Bill Hunt Talks the Talk: Liberty and Marijuana

I just came across this interview on the “Johnson for America Blog” involving OC Sheriff candidate, former Lt. Bill Hunt. Check it out. I am principally interested in this Q & A exchange on the subject of marijuana:

Josiah Schmidt: As an experienced law enforcement official, what is your opinion on the possibility that California might legalize marijuana in the next election?

Bill Hunt: It is the job of the sheriff to support and uphold the laws of the state.  As it stands now, medical marijuana is legal in this state by a vote of the people.  It is not the job of the sheriff to try to circumvent the will of the people by collaborating with the federal government.  If marijuana is legalized I will treat it just like any other legal activity such as the use of alcohol.  Responsible alcohol consumption is not a violation of the law.  However, use by minors, driving under the influence, etc., are violations of law and they are enforced.

Wow. A comprehensive, straightforward, honest answer. Liberty, state’s rights, common sense, and no bullshit about waging the counterproductive and bank-breaking War on Drugs – or any other empty chest thumping slogans. Hmm.

Well, okay. It’s just talk. But I like what I’m hearing. I like it a lot.

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  1. Who cares? The bottom line is that our Board of Supervisors is very opposed to medical pot – particularly Chairman Janet.

    The drug war is stupid, but voting for Hunt is not the answer. He has zero chance of winning!

    1. It’s always the same losers saying the same things. I really don’t see how you could not like the guy. I met Hunt at his recent volunteer meeting and let me tell you what I know from experience. Bill Hunt will be the next Sheriff of Orange County. Over 100 volunteers packed into his volunteer meeting to assist in any and every way possible. I would love to see either opponet fill up a phone booth. Hutchens will need at least 1 million in the bank to even compete with the Bill Hunt operation.

  2. Admin, thanks for bringing this out. I may not support the legalization of marijuana but I can support a sheriff who knows what his/her role is in enforcing the California law. Bill Hunt will make a fantastic sheriff and public servant.

  3. What a concept. Hunt is a States Rights guy who isn’t going to go along with big government. Let’s see if any of the other candidates will take a position. Art. I think Norby is pro medical marijuana.

  4. Art, sorry but this is a big deal to some of us. Compare this stance to the “drug warrior” Hunter. And who knows what’s going on inside the brain of the current job occupant.

    The Sheriff has a lot more influence than the BoS that controls very little actual territory and doesn’t dictate law enforcement policy. When pot is legalized by plebescite I’m going to want law enforcement officers to uphold the law, not make up their own to please the dinosauric Repuglican old guard – like Linda Ackerman and Dick Jones.

    BTW, I thought you were supposed to be a Libertarian.

  5. Does Bill Hunt support the legalization of marijuana? Has anyone asked him?

    This sounds like a typical political answer, “I will enforce the laws on the books.”

    Does he agree with the laws on the books? Does he support the “drug war”?

    This sounds like a whole lot of nothing. Will Hunt push to legalize marijuana? If the answer is yes then you have an actual story.

    1. Sean I don’t care whether he pushes for it or not. He’s just a cop. But cops are the ones who help determine local law enforcement policy.

      That Hunter guy’s website boasts about his drug warrior stance. No bueno!

      Looking into Hutchens. Will be back!

      1. Well I doubt that Hunt’s position is any different from that of any other cop. They just enforce laws.

        This post makes it seem as if Hunt has a different take and from what I can see it does not appear that he does.

        However we do know if you are Don Haidl’s son Greg, Bill Hunt will make sure you get a ride home and not get busted if you get caught with marijuana. And afterwards he will call George Jaramillo and make sure that Mike Carona and Don Haidl know what you have done.

        1. What I meant to say is he will call George Jaramillo to make sure that Mike Carona and Don Haidl know what “he” has done.

          Hunt wanted to make sure he got his attaboys for covering Greggy Haidl’s ass.

        2. That is how it was always handled when I was a teen hanging out on Skyline or in the oil fields. The cops would search us, find some weed and make the kids stomp it into the ground. If they found some beer, we would have to poor that out, too. Then they would make sure there was a sober licensed driver to get everyone home. That was in the 80’s and even the 90’s.

  6. The Hutchens for Sheriff website makes no mention of the issue. in fact it makes no mention of any issues at all!

    This old doper gets the feeling that Ms. Hutchens is taking her election for granted!

  7. Hunt is a major supporter of crooked, racist Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was in the news recently:

    A federal grand jury will decide whether to indict Maricopa County, Ariz. Sheriff Joe Arpaio next Wednesday, reports The Associated Press. Arpaio has been under investigation by both the FBI and the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department for allegations of abuse of power and discrimination, respectively.

    Does Arpaio sound LIbertarian to you? Remember, Hunt will model his department on Arpaio’s. No bueno!

  8. Bill Hunt: If marijuana is legalized I will treat it just like any other legal activity such as the use of alcohol.

    Craig Hunter: I oppose the legalization of any drugs, and I fully support the war on drugs.

    1. Not just fail… FORTY YEARS OF FAIL!

      What kind of idiot would stand behind such a massive waste of human effort?

  9. C’mon Art (and Sean) stop shilling for Mr. Establishment Hunter who is just Mike Schroeder and Greg Block’s water boy. Drug war my arse. States rights Yeah!

  10. I commend FFFF on the great post on Bills stance on this issue. I have seen him speak and I believe he is a man of good characther,

  11. #17 and 18,

    Here is the problem. Your boy Hunt is not only affiliated with notoriouis haters, he is also working with perhaps the most lame Republican in Orange County, Tim Whitacre.

    I do NOT want to see Timmy become the next Jorge Garamillo or Don Haidl.

    I agree that Schroeder sucks. But Timmy sucks more. It ain’t close…

  12. Jeeze Art. I don’t understand you. You don’t like mauve county, Schroeder, prison guard union recipient Baugh and their Ilk. Well they are peas in a pod establishment types who support Mexican beater and drug war warrior Hunter. Hunt meanwhile has support of the Liberty movement and you claim to be a Libertarian alledgedly supportive of states rights. But your overwhelming hate of Arpaio nixes all your principles. What’s up with that?

  13. #20,

    This is an old trick used many times by Tim Whitacre. He likes to use the Libertarian Party to push his lame candidates.

    Libertarians do NOT engage in racial hatred. So Hunt is a no go. And the same goes for Timmy.

  14. So Art, if you are so concerned about racial hatred how can you support a guy who beats on Mexicans? Have a look at Hunters past. He beat the piss out of Mexicans but that is OK with you?

    Or is there something else for you to gain for your support?

    Just calling it like I see it.

  15. #22,

    The allegations against Hunter were made up by a hit and run RINO named Steve Nolan. He later withdrew them under oath, in court.

    Nolan is Jeff Miller’s wingman, in Corona. They are both pieces of sh*t.

    Hunter enjoys broad support from Latinos in Anaheim, including Los Amigos.

    Just calling it like it is.

  16. Art, why don’t you like Hunt? So far, the only reason you have stated is because Hunt likes Arpaio, one of the most successful law enforcement officers in the U.S.A., who openly goes after illegal aliens. If that were a bad thing for Maricopa, you would think he wouldn’t be re-elected every time he runs. Arpaio aside, what is it that you really hate about Hunt’s stance on issues?

    Instead of looking at the company that Hunt AND Hunter keep, let’s looks at their position on these issues and keep in mind that what a politician says today, may or may not reflect how the politician manages departmental policy.

  17. #25,

    Hunt was one of Carona’s boys until he got tipped off that Carona was in trouble.

    Hunt is tight with Tim Whitacre, a loathsome hypocrite.

    Hunt idolizes Arpaio – a horrible cop who routinely violates civil rights.

    And Hunt is not going to win. His ballot designation is “P.I.”

    1. Art, you’ve got to be kidding! I’ve never even heard of this Whitacre guy before, and I’m supposed to be impressed?

      Please stick to the issue.

    2. “Hunt was one of Carona’s boys until he got tipped off that Carona was in trouble.” Not sure how you would know that. If it were true, I would have thought there would be more on it.

      “Hunt is tight with Tim Whitacre, a loathsome hypocrite.” What to you mean by “tight”? Did Hunt get some money or did Whitacre set some other donors??? Not sure how Whitacre figures into to an evaluation of Hunt’s ability to be sheriff, but if you say so…

      “Hunt idolizes Arpaio – a horrible cop who routinely violates civil rights.” A lot of people support Arpaio and believe that he runs a very effective department. He has been continuously re-elected since 1992. 2008 was his closest election: he won with 55.2% of the vote, considered a landslide victory by many. He was head of DEA’s Arizona branch which may make him not too popular with the anti-war-on-drug folks. Wikipedia said: “He banned inmates from possessing “sexually explicit material” including Playboy magazine after female officers complained that inmates openly masturbated while viewing them, or harassed the officers by comparing their anatomy to the nude photos in the publications. The ban was challenged on First Amendment grounds but upheld by the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.” In 2005 Arizona passed a law making it a felony to smuggle illegal aliens across the border. Arpaio enforces that law, just like anyother. He is pretty straight forward and those that don’t like him generally stay out of Maricopa County.

      “And Hunt is not going to win. His ballot designation is “P.I.”” Does your crystal ball give winning lottery numbers, too?

      If you don’t like him, so be it. I would have thought you could come up with actual reasons NOT to vote for Hunt but all you have given me is more reason to vote for him.

  18. Let’s see… the choices are

    Bill Hunt: sought the endorsement of a man accused of violating civil rights in Arizona


    Craig Hunter: handed out the civil rights violations himself at the end of his baton.

    If it comes down to the lesser of evils, my vote goes to Hunt.

  19. Dunno Art. How is this Whitacre fellow involved with Hunt? The way you keep bringing him up you’d think he was hiding under your bed. There is an article in Total Buzz today where Hunt says that Hutchens and Hunter have never received a single vote from anyone and Hunt recieved 80,000 votes narrowly missing the run off against Schroeder’s boy Carona (Schroeder’s new boy is Hunter). The theory is that he is the only one with name recognition. Does that count for anything?

  20. #33,

    Hunt is running with the ballot designation of “Private Investigator.” How does that sound compared to “Deputy Chief of the Anaheim Police” and “Appointed OC Sheriff?”

    Whitacre was Hunt’s campaign manager. He is still highly involved in Hunt’s campaign. They got smart and took the title away as he is major baggage at this point.

  21. So far, the only baggage I have herd about is from you, Art. Perhaps you would feel better if Hunt used Former Chief of Police, San Clemente instead. At least Hunt is honest with his current career.

    It seems that all of Hunter’s campaign material keeps referring to him as Chief, not Deputy Chief, which I think is misleading.

  22. Wow. This Art guy obviously does NOT have his facts straight. I noticed on post #31 that he claims 90% of Corona’s supporters are backing Hutchens now, you could not be more wrong my friend. I only wish I had enough room to type out a breakdown of just how ignorant and bias you are.

  23. On another note, everyone in here who is so concerned with Hunt’s views on drug policies should redirect their attention. Let’s stop focusing our attention on something as insignificant as Marijuana. Hunt is offering to re-establish our right to protect ourselves. Hunt respects the second amendment that this state has “infringed” upon. Vote for “shall issue” or vote to be a victim, the choice is up to you.

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