UPDATE 1/14/2019

This item is back on the agenda for tomorrow. You gotta spin it to win it!


With Jesús Silva big win in Fullerton’s District 3, Fullerton is abuzz with potential names for who the Council might pick as a replacement.

So, who’s it going to be? Here’s some gossip for you to discuss. Feel free to nominate your own darlings for consideration on the WHEEL . . . OF . . . CANDIDATES!

Updated 11/27 with reader suggestions

Free Play– Current Councilman (odds 1:1)

Greg Sebourn

Seems like the easiest option. Someone familiar with the current issues and has existing relationships with city staff and council, and isn’t eligible to run in District 1, 2, or 4 in 2020. Let the voters spin again in 2020.

Lose a Turn– Leave it Open (Odds 1.5:1)

If three votes can’t be found to put a warm body in a cold chair, Council could choose to leave the vacancy open. The vacancy could last through 2020 or until a Special Election gets called.

Bonus Round– Former Members of Council (odds 2:1)

Still can’t come up with an answer to the riddle? Bring back some former contestants for another crack at solving the puzzle.

Jan Flory, Fullerton City Council (twice)

Chris Norby, Assemblyman, Supervisor, Fullerton City Council

Shawn Nelson, Supervisor, Fullerton City Council

Leland Wilson, Fullerton City Council + Fox Theater Point Person

Pam Keller, Fullerton City Council, Ex-Fullerton Collaborative

Buy A Vowel– Current and Former Fullerton Officials (odds 3:1)

Get some help with those neighboring consonants from people who’ve helped reveal a simple phrase to  Council before.

Chris Meyer (Former City Manager)

Joe Felz (Former City Manager)

Wolfgang Knabe (Retiring Fire Chief)

Pete Beard (not a former employee, but Fullerton’s current Metropolitan Water District Representative)

Paul  Dudley (Former Dev Services Director)

Ed Royce (No way in hell, but hey, we’re listing everyone on the wheel)

Luxury Resort Vacation– A Bar Owner (Odds 7:1)

Relax and let all your troubles float away as you blissfully drift from lane to lane down Commonwealth Avenue…

Tony Florentine

Jeremy Popoff

Toss Up– Former Candidates (odds 9.5:1)

Just like an Olympian disqualified by a post race drug test, let the title go to the runner-up!

Paulette Marshal-Chaffee

Vicky Calhoun

Larry Bennett

Jane Rands

Jose Trinidad Castaneda III

Kitty Jaramillo

Joe Imbriano

Mystery Wedges– Other Notables(odds 10:1)

Marty Burbank (Infrastructure Review Commission)

Nick Dunlap (Chair, Planning Commission)

Christopher Gaarder (Vice-Chair, Planning Commission)

Patrick McNelly (Infrastructure, Energy, and Water Ad-Hoc Commissions)

Arnel Dino (Infrastructure and Water Ad-Hoc Commissions)

Rusty Kennedy

Tony Package

Gretchen Cox (Parks, Energy, and Water Ad-Hoc Commissions)

Erik Wehn (Parks Commission)

Kathleen Shanfield (Planning Commission)

Kevin Pendergraft (Planning Comission)

Ryan Cantor (Planning and Library Commissions)

BANKRUPT Anyone Associated with FFFF (odds 100:1)

Sure would put is in a pickle. What would we live for? Criticize ourselves?

The inevitable self-loathing may morally bankrupt us, if it doesn’t destroy us first.


  1. Appointing a sitting council member who just lost an election would be some 3rd world corrupt political bullshit. Nobody is that stupid.

  2. Greg Sebourn is the only person on city council to ever give a crap about our district and he does not live anywhere near it!! If he was living and running in district 4 he would have won by a landslide!! Since I don’t think the Sebourn family is interested in carpetbagging unlike the Chaffee family, I definitely hope the seat goes to Mr. Sebourn!!!

  3. Chris Meyer is the obvious choice. But they’ll have to increase the Council meeting catering budget.

    1. Somebody put this idiot on the parks commission. I had to sit through a meeting once with no end of stupid and irrelevant questions regarding items. He just wanted to appear engaged. It was more annoying than pathetic. He and his lawyer deserve each other.

  4. Let each city committee, or commissions pick their top brass and throw those names in a hat.

    Have an open interview in public at the Council chambers for all interested residents to watch and participate in.

    Names are drawn from a hat one by one for an open and transparent interview.

    If one person gets three out of 4 City Council members votes, we have a winner!

      1. I can tell you now, Anonymouse, what happens in public is irrelevant. The wheeling’s and dealing’s to appoint the replacement councilperson has already begun…BAM!!!

        There are several stars on the Planning Commission.

        Kathleen Shanfield could get 2 – maybe 3 votes.

        Kevin Pendergraph might have a little juice.

        Ryan Cantor could take home the gold. He’s smart, principled and very likeable guy.

        It CAN’T be Chris Myer. He’s automatically disqualified because he has a HUGE conflict of interest.

    1. We’ll update the post with Commissioner titles under “Mystery Wedges” and include other name suggestions in the blog post.

    1. If she’s still alive. I heard she was governor of some province in North Korea before the present regime took over.

      Of course it’s always been hard to know where she really lived.

    1. I don’t remember Ellis Cha, but all this talk reminds me that maybe it’s time to give Roland Chi another look.

    2. I remember that boob Ellis Cha. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, and certainly dumber than a sack of doorknobs, but he sure fooled many people in power in Fullerton, enough to put him on the RDRC.

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