You Gotta Spin It to Win It!

Looks like Fullerton will reconsider its options concerning the existing City Council vacancy tomorrow.  The current agenda goes into detail concerning the city’s options, including when a Special Election might be held, how much it would cost, and what a plan might look like if the Council were to appoint to fill the vacancy by February 2.

We’ve been trying to keep tabs on who’s playing Fullerton’s version of Game of Thrones here. So far, the only person known to openly campaign for the seat is former councilwoman Jan Flory.

So, which option will it be?

A) An unelected bench warmer who likely has no moral authority to do anything other than break tie votes


B) Taxpayers spending $400,000 to elect an independently wealthy or political action committee dominated Fullertonian who is only running to secure incumbency in District 1, 2, or 4 for another election in 2020?

Don’t you love choices with no downsides?

Find out who wins (someone) and who loses (you) tomorrow, when we play WHEEL. OF. REPLACEMENT CANDIDATES!

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  1. #1 by Max Rockatansky on January 14, 2019

    Can we have a cagematch? Many go in, only one comes out!

  2. #2 by Anonymous on January 14, 2019

    When Flory won against Travis it was practically a tie, less than 100 votes. Appointing Travis Kiger, should he be interested, would return some of the balance back to the Fullerton council.

    • #3 by Anonymous on January 14, 2019

      I think he sailed off into the sunset.

    • #4 by Curious on January 15, 2019

      Fullerton does need balance, that’s for sure!

      • #5 by Anonymous on January 15, 2019

        No, it needs competence.

    • #6 by FPD UNION SPENT $210,000 on January 15, 2019

      to help Flory beat Kiger. She won by 29 votes.

      • #7 by PAC on January 15, 2019

        What the hell, my FPOA PAC dues went to her? Smh

        • #8 by Anonymous on January 15, 2019

          No refunds

    • #9 by Reality Is...... on January 16, 2019

      I thought Travis moved out of Fullerton? Once he opened his mouth for the public to see, they ran his ass right out of town LOL

      • #10 by Anonymous on January 16, 2019

        That doesn’t sound right. I heard he’s still taking down bad cops. Fullerton PD is a wreck.

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