Fullerton Retaliates, Threatens Family to Cover for Bad Cops

For some lawyers, every problem is a nail. Don’t like what you see? Take it personally and swing a hammer as hard as you possibly can. Damn the consequences and damn the people involved, what matters is your pride and smiting that heretical nail.

Unfortunately for Fullerton taxpayers, that’s exactly the mentality of the legal wunderkind at Jones and Mayer. Annoy the city and get the legal equivalent of “See these fists? They’re getting ready to fuck you up.” We all know how well that strategy of bullying and brunt stupidity worked out for all of us the last time around. Yet here we are, repeating history, and somehow expecting a different result.

Many of you wonder why the many writers associated with this humble blog post under fake names. Some of us own property, some of us have kids, some of us have parents in Fullerton, and some of us own businesses in town. All of us have been threatened by city employees as a result of our participation in local politics. Most of us don’t want to have our lives turned upside down because we want the city to fix potholes instead of covering for employees who lie, cheat, steal, and occasionally beat members of the public. A few of us are made of tougher stuff and attach the real and personal consequences of speaking up for the public to their livelihood. Sometimes it’s a black sedan parked across the street from your house, sometimes it’s a little something special left in your trash can, others it’s anonymous letters sent to clients and employers, and for some (now former) contributors to this blog it’s literally two men dressed in black wearing a silver badge showing up on your doorstep at 11pm telling you and your wife it’s time to leave town. Most of you won’t believe any of that, but to one degree or another, every single one of us had something occur within six months of criticising a member of city council or a senior employee at the city or union. Fullerton plays for keeps, so keep your mouth shut or bad things will happen.

Why? Because if voters really understood that brass at FPD really do intimidate submitters of official complaints from women sexually assaulted by officers, really do lie under oath to protect those on their side of the thin blue line, and really do withhold backup from officers who report evil cops to internal affairs, they’d revolt and throw enablers like Jennifer Fitzgerald, Jan Flory, Doug Chaffee, and the recalled bald tires out of town on a rail. While the abuse at the fire department and non-public safety positions is comparatively much less severe, we still have evidence of employees drinking on the job, destroying city assets, stealing property, and using their official capacity to profit both on and off the taxpayer clock. This stuff literally happens every single month and FFFF is the only local information provider willing to publish accounts exposing just how bad things are.

Want to know why our roads look like shit? Well, read the archive. You’re not dealing with decision makers who are pure as the driven snow. They have a vested personal monetary and political interest to keep the public in the dark.

So, I put it to you reader. If you were a city official wanting to keep the voters in the dark, what’s the best way to make sure facts, accounts, or even just rumors make their way out into the public for consumption?

Clean up the city? Stop the lying, cheating, stealing, pussy grabbing, and beating of people?

Come clean and ask for forgiveness? Simply tell the truth about lying, cheating, stealing, pussy grabbing, and beating of people?

What about just locking it down and staying quiet. Just don’t acknowledge the lying, cheating, stealing, pussy grabbing, or beating of people?


Fullerton goes with it’s version “WE ARE SPARTA!” method of attacking the messenger. Don’t like that your lying, cheating, stealing, pussy grabbing and beating of people is getting out in public? Break the knees of anyone telling that story and your problem gets solved real quick. After all, if it fails, it’s not like you’re going to jail for wrecking someone’s life.

Last week, one of our writers Joshua Ferguson, announced he had filed suit to get access to documents Fullerton is legally required to produce concerning city employees lying, cheating, stealing, pussy grabbing, and beating of people. Guess what FFFF received a week later as a direct consequence of standing up to the entrenched and belligerent interests at city hall?

That’s right, two of our named authors are being sued. Along with an employer.

Why? Because the city knows exactly what will happen. Screw mortgage payments, screw tuition bills, and screw putting food on the table: You didn’t shut up when we told you to, so now we’re doing to take your whole fucking life away because we can. Enjoy these fists fucking you up. Good-bye paycheck and hello desperation.

In the end, perhaps the court will see this isn’t even a thinly veiled attempt to attack the public’s right to know, free speech, and the fundamental precept that the government shouldn’t use its resources to go about wrecking lives. If that happens, it will be years or months from now, you will pay the bill, and the damage caused by Jones and Mayer swinging their hammer will be done. This blog has 3236 articles and counting. Hundreds of news stories emanating from bad things at city hall were broken here. All of that threatens to come to an end because our writers won’t risk being attacked by the local powers at be for telling the truth.

Be that as it may reader, remember this: Your roads look like shit because people like Jennifer Fitzgerald and those who support her would rather spend her time attacking messengers and threatening families than make hard choices about how big the raises should be for those who endorse her campaigns for office.

This is your Fullerton. If the endless supply of stories concerning lying, cheating, stealing, pussy grabbing, and beating of people hasn’t gotten your attention yet, maybe this latest round of intimidation will. In the meantime, your roads are as shitty today as they were yesterday, and they’ll still be shitty tomorrow when this lawsuit moves forward.

15 Replies to “Fullerton Retaliates, Threatens Family to Cover for Bad Cops”

  1. Jones & Mayer are the kneecappers here but it Flory and Fitzgeerald who are behind this stupidity. And it looks like they got the donkey Silva to go along.

  2. I believe 20 signatures is all it’ll take to start a recall. Lots of liberal Dems who voted for Silva (in a small district) won’t like the fact he’s squashing People’s right to free speech.

    Many conservatives won’t like the fact he’s promoting homeless shelters in Fullerton.

    Use a go fund me account for fund raising.

    Turn the tables and see where it lands.

  3. The City doesn’t exist for the people. The people exist to feed the the City, employee salaries, healthcare and pension benefits and the personal interests and ambitions of city council members.

    You are a subject, not a citizen. Welcome to the Kingdom of Fullerton.

  4. We stand behind your diligence wanting to make Fullerton a better place while exposing the corruption that has owned this city for decades. Stay safe!

  5. I stand behind this blog and their legal case and hope they are victorious.

    That having been said, after reading the lawsuit and all the references to IP addresses, VPNs and TOR, it is unconscionable for this blog to log IP addresses which might possible expose commenters who post inside information to the same lawsuits and retaliation you complain about here. Not everyone subscribes to a VPN or knows how to use TOR.

  6. Why does this article not shock me? I thought it was just me and my active Imagination. What a relief to know I was not suffering from paranoid delusions.

  7. Spot on Fish! I don’t like the town malcontent ( Ferguson) but he is more often right and anonymity is absolutely necessary.

  8. They will run you guys dry. Anyone can sue anyone. But if you make them spend hundreds of thousands in legal fees just to fight it, they win in the end either way. You guys flexed for years and acted tough. Your time has come to step and show how tough you are, or not. Might be a good time to call Bushala and ask for another $500,000. Fullerton ain’t playing. They gonna F you up.

    1. Fullerton brought jury trial against Anaheim James following Kelly Thomas riot but failed to win there case. You have to look at the whole picture on this one “Ramos”.

  9. What is the story regarding the increased fuel and vehicle registration taxes? I had hoped to see some improvements in local roads but now I think that those who favored repeal were telling the truth about the money being diverted.

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