Let’s Cut out All the Weepy Self-righteousness, Shall We?

The other day I did a post about visiting the latest Harry Sidhu address and noted that I went up to the door and knocked on it. The door was opened and I asked for Harry. The woman who answered the door said Harry wasn’t there. I asked her if she knew that Harry was carpetbagging. She said that I should speak with Harry. I told her that I sent Harry an email, but I have not heard back from him. Then I said goodbye and left.

No threats, no intimidation, no trespass. Just a constituent trying to find out if his would-be representative actually lives in the district – not an unusual desire given the fact that this is the guy’s third voting address in four weeks.

Some folks in the local blogworld think I’ve done something wrong in trying to pin down the elusive Harry Sidhu by going to this address. It seems the sanctimonious bloggers at both the Blue and the Mauve County blogs who mask their own self-interest with empty talk about “reasoned debate” have their panties in a wad. The horror! Imagine –¬† dropping in on a carpetbagger who has already cooked up one fake address just to see if he actually lives in a second. Why you’d think I had committed a home invasion!

Wrong, kids. Since local “journalists” don’t seem to be too interested in checking up on the legitimacy of carpetbaggers and scofflaws, I’m going to do it – a citizen checking up on the doings of politicians whose ambitions seem to know no bounds and who want so desperately to be my representative.

And if Harry “moves” again I’ll go visit that address, too. And you can come along.

13 Replies to “Let’s Cut out All the Weepy Self-righteousness, Shall We?”

  1. I agree that given the multiple address issue there was good reason to at least knock on the door to see if anyone answered. This situation is unique and would never apply to most any candidate I have ever heard of except the two (Harry and Lorri) that have moved twice each in the race for the 4th Supervisor seat.

    The bottom line is it would not normally be inside the lines to pay a candidates family a visit. Move several times trying to establish fake addresses and one should reasonably expect people to want to know the truth.

    There would be no reason to go to Tom Daly’s home because we all know he lives there. Harry created this problem and I for one have no sympathy for him dragging his wife in to it.

    I hope you were polite, respectful and from this point forward do not involve Harry or his family.

  2. Keep going man.

    You are doing what the OC Register would never do!

    Those whiners are chicken shit loudmouths.

  3. dude, it was still pretty weird, and what did u prove? nothing, for all we know after what u told us, harry and his wife faithfully reside at that home

    1. That’s called carpetbagging you idiot!

      And what do you want to bet they don’t actually spend the nights there?

  4. #5, Who cares if he spends nights there? Sell the home in the hills and move all your stuff like real residents do and then it would matter. Of course, he would have had to do that for some legitimate purpose other than moving solely to run for office.

    #4, May I just ask you to please answer two questions? 1) Why did Harry send an invite all over OC inviting us to his HOME just in December, pointing out he lived at the historic Yorba Mansion? 2) If all this is not a game and so legit, why did Harry change his registration to the Calabria apartments in the first place?

    1. 2 excellent questions CD. I talked to Claudio today, I think it’s obvious to most people that this wouldn’t be necessary if these scumbags had a single ethical bone in their bodies. Perhaps they’ll be a Part 2 for Lorri? Regardless great job!

    2. #4 & #6, If you move into a jurisdiction/district for the purpose of electioneering for an office that is only in the newly moved to jurisdiction/district, you are carpetbagging. If you DO NOT MOVE and you register as a voter in a jurisdiction/district in which you DO NOT reside, you are committing a CRIME.

      So, even if he actually packed up the family and moved to this new place, he is still considered a carpetbagger.

  5. So I read the posts on these other blogs. From they way they tell it, this Bushala guy burst through the front door and terrorized the poor Mrs. Sidhu.

    Then I come here and it sounds like Bushala was fairly polite and there was nothing more than a short conversation.

    Who is telling the truth? Surely the Red and Blue county blogs wouldn’t just make stuff up, would they?

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