Two BK Chuck Sargeant

Driving around Fullerton’s District 2 the other day, I noticed a certain District 2 City Council candidate’s signs screwed directly into trees. Having never seen anyone do something like that and still mourning the loss of Sappy McTree to drunken wannabe bureaucrats, I had to figure out who Chuck Sargeant is and what kind of person would go around screwing Fullerton’s trees in such a way?

Yes, Fullerton has a long history of choosing foxes to guard the hen house that is our city budget. Yes, it’s so bad that they’re trying to raise our taxes. But even then, I was a tad surprised to find that District 2 candidate Chuck Sargeant had filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 1992.

And he didn’t pay taxes for 3 years and the state placed 10 liens against his property.

And then he filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy again in 2012 (that bankruptcy didn’t clear until 2016, the same year he was running for council last time).

And I wouldn’t have even looked into him had Gnarly Charlie not gone and screwed his freaking signs into trees all over Harbor Blvd.

The last thing Fullerton needs is another council member like Ole Chuckles who spent money he didn’t have and screwed creditors to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. So there it is… Fullerton District 2 Council candidate Two BK Chuck.

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    1. Look who is contributing to Nick Dunlap. Conflict of interest?
      Thank you for posting. Based upon these contributions it sure looks like Nick Dunlap has a conflict of interest and will be looking out for the developers.
      1)Lincoln Project $4335.29 = Their mission. “Is to DEFEAT President Trump & Trumpism at
      Ballot box.”
      2) CREPAC (California Real Estate Political Action Committe) $5000
      3) CA Apartment Association PAC $1000
      4) Saunders Properties $2000
      5) Western Mfg Housing Co. $1000


      1. Hey Moron,

        The Lincoln Club is not the Lincoln Project.

        If you want to vote for a fellow moron who filled for bankruptcy and has tax leans against his house, you go right ahead.

  1. Two Buck Chuck
    Gnarly Charlie
    What’s a two-timing debt-dodger doing running for council? He wants to spend YOUR tax dollars… You know those taxes he didn’t pay! OMG

    What’s next Fullerton? What’s Qazi Moto’s angle? What’s he hiding and what’s in it for him? Humility? Ego? Yep

  2. I hesitate to give more reason to people on this board to hate on cops…..but he’s a retired police officer. I expect more out of people with badges. I’ve already completed my ballot and didn’t vote for him, but this would have caused me to want to change my vote if I had. Any and all background information like this is always helpful to inform voters….and although I hate mudslinging, this is pretty relevant for candidates vowing to fix the city’s financial situation.

    I encourage everybody who hasn’t already voted to watch this very informative candidate roundtable put on by Fullerton Observer. Be an informed voter. No need to watch all districts (unless you’re really bored and curious). Starts with District 1 candidates, then 2, etc.

  3. He’s not a retired cop! He couldn’t cut it in the police academy and the two bankruptcies didn’t help. Maybe he posed as a security guard once but a cop?! No way!

    As bad as FPD is – and we all know – even FPD wouldn’t hire him. That’s saying something.

    Go back to mowing lawns, Chuck. And pay your bills!

    1. I stand corrected. From a 2016 candidate interview, again with Fullerton Observer. Glad he didn’t have a badge. It’s been tarnished enough. I got the impression from the most recent candidate interview (link above) that he had a stronger law enforcement connection. “Trained with the police academy” (below) certainly doesn’t qualify as having a law enforcement background.

      This is an interview with Fullerton City Council candidate Charles “Chuck” Sargeant, who is running in the 2016 general election. Charles “Chuck” Sargeant has lived in Fullerton for over 40 years. He formerly owned Giovanni’s Pizza, trained with the Police Academy, and currently owns his own company, which deals with infrastructure. As of September, he has not filed campaign nance reports. His campaign appears, at this point, to be self-funded. As a business owner, he has witnessed the loss of local industry (like Hunt- Wesson) and wants to bring business and industry back to Fullerton through tax incentives. His main concern is our city’s deteriorating infrastructure, and believes his background in this area will help him find solutions. Other problems he sees include downtown parking and homelessness. “We need shelters and programs to get people off the street,” he says, “they are fellow Americans. We need to help homeless people, and if we don’t, then I don’t know who we are anymore.” Regarding Coyote Hills, he says, “I would be for saving Coyote Hills to retain as much as we can that financially makes sense.” His idea for saving the Fox Theater is to find a business that could make it thrive.

  4. From his website: “Chuck Sargeant and his family moved to Fullerton in 1969. Chuck attended Ford Elementary School, Wilshire Jr High & Fullerton high school. he started his own business in 1999. M Park Maintenance Landscape Inc. He started small and ran every aspect of his business.”

    So what did this guy do prior to 1999? That’s a pretty big hole in his resume. Have you heard this guy speak? He’s like a dumb version of Ross Perot.

  5. Holy crapola, two bankruptcies, skipped years of taxes, lies about being a cop…got kicked out of Rotary International, a charitable community group, for not paying his dues?

    What an idiot, Sarge!

  6. So I googled Chucky’s M Park Maintenance Landscape Inc. The only result is one of those business search sites. I’m starting to think his business doesn’t exist. Makes sense cuz no landscaper would screw signs to living trees.

  7. Isn’t there any qualified candidates running that we can vote for? We need incorrupt council members who’s goal is to preserve and protect the Fullerton Community, not try to pillage it and turn it into a Pottersville Ghetto. The majority of the council members running are bottom of the barrel rejects, unfit for the position.

  8. you are posting information that is my father i have never not paid taxes and never had any tax lien on my home.
    also we have instructed our sign people not to ever put screws in trees.
    to all your readers i never was kicked out of the rotary either.
    i resigned due to rights of woman being violated , we can go into that if you would like
    but i think them rotary would not enjoy the reaction they would get from rotary international.

    1. “…also we have instructed our sign people not to ever put screws in trees.”

      And yet there they are. Or nails. Either way you suck.

    2. Chuck, I’m noticing that you didn’t deny the bankruptcies and that your denial of the lien refers to it being on your home. No one said the liens were on your home. I can’t tell if you’re denying the claims altogether or using political double-speak to confuse.

  9. Still has problems with punctuation and capitalization. Perhaps a social networking assistant would be a good idea?

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