Funny Google Searches From 2009

FFFF gets thousands of visitors from Google, each searching the web for bits of Fullerton knowledge. Usually those searches are related to local politicos, civic minutiae or nasty rumors. Visitors are led deep into our cyber lair, where they are either offended, entertained or mind-bent, depending on their disposition.

But sometimes folks come to our website after searching for some pretty strange stuff. Below we have categorized the most interesting FFFF searches of 2009.

You’re In the Right Place

These Googlers probably found what they were looking for:

The Original Tarantula Building
  • is linda ackerman a irvine carpetbagger or not? – This one was settled
  • county clerk campaign slogans – How about “Preserving Your Vital Records“?
  • “tarantula building” fullerton – Yes, we have one of those.
  • friends of fullerton golden hill interesting weird website – We’ll take that as a compliment.
  • how to get of roach infestion – Ask the city
  • government doesn’t follow its own laws –  Ya don’t say?
  • define the word “mcspanish” – Fullerton is McSpanish
  • i want this school district to buy my products – Better idea: district forces parents to buy your products.
  • intelligent word for “bull shit” – Those were lost at sea with the Harpoon
  • city manager blunders – Yeah, we’ve got ’em.
  • i want to live without loud music. can city council help me? – Not in Fullerton
  • pam keller fraud – How blunt!

Scary Thoughts

You went there:

  • don bankhead for assembly – Not funny.
  • ackerman will beat norby – did not pan out
  • brick veneer good idea – probably not
  • fullerton activities funded by taxpayers – That would be a big list.
Roski's got the Google

Who is this?

We know who you are:

  • ceqa exemption for stadium – Ed Roski, is that you?
  • “chris;norby” “dirt” – Mickadeit, you’ll have to try harder than that.
  • how to keep brick from falling off buildingChamber Star?
  • how does a school district close a 7.5 million dollar gap?Mitch, you can’t Google your way out of this one

We Couldn’t Find It Either

Maybe they just don’t exist:

  • what does the fullerton police department do right?
  • fullerton blighted areas
  • tom daly for orange county supervisor website – Nevermind, found it.
  • chris norby asleep photo at fullerton city council dais
  • chris norby sleeping in park

Straight Answers

…to tough questions:

  • Fiscal Conservative?

    is pam keller a republican? – No, although she claims to be a “fiscal conservative“.

  • is “rutan & tucker” a good firm? – See Jeff Oderman
  • is a blight designation a good thing? – Only in the Redevelopment business.
  • is fullerton interfaith emergency services a government agency? – Well, sort of.

Googling Vicious Rumors

  • john laing +bankruptcy +receivership
  • jpi development bankrupt
  • steve sheldon bankrupt
  • city of fullerton building department-the worst
  • city of fullerton community development-the worst

Just Plain Crazy

  • huell howser drinking game – Tell me more…
  • ed roski says chris norby is a woman – What???
  • fart boy blogs –  I think you’re looking for Red County
  • how much is a public urination ticket in fullerton – You might have a problem.
  • Kharakastan – Out with a bang.

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