Chris Norby Supports Profanity!

At least that’s what Ackerman, Inc, would no doubt be saying about our recently elected State Assemblyman Chris Norby if their opinion mattered anymore. We just said it in a cheap attempt to grab your attention to read this post.

Will they wash his mouth out with soap?

What happened was that yesterday one of our typical idiot Assemblymen proposed a resolution declaring next week “anti-cursing week” (or something of the like).

To his credit, Norby stood up and denounced the measure as a complete waste of time in a state that is fiscally and managerially bereft. Apparently fellow legislator Sam Blakeslee from SLO joined Chris in making a statement about the state of the State; and a statement about the state of the State Assembly and all those stupid “_____ Week” resolutions they just love to pass.

8 Replies to “Chris Norby Supports Profanity!”

  1. Same as Norby I support profanity too. I have always considered the profanity to be the ultimate form of the satire.

    Therefore, anyone who gets offended by the profanity is a supper moron mongoloid an most likely closeted child molester or other sexual deviant because a profanity reminds him of his sickens.

    Just think!… it is a OK for Pedroza (owner of the Orange Juice Blog) to publish and not to be offended by a statement “F-ing” but “Fucking” would be profanity in his mind, regardless that both statements are conveying same profanity.

    Now ask yourself….. how retarded one must be to act like that.

    Furthermore, Norby is right because all recent political sex scandals were committed by the people who are church going, socially conservative, opposing prostitution, drugs and profanity. That includes Catholic priests.

    Now OJ publisher Perdroza declare his sex-jihad against sexually active citizens who are peacefully enjoining the Santa Ana Santiago Park.

  2. I thought it was profane that Norby voted for Maldonado for LG. How does he explain that? Or is he asleep on the Capitol lawn now?

    1. Norby is right on the money with Maldonado. The issue is not whether Norby would pike him, likes him, or even knows anything about him. Norby has consistently stuck with the premis that the Governor gets to pick who he wants unless that candidate is truly unfit.

      The standard to determine if Maldonado is unfit does not boil down to a philosophical purity test. Bottom line is if we dont want the governor choosing people we dont like then vote for someone else. Once the election has been counted there are some priviledges that go to the winner. This is one of them.

  3. I don’t know this kid that started the Anti-Cussing Club in South Pas, but I tend to think that those who stand up on soap boxes about superficial issues often are hiding their own, bigger shenanigans.

  4. Damn right these things are a waste of time! Better education and more reading leads to a more extensive vocabulary that may well include more curse words.

    1. Yeah wait ’til those kids start reading D. H. Lawrence. Or Shakespeare!

      #1, are you really that whacked out? You may like to use dirty words but you should try to practice your sarcasm identification skillz.

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