John Oliver on Standing Up to Bullies with Lawyers

We invite you to review HBO’s Last Week Tonight’s overview of Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP Suits). We all have a responsibility to stand up to bullies who write checks to lawyers to keep critics silent. We do it for our Republic, we do it for our neighbors, and we do it for our families. Mr. Oliver outlines what happens when we don’t.

We’re currently over halfway through our $10,000 goal to support the Ferguson Family. If you have the means, please support this blog’s efforts to support a family that’s doing more than their fair share to stand up to the government boot squashing your right to know, your right to criticize, and your right to a free and independent press.

While we lack the means for a musical production, we invite anyone who’d like to volunteer to join the “Eat Shit, Dick” dance troupe to contact us immediately. We have good work to do.

13 Replies to “John Oliver on Standing Up to Bullies with Lawyers”

  1. Of course Fullerton would file a lawsuit to shut down the blog. You’re the only outlet in town that criticizes what they do.

    What do they have to lose? More tax dollars? It will mean another street doesn’t get paved, which just means Fitzgerald can demand a new sales tax that much louder.

    FIX THE ROADS! Just don’t ask why we let them fall to pieces in the first place.

    1. Officer Franke also made mention that Sgt. Corbett was holding a clipboard which blocked the camera view of Felz. Franke saw that Corbett had a pen, but did not see anything being noted. It seemed to Franke that the clipboard was there to possibly shield the body-worn-camera view. About halfway through administered tests, Franke heard Corbett instruct Felz to try again. Franke did not know what that meant. Franke could not hear Felz counting out loud because he was not instructed to do so by Corbett. Towards the end of the Walk & Turn test, it was plainly visible that Felz grossly missed the heel to toe. After the Walk & Turn test, Corbett directed Felz to the passenger side of his police unit. When Felz slowed down his walk to sit down in a backwards motion toward the cab of the unit, Franke noticed there was gross motor impairment. Franke mentioned seeing Felz on the video stumbling, showing hesitation and an almost backwards fall into the passenger side of the compartment.

      1. Interesting. In other words Corbett seems to have already had a little strategy developed for making sure a body cam was useless.

        I wonder when else it was deployed

    1. Who needs Bushala? When Ms Aviles get finished with the city, Fullerton will be paying her fees along with those of Mr Jones and company.

      1. Yea sure. I’ve heard that before. City is gonna make them spend max money to defend this too. Most lawsuits are that way. Make them spend max money is winning.

        1. Winning for who? Jones and company, but certainly not for the taxpayers of Fullerton who will end up footing the bill for both.

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