Too Good To Pass Up

Okay, this is not about Fullerton.

Instead it is about the self-interested, war-mongering hypocrites of the both Repuglican and Democratic parties who believe that starting wars is good for America, and what’s good for America is good for everybody else.

Local Libertarian Andy Favor shared this youtube clip over at the Mauve County where the fat heads like to throw around meaningless phrases like “islamo-fascism” proving that they know nothing about Fascism, and hope that nobody else does either.

Thanks, Andy.

Yes, let’s admit it: George W. Bush was right in 2000.

5 Replies to “Too Good To Pass Up”

  1. Hard to believe Bush was ever right about anything, but you got to give him credit when he was. Wonder what happened.

  2. That was the George W Bush whom I voted for in 2000. I was fooled, shame on me.

    I have since learned to almost entirely disregard the words of politicians. Instead, I look at their actions. I won’t be fooled again.

  3. Never vote for anyone who takes money from:

    Wall Street
    Drug Manufacturers
    Big Unions
    Weapons Manufacturers

    They will do what they are paid to do– start a war somewhere and give lots of money away.

  4. And I am sure Bush’s first Secretary of State Colin Powell expressed the same sentiments Bush did in this youtube clip. And that is why Bush gave him the boot and installed lets democratize-the-world Condoleeza Rice as his Sec. of State. The “I told you so.” moment is not found in this clip.

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