10 Replies to “Sign Thief Arrested!”

  1. So did the offender resign or end their campaign? Paulette Chaffee is still campaigning. Chaffee signs have doubled in the 5th

  2. I am curious why two of the three of you here allowed Bruce and Greg to have total passes on why Doug’s wife wasn’t arrested for what she was caught on camera doing. They said nothing. They did nothing once again and all this after Bushala spent almost a half million dollars to install them, a couple grand on carpetbagger signs, and even a few bucks on a blazer so he could get interviewed. I am curious as to what the purpose of all this is. I am beginning to think you globetards are getting dizzy from all this perceived spinning ball nonsense. Seriously. Paulette should have been arrested and Greg and Bruce should have called for her arrest and for Chaffee to resign as mayor. Heaven forbid over the last 5 years they would have ever asked that of fitzpringle.com,

  3. not all “carpetbaggers” are bad people. As long as the people in a community are aware of the “outsider” the people of that community may choose to bring in or allow and outsider or noble intentions and notability to represent them. I would guess a large portion of the population does not understand what the term “carpetbagger” means, so a sign with another candidates name with NO in front of it and “CARPETBAGGER” could ruin their campain . So its understandable that on in this predicament would wish to remove these signs, From most of these comments and postings it seems that “carpetbaggers” are given an unfair rap. Without the recent changes in voting with districts, this same senario would play out very ethically the same person could be elected regardless of where in the city they lived. So why such a bad rap… there seems to be an assuption that district and the intentions that made it happen are fully ethical. Not so quick… the way are society is going right now…. the real oportuists are not necisarrily the “carpetbaggers” but the forces who itimidated us into accepting “segregated voting” to be the new standard. couldnt At-Large Elections Lead to Racially-Polarized Voting?If these lawsuits where done with suspicious intentions… then the “carpetbaggers” could now be seen as candidates with noble intentions to better the good of the majority… which is what Paulette Chaffee is claiming…. who is the real opportunist in Fullerton… Paulette Chaffee or Vivian Jaramillo, who alleges that Fullerton’s at-large voting “impairs the ability of certain races to elect candidates of their choice , which is an argument solely based on race and has nothing to do with experience or talent.

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