org/2009/fullerton-school-laptop-program/

One Thousand Comments and Beyond

Here's to you, Anonymous Commenters
Here's to you, Anonymous Commenters

Today we captured our 1,000th comment on this blog  – a testament to our readers and their passion for Fullerton’s Future.

The millennial comment is attributed to someone who goes by the crafty alias “Norby” — and of course, it’s fitting that this comment is actually a critique of our own post. Thank you, Norby, for demonstrating that this blog does not seek to silence those who disagree – this comment and all others remain online forever as a reminder of our promise to never control the message through censoring or heavy handed pseudo-journalism.

FFFF was never created as a podium with which to espouse a single viewpoint or burn the butts of a few bad actors — but rather as a place to openly discuss problems and solutions with the entire community; a place for candid conversation of topics that are too taboo for conventional medium;  a place where whistleblowers are welcome and scandalous secrets will be told to anyone who will listen.

Thank you, FFFF commenters, for your numerous contributions – your city may never be the same.

Bloggers Wanted

Friends for Fullerton’s Future is the #1 Ranked Political Blog in Fullerton & North OC. We are currently seeking bloggers who would like to post on this site. You don’t have to be a Democrat or a Republican. If you believe in Fullerton’s future, in honest and open government, that principles are worth fighting for, and you have a passion to write what you believe, please send us an email us at: [email protected] We will protect your anonymity should you prefer to use a pseudonym.P.S. An ironic sense of humor is a huge asset!


Last night I had my 60 day review at the Planning Commission to review the trumped up “public nuisance” charge brought against me by City staff at the behest of former council member and noted broomstick rider Jan Flory.

Still smarting from her defeat at the December meeting she showed up again and had to swallow the bitter pill yet again – a final 4-1 exoneration by the Commission.

Mrs. Flory held forth in a rambling ten-minute, diatribe the purpose of which was to attack me personally, one more time, as well as the Commission’s lack of proper diligence.

Her rant did include one bit of new information, if Mrs. Flory can be believed, and that’s the fact that she hasn’t had a dog in twenty-five years! That bit of information emerged as she challenged the accuracy of this humble blog!

Jan sure seemed annoyed at having been featured in an earlier post of mine (even though I thought the picture was pretty flattering – considering the subject. You can decide – I’m including it again, below).

Anyway the story has a happy ending. I have been vindicated and Jan Flory’s dog is in a much happier place – away from its owner.

Tony Bushala

Former Fullerton Councilperson Flory aims for young bicyclists; drives neighborhood into ditch

Former Fullerton Councilperson Jan Flory (shown above, after three cocktails) filed a formal nuisance complaint on my property near the Brea Dam because my 14 year old son and his friends were riding their bikes on it. Mrs. Flory lives about half a mile from this property. Maybe she was offended because I put a fence around the area where she takes her dog to do its business. Seriously, Flory has never liked my family, and evidently saw an opportunity to cause trouble for me; but really, to take out her spite on kids is pretty low – even for her.

As ringleader of a phony neighborhood group she got a few folks agitated enough to believe they had a case. And for a while she must have thought things were going pretty well – Public Nuisance Inspector Clouseau agreed with Flory.

Fortunately reason and common sense prevailed over vindictiveness when the Planning Commission, acting as the Board of Appeals, unanimously denied Flory’s contention that riding bicycles on my property was a public nuisance. Click here to watch the meeting, scroll forward to 1:53:15.

The sorriest part of this nasty little episode was when Flory insinuated that my 14 year old son and his friends were responsible for a burglary and car theft in her neighborhood after the initial complaint was filed.  This insinuation has become part of the record in two public hearings and stands as a permanent reminder of just how sad, bitter and vindictive Jan Flory can be.

Tony Bushala